Short-Circuit Trash 07 - TOYOTAS - Turn Away Oneside-10" (Co-release with Stencil Trash Rec.)!

In 2014 German '77 garage punk flagship THE TOYOTAS started their recordings for their second album, but never finished. Two years later guitarist and singer Daniel (also playing in JOHNNY NOTEBOOK and DEAN DIRG), dug them out again and decided to finish some songs. The result: Four catchy as fuck mid-tempo smash hits!!!

Limd. "P.Trash Club" Edit.


Short-Circuit Trash 06 - TOYOTAS - For Sale! 10"

A bag full of diamonds for sale! The TOYOTAS put all their small gems into one handy piece of a record that looks and sounds....hell, even smells good!!!
So if you never caught their P. TRASH 7''s, here is your chance again: You get all the songs from their ''Radio Off'', ''We can't dance'' and ''Run-down Cities'' 7''s, plus the original ''Zombies'', the REDUCERS cover ''Small talk'', plus a fast and ripping cover version of ED COBB's ''Tainted Love'' (better known by SOFT CELL) that fits the TOYOTAS' personal style.
14 songs in a beautiful jacket with a 60s design that was stolen from some old dinner tray. Colored inlay shows all the original artwork. If the TOYOTAS are selling - you better be buying!

Limd. 500 Regular Edit!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. have deluxe silk-screened covers, 3 color print! For P.Trash Club-members only!

tortured machine / blood on the walls

Short-Circuit Trash 05 - SPENT FLESH - Same 10" (Co-release with FDH / Sit and Spin Records)

Philadelphia based raw thrashy punk. This 3 piece band, rage through 13 songs in a little over 15 minutes. Fast precise hard hitting drums, loud distorted guitar that flirt with chaotic, noisy effects compliment dynamic and aggressive vocals that have just the right amount of snot and grit Their sound touches on classic 80’s hardcore, whilst paying homage to poppy and metal influences. Musically its amazing how big sounding this sounds for just drums and one guitar player. At points it reminds me of SEPTIC DEATH or VOID if they were influenced by HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE & GORILLA BISCUITS, and even a touch of early SONIC YOUTH (mostly guitar wise).

Razorcake reviews:
Blur/blender hardcore with a heritage that owes tips of the hat to Spazz and is in a contemporary league with Brain F? and Rose Cross. This may be exhibiting how dumb I am, but when I first heard “electro-hardcore” over fifteen years ago, I was thinking of Spent Flesh, not Atari Teenage Riot. Spent Flesh is way more punk than hyperventilating techno. It doesn’t hurt that the band’s punk-informed up the wazoo: snippet odes to several Bad Brains riffs, wig-flipping nods to Hüsker Dü in the lyrics, locked grooves at the end of each side. Is it possible to simultaneously move the clock backwards and forwards? Does that fuck up the time-space continuum, like in those Back to the Future movies? One can only hope. Spent Flesh is the hovering skateboards of hardcore and simultaneously the white-light pain one feels after falling ten feet directly onto concrete. –Todd Taylor

Jesus! What a glorious mess of a record. Super-spastic, thrashing, three-piece (no bassist) making half-belligerent, maddening music. DEAN DIRG meets THE REATARDS in a bar in Philly. Possible musical inspiration: SLIGHT SLAPPERS, blenders, and benders. Totally righteously—and ridiculously—fucked up and awesome. – Daryl

Limd. 400 Regular Edit!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Septic Flesh Edit. have deluxe silk-screened 12" covers, 4 color print! This edition comes with different artwork done by ELZO DURT! For P.Trash Club-members only!

Limd. 50 "Europe 2015 Tour" Edit. have silk-screened covers, 2 color print! This edition comes with different artwork done by the band!


Short-Circuit Trash 04 - URANIUM COMEBACK - Same 10"

Money was handed over and our man is back in the subterranean P. Trash HQ with uranium in sufficient concentration to maintain a sustained nuclear Punkrock chain reaction. The catchy isotopes in the 8 songs will generate the heat in every Power-Pop reactor.
URANIUM COMEBACK from Ottawa/Canada was elaborated by scientifico numero uno STEVE ADAMYK and members of the MOTHER'S CHILDREN, SEDATIVES and WHITE WIRES laboratories exclusively. The fissile material is comprised of a good dose of the faster and poppy STEVE ADAMYK BAND sound ''Out of time'', ''Walking'', ''Wanted to tell'', accumulated with killer WIPERS guitar lines ''Dance the ground'', DEVO-ish staccato beat ''Minds'' and a grittier '77 Punk edge on ''Frightening'' and ''Burning eyes''. Together with a version of the POINTED STICKS' ''What do you want me to do'', this is highly stereoactive material with an endless half-life, fortunately fallen into the right hands of P. Trash.

Limd. 478 Regular Edit!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. have deluxe silk-screened covers, purple / white / copper print! For P.Trash Club-members only!


Short-Circuit Trash 03 - ZEBRASSIERES - Black Brainwave 10"

Hand a '77 Punk band a Kleenex to clean their singser's snotty snout and engage a DEVO flower pothat that enriches the sound with that distinctive synthie jingle and welcome on the new offering by Ottawa's ZEBRASSIERES. Not a dull moment of taking a breath on these six non-stop go-go goers that move forward like a robot beyond control with a mind of its own and the cables in the speech centre crossed to pronounce twisted messages in songs like ''Lone fish'', ''Sexbot'', ''Magic Magician Man'' or ''Mythic Battle Of The Cosmos''. Recorded by Yogi Perogi, who already captured the quality sound of the WHITE WIRES and the STEVE ADAMYK BAND and mastered by Dave Williams of the SEDATIVES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND and CRUSADES.
Another fine display of Canadian inbreed finesse with the Power and the Pop when it comes to the Punk.

Zebrassieres - Lone Fish (Music Video)

Limd. 500 Regular Edit!

Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers, neon-pink / neon-yellow print! For P.Trash Club-members only!

the waiting.mp3

Short-Circuit Trash 02 - VICIOUS CYCLE - Black Dot 2010 Europe Tour 10"

The Canadian youngsters already gave the world a pale blue eye when their full-length debut album hit with unrelenting power and made them one of the best new Hardcore punchers around.
Now they filled in some lead in their gloves by remixing the first six songs of that record and definitely will turn the blue to black. Actually, it's 'No escape', 'Blur' (feat. Damian Abraham) and 'In tranquility' which make you tumble before the title song 'Black dot' and the invincible hammer 'The waiting' send you straight to the planks where you are counted out to the disturbing soundscape of 'Death'.
The echo laden new mix gives their innovative and clever Hardcore an even meaner and darker FUCKED UP touch that keeps on ringing in your ears for days. It's louder, it spins faster, it's a vicious cycle that can't be broken.

Limd. 500 black wax!

Limd. 100 have red wax! For P.Trash Club-members only!


Short-Circuit Trash 01 - STRANGE ATTRACTOR / RED MASS Split-10"

A record that has more colors than a Disney movie on LSD and is crazier than the whole Muppet Show running out of Ritalin. Yes, Ladies and Gents, it's the P. Trash premiere of the nice and handy 10inch format with a bunch of manic and fabulous tunes on either side.
Starting with STRANGE ATTRACTOR (spinning on 45 rpm) you get some short and snotty blasts of melodic Punk songs by Jeff, drummer of the STATUES. He makes more noise with his warehouse guitar than an entire Bluespunk orchestra and recorded this tasty collection in his basement all by himself with a little help from Ian of the SEDATIVES on Vox organ. His version of Germany's first Punk band BIG BALLS AND THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT ''Kick her in the dirt'' will kick you in the balls, no matter how big or dirty!
More sonic madness awaits with RED MASS on the 33 rpm side. It's Choyce from CPC GANGBANGS and LES SEXAREENOS beating this meat and his cheap guitar in ''Stains'', doing a handclapping good job in a run-down version of NERVOUS EATERS' ''You've heard this chords before'' before closing with the bebopping ''Charlie Brown'', bringing out the Muppets again.

Limd. 500 regular sleeve and black wax!

Limd. 100 have different artworks "Freaky Young Hendrix" / "Puking Man", fixed to old-style shellac sleeves and pink wax! For P.Trash Club-members only!

Taste the funny STRANGE ATTRACTOR - "Kick Her In The Dirt" video: