P.Trash 90 - V/A PIT'S - 25 YEARS OF MULTITASKING! 7" & HIGH HEELS SLUT zine. #13 (Co-release with Squoodge Rec.)

The Pit's probably is one of the most legendary punk bars in Europe. This tiny, dirty corner bar in squaresville Kortrijk, Belgium literally has had thousands of bands performing on the tiny stage in front of an often crazy audience. Most of what's worthwhile in underground R'n'R and has toured Europe has been there. From the New Bomb Turks, Huevos Rancheros, Antiseen, Stitches, Mummies, Supercharger, Killdozer, Rancid, Devil Dogs, Rip Offs, Spits, Hex Dispensers, Cocknoose, Jack Oblivian, D.O.A., Supersnazz, Shorty, Pachinko, Beavers, Groovie Ghoulies, Drags, US Bombs, Speedball Baby, Dead Moon,… to the Gee Strings, Magnetix, Nazi Death Camp, Cellophane Suckers, Jet Bumpers, Apers, Flying Over, White Fangs, Anna & The Psychomen, Gasolheads,… you name it and they've been there.
Well, the shitty Pit's just turned 25 and that calls for a fitting celebration. Early December there were four days of madness with the Mentalettes, Black Needles, Magnetix, Jesus Disease (legendary Kortrijk early 90's punk band doing their first AND last reunion show EVER for the occasion), the KIDS (Belgium's first and best punk band in the best punk bar of the country, check the party on youtube:
Mr. Marcaille and OVVL. There were plenty of free beers, french fries with meat stew, record fair, special t-shirts, patches, limited silk-screened posters AND this very release: "THE PIT'S: 25 years of multitasking" 7"!
Four house favorites delivered a brand new, previously unreleased track that got mastered by Tim Warren of Crypt Records:

A1: The Jimi Ben Band: "Happy Birthday To The Pit's"
A2: The Anomalys: "Drinkin' At The Pit's"
B1: Digger & The Pussycats: "Truth About You"
B2: Bloodshot Bill: "The Pit's"

THE ANOMALYS made a GREAt video of their song!
check it at:
"Drinkin' At The Pit's"

And it ain't over yet, cuz you don't only get a great record, the package also includes the latest issue of HIGH HEELS SLUT zine. This issue 13 features interviews with all bands on the 7", teenage kicks galore at The Pit's and the usual crap you can expect from this zine. ONLY available as your coolest package deal!!

Wim Retard / HIGH HEELS SLUT was invited in the radio-show of two friends, called “De radio is gek geworden” (=”The radio has gone mad”). They played the entire 7” we put out for the 25th Pit’s anniversary (songs 2-3, 10-11) and we talked a bit about this whole project (in Dutch, or rather West-Vlaams, so Potlood, hope you still understand a BIT of it!). But there’s some more great music, as they asked me to bring along 6 records. Those are tracks 4-9, all great tunes 100% HHS approved!! Check the show at the link below, love it and share it with your friends if you want!
“De radio is gek geworden”

Limd. 400 Regular Version, black wax also includes the latest issue of HIGH HEELS SLUT zine. This issue 13!
Limd. 100 Squoodge Version, clear wax also includes the latest issue of HIGH HEELS SLUT zine. This issue 13!
Limd. 100 P.Trash Club Version, red wax also includes the latest issue of HIGH HEELS SLUT zine. This issue 13!


P.Trash 89 - OUTTACONTROLLER - Colt Summer / Trash On Double-A-Side 7"

New 7“ by OUTTACONTROLLER, “Colt Summer/Trash On“ is a fresh double A-side single of deeply infectious pop punk/garage!
The first song directly gets down to the basics of RAMONES inspired pop punk played in a mighty HEX DISPENSERS mood. A raucous, fuzzed-out gem goddamn well done in 2 ½ minutes on full blast.
The flip-side “Trash on” is an ode to P.Trash and perpetuates the fun and power of what it is all about – punk rawk. We love it – You get it!
While you flip this little slab over and over watch out for the second full-length LP to come later this year by your favorite label P.Trash!
First press 500 clear vinyl fixed in regular cover and a limited edition 100 fixed in the middle of a silkscreend 12" slipmat cool "werewolf & carp" art for our Club-members.

Limd. 500 Regular Edit. comes in clear wax, hangover party artwork sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in clear wax, vinyl fixed in the middle of a silkscreend 12" slipmat cool "werewolf & carp" art, For P.Trash Club-members only!


P.Trash 88 - LE KID & LES MARINELLIS - Mes Yeux / Seul 7"

Sorry, 7" canceled!!! But both songs will be released by LES MARINELLIS - Same LP end of March 2014 in time for their MEGA tour!
Please note the band "LE KID & LES MARINELLIS" is now called "LES MARINELLIS"!


P.Trash 87 - MODERN PETS - Deformed Kids / Razorblade 7" (Co-release with Stencil Trash Rec.)

Hey Eierköppe, MODERN PETS are back with a brand new double A-side 7” single as it used to be!! These two already known and released songs from the demo tape EP rerecorded in new high quality sound and partly different lines point out the giant leap for MODERN PETS in light of the LP earlier this year and almost constant touring. Quasi a logical consequence thereof, reduced to the max. The record is available in various versions, so you can choose between clear blue or clear blood red wax and three different cover outfits, all nothing less than just sumptuous. May be the hardest part is the decision which one to pick up, but don’t waste your time they’re running faster than Speedy Gonzales.

If you´d like to book a show please get in touch with:

Limd. 20 test-pressings with a 3c sprayed and stapled sarking membrane cover and a 4 times stamped innersleeve
Limd. 300 Regular Version, clear blood red wax with an asymmetric cutted innersleeve and 250 g/m² stencil artwork cover, printed in and outside
Limd. 77 Stencil Trash Version, clear blue wax with a razorblade-shaped cut-out (by hand) cover. the record is fixed with a clip through a single puck to the cover
Limd. 123 P.Trash Club Version, clear blue wax with sprayed and stamped toilet-paper glued on an asymmetric cutted black 300 g/m² paper covert


P.Trash 86 - PRIMITIVE HEARTS - 4 Song Debut 7" (co-release with FDH / Resurrection Rec.)

After we released the debut full length “High & Tight”, we realised the bands self released 7" was nearing the end of its first pressing (limited to 300 copies on the bands own label No Rules!). This gem is what sucked us in to doing the LP in the first place and we wanted to make sure it continued to be available again. So we teamed up with FDH and Resurrection to reissue this cant miss 7".

Review at Get Bent Zine:
The band spews out scuffed-up powerpop that has as much pent-up energy as GENTLEMAN JESSE. It comes less rootsy and more awkward, but if you can sit still through the self-titled "Primitive Heart", we doubt you´d pass an empathy test. One of the of the scrappiest love songs of the year, it´s vulnerable without being sappy. The hook is ample, but the verse is what gets stuck in your head, swirling around uplifting major chords that shake you into submission. It feels like a sucker-punch before "Believe Me", which bellows with enough background "oooh-ooooos...." to make Shannon Shaw blush. "Killing Time" hits a mid-tempo stride with a dirty lick and sing-along vocals before venturing into the minute long FLAMIN´GROOVIIES stomp of "Breakdown". It could be the production by Elvis Christ, but the EP is saturated in the same ball-in-hand catchiness as NOBUNNY'S "First Blood". Sure, it´s lacking the signature mania, but PRIMITIVE HEARTS display an overall simplicity that´s done to perfection.

Review at Bananas #9 Zine:
Man, we're reviewing a lot of power pop in this issue! The Primitive Hearts play some ultra catchy songs that borderline on annoying. Depends on your tolerance for bubble-gum and goofy sounding pop punk tunes I guess. "Primitive Heart" is pure power pop and after listening to it once, you'll get that shit stuck in your head forever. "Killin' Time" is pure bubble gum cheesiness, reminds me of the Rantouls with less affinities for the 60s. "Breakdown" is the most 'rockin' tune, but don't get me wrong, it's still bubble gum.

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Regular" Version, black wax comes with neon pink / neon yellow deluxe silk-screened covers
Limd. 100 P.Trash Club Version, black wax comes with deluxe silk-screened covers, neon pink colour printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard


P.Trash 85 - RICH CROOK - Solo 4 Song EP 7" (Co-release with Ghost Highway Rec.)

LOVER! Mastermind Rich Crooks` Solo debut EP 7" under his own name "RICH CROOK"!
4 songs, 4 hits… starts with "Tonight Alright", a rolling pop tune flourished the hippie sound to a modern haunting melody that you will never forget until summer comes to partying with your flower girl in a car on a dark road with a banshee in the back seat… "Tinker Toy" has this essential listening moody guitar style but still with a positive feeling at the end, that only can be represented by Rich.
"Black Eyed Kid" a bit more 60ties inspired song with a great added organ and an amazing but not to flashy Fuzz Guitar! The EP ends with the slower cover "I'm Going Home" by Pittsburgh’s THE SWAMP RATS, makes you dream to get a complete full length by RICH CROOKs flower-garage-punk sound soon.. But what ever it done the unmistakenable LOVER! / RICH CROOK Style!
Artworks drawn by our pal Bernd / Corporate Rock Knockout Zine.

Limd. 150 "P.Trash Regular" Edit. sleeve "tonight-alright" artwork right hand side, red wax
Limd. 150 "Ghost Highway" Edit. sleeve "black-eyed-kid" artwork left hand side, white wax
Limd. 100 P.Trash Club Edit. comes with deluxe silk-screened covers, black colour printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard, red wax


P.Trash 84 - MODERN PETS - Excessive / Organic Kidneys 7" (Co-release with This Charming Man Rec.)

This rare as rocking horse shit 7inch takes one song "Excessive" from the Pets' new album plus "Organic Kidneys" so virgin and you gotta be careful. This song was especially made for this release and both deliveries show that the Berlin boys are at their peak right now. Catchy, driving and irresistible 77' Garage-Powerpop-Punkrock. Short and wild! A definite slap in the face of all the en vogue hipster punks and a mouthwatering delicatessen for all the ones that stayed true to that school for the last 40 years. Just think of the BRIEFS' best songs together with the hits of the BUZZCOCKS and you get the picture of how great this double-A side platter sounds. Ear-charming sounds for primitive people. A fireworks of good taste!

Limd. 500 "Regular" This Charming Man Rec. Edit. black wax
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." green wax


P.Trash 83 - IMPO & THE TENTS - Going To The Moon 7" (Co-release with Timmeheiehumme Rec.)

With their new 7inch “Going To The Moon” IMPO & THE TENTS whip out three new hit-songs and they even saved their best song ever "Do The Wipers" for the B-side. Crazy Swedes! Excellent catchy bubblegum-Punkrock in the vein of THE DICKIES, UNDERTONES or JAY REATARD, with a certain "Stockhol-twist"! During the last couple of years, the band has been building a reputation as a tight live act while plowing their way through Northern Europe, aiming for the South in springtime 2013. One-time pressing of 300 copies only!!!

Limd. 200 "Regular Timmeheiehumme" blue wax
Limd. 100 P.Trash Club Edit. pink wax


P.Trash 82 - DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS - Real Hard Time (Europe-Tour Part 2) 7" (Co-release with Timmeheiehumme Rec.)

This year marks the 9th Birthday of Melbourne’s favourite two-piece garage-trash band DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS. That’s right, they’ve almost hit the double digits. Geez…who would have thought that what started off as a bit of a joke by two mates looking for a reason to drink free beer and try to meet girls in their hometown, would take Sam and Andy to all corners of the globe across four continents.
The DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS of 2012 is vastly different to that of 2003. Although their live set still features songs from their very first songwriting session, the boys themselves have changed. Whilst age has not wearied them, it hasn't been kind to them either. Yes, they are no longer Young, Tight and Alright. But they aren't the slightest bit perturbed to be carrying a few grey hairs and a bit of extra weight, they still have a thirst for the stage, a love for each other and a desire to keep on writing and performing music the world over.
With a back catalogue brimming with five albums, eight 7”s, a 10” and an EP, DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS return with two new 7” singles to be released through German labels P. Trash and Timmeheiehumme. To celebrate the band are putting their adult contemporary lives on hold and getting in the van for an 18 shows in 18 days tour of Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Expect suicidal rock moves, bad jokes and immature songs, not to mention the smell of gig clothes that live in a plastic bag in the back of the van that don’t get washed until the final show. Not bad for a couple of thirty something fellas from Australia.
So you better be ready - DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS are taking the Wrong Way To The Top and they need you to buy them a beer and help them on their merry way. Surely, you at least feel just a little bit sorry for them. Go check out one of their shows and buy their new records.

You see the back cover for each of the two Tour-7"s. When they sit side by side, you can see the words "digger" and "pussy" running through the artwork to make it join up like the puzzle!
And just so that you know, the girl on the motorbike holding up the dead snake is Andys daughter's granny back in the 1970's.... no joke, you see the "desert-garage-punk" in her gene!!!.

Limd. 250 "Regular P.Trash" red wax
Limd. 250 "Regular Timmeheiehumme" green wax
Limd. 100 P.Trash Club Edit. comes as a Do-Tour 7"es package with deluxe silk-screened covers, olive green / red / metallic silver print


P.Trash 81 - DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS - Better Listen Up Good (Europe-Tour Part 1) 7" (Co-release with Timmeheiehumme Rec.)

Hey y'all, Andy from DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS here. Head P.Trash honcho asked me to write something to promote our two new 45s out on P.Trash Records and Timmeheiehumme Records. What can I say? We're just a dumb-arse rock and roll band who have aged considerably since our first P.Trash Record way back in 2005. Our waistlines and man-boobs have developed, but our music has not. We haven't tried to re-invent the wheel with these new tracks, but they're definitely Digger songs that could easily slip onto any of our previous albums/singles. If you like the band you'll like the songs. If you don't like us, then save your money for the next P.Trash/Timmeheiehumme release, which will probably be a whole lot better than these two singles.
What do the new songs sound like? Consider it rock and roll with a bit of shabang! Moronic lyrics feature in the two songs I sing. The two songs that Sam sings have slightly more intelligent lyrics, but not by much. Lyrical subject matter includes being taught by your father how to seduce women in the same way that he seduced your mother / taking a trip to Italy and being fortunate enough to find yourself at a Bunga Bunga party at Berlusconi's house / following Jesus' wishes to do unto others' bodies as you would have them do unto your own body / having inappropriate relations with your best friend's sister and hoping the he'll still let you stay at his holiday house.

You see the front cover for each of the two Tour-7"s. When they sit side by side, you can see the words "digger" and "pussy" running through the artwork to make it join up like the puzzle!
The artwork was done by Vanessa Imberger and features my daughter's Grandmother in a bikini on a motorbike holding up a dead snake that she killed with a shovel. True story. Now if that ain't Australian, I don't know what is? We're all Crocodile Hunters down here. We're about to come over on tour too, so check out our dates on facebook and let's have a beer at a show somewhere near you. And if you don't like us, you can come down and bash us in the toilets…but only if you buy both of these new records.

Limd. 250 "Regular P.Trash" yellow wax
Limd. 250 "Regular Timmeheiehumme" blue wax
Limd. 100 P.Trash Club Edit. comes as a Do-Tour 7"es package with deluxe silk-screened covers, olive green / red / metallic silver print


P.Trash 80 - SEDATIVES - Teenage Runaway b/w Fascists 7" (Co-release with Erste Theke Tonträger / Red Lounge Rec.)

Yes it is true! The Ottawa Boys strike back! After having given us the first 7''s and the Debut 12" at P.Trash Rec. We are so happy that they let us put out this new mind blowing 45! The energetic melodies that blast through every SEDATIVES Song, are simple and mind blowing. This Canadian punk band from Ottawa has released their self-titled album some days ago, and it may just be one of the best things that has ever been produced in the history of melodic punk rock. The harmonizing vocals of the four Gentleman are the perfect balance of aggression and sincerity while the predominant Bass, the Organ and drumbeats keep the motivating energy that drives their music. These four Canadian gentlemen may be held responsibles for having written one of the best songs in ages with ''Slip away'', released by Going GaGa / P.Trash Rec. but this two Songs are also just A - side Songs! Maybe we should mark both Labels with A - Side. The SEDATIVES dared to go step further and once more set a landmark in the little mundo punko with this new record that will shake your heart and legs!!! You will never be disappointed with this 7" - believe me!!!

Limd. 1100 "Regular" edit. black wax
Limd. 150 "Erste Theke Tonträger" edit. clear wax
Limd. 150 "Red Lounge" edit. white wax
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." red wax


P.Trash 79 - MOTHER'S CHILDREN - Europe-tour 7" (Co-release with Timmeheiehumme Rec.)

Hot off the release of the highly praised "Are You Tough Enough?" Mini LP, comes 2 brand new Power Pop crunchers from Mother’s Children.
Since the release of their 2010 debut LP "That’s Who", we’ve seen Ma’s Kids go from stomping Glam Rock, to bubblegum smacking Pop, to pub-rocking proto-Punk and back again without skipping a beat. On this teaser of a single, they achieve pure Pop perfection 1979-style, bringing up comparisons to 20/20, The Plimsouls, Twilley/Seymour, The Shoes, Stiv Bators, and Gary Valentine. Mother’s Children are coming out with a caliber Power Pop, unlike any other band in Canada right now, and they have all the amazing hooks, the brilliant harmonies, and the necessary skills to be the best in the business.
Mother's Children have toured U.S.A. and Canada with Paul Collins’ Beat, The Biters, and The Barreracudas, and In May 2012, just in time for their new single, they embark on their first European Tour with Germany’s Mondo Ray.
TermBo sez: "Absolutely bursting with exuberant hooks, liberal sprinklings of glitter and power-pop with some actual power.

Limd. 250 "P.Trash" edit. clear wax
Limd. 250 "Timmeheiehumme" edit. green wax
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." clear wax, fixed in neon-pink & black screened on white paper sleeve


P.Trash 78 - BRAT FARRAR - Paris/Kabul / Dontcare Tour 7" (Co-release with Timmeheiehumme Rec.)

This a co-release with our pal Bernd from Timmeheiehumme Records. The P.Trash part is for the P.Trash Clubmembers only!!! Club-version will get a limd. 100 clear wax version, and comes with stamped P.Trash logo sleeve, Timmeheiehumme Rec. limd. 400 in red wax!

BRAT FARRAR is the new DIY-project/band of Australian wunderkind Sam Agostino. You know him from awesome outfits like DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, KAMIKAZE TRIO or RUSSIAN ROULETTES! After sculpting his debut record (released on P.Trash Records) for several months BRAT FARRAR returned to the studio to smash out "From Paris to Kabul" his first ­follow-up single! This 7inch is also the tour-record for the BRAT FARRAR European tour from March 22 until April 30!
The song "From Paris to Kabul" shows a more metallic yet melodic edge than BRAT FARRAR’s previous releases and is yet another step in the evolution of BRAT FARRAR. Dig that punching bassline and freak out! On the flip "I Don't Care" shows BRAT FARRAR drawing his line in the sand and giving a solid middle finger salute to just about everything. A perfect bone-dry garage-rocksong, like only Australians can do it. The chorus will follow you for weeks! When your boss bullies you ... your girlfriend ran away ... and your beer is empty ... I don’t care!!!

Limd. 400 "Timmeheiehumme" edit. red wax
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" edit. clear wax and comes with stamped P.Trash logo sleeve, for P.Trash Club-members only


P.Trash 77 - VANNA INGET - Jag Ska Fly Tills Jag Hittar Hem 7" (Co-release with Erste Theke Tonträger Records)

This record is a co-release with our pal Thomas from Erste Theke Tonträger Records. The P.Trash edition is for P.Trash club members only and comes as a special white wax platter with the P.Trash logo stamped on the back sleeve.

VANNA INGET's debut album "Allvar" was filled with musical spontaneity and the band captured their melodic Sweden-Punk sound without overblowing it with too much choirs and guitars. This new 4 song EP is just the coequal sequel to that hit-filled album and more than holds the level, even though then songs sound sadder due to even more minor chords in the brilliant hooklines. Just like the full album, this EP was also recorded in guitarist Tommy Tift (Sista Sekunden) studio by the band itself.
Singer Karolina Engdahl sings with a passion of a rare luxury, anxiety squirts out of her jaw like the jung "Siouxsie Sioux" of SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES in the early 80s when this band influenced the complete Post-Punk & Dark-Wave / Cold-Wave generation! Bass player Johan Ottosson laid his bass with depth and with drummer Andréas Almqvist and Tifts guitar, they receive a carpet of beautiful noise. Cavemen thud this 4 song EP will sidle up nicely against your Swedish VICIOUS, TERRIBLE FEELINGS or X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND and SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES records.

Limd. 400 "Erste Theke Tonträger" regular edit. black wax
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" edit. white wax with stamped P.Trash logo to the sleeve backside, for P.Trash Club-members only


P.Trash 76 - STRANGE ATTRACTOR - Beat On The Bratwurst 7" + Corporate Rock Knockout double issue No. 03/04 Zine

The 7":
STRANGE ATTRACTOR sings in Deutsch. It's 8 songs with lots of the lyrics in German. Should be hilarious for you to listen to. hehe... the short and snotty blasts are: Trinken Im Bus, Doner Zeit, Ich bin neidisch auf deine Strandhütte, Bier, Tittenwiegen, We Don't Care, Zerstör den Scheiß & Aufreisser. Jeff and his STATUES buddies Rob & Mitch plus a ULTRAVIOLENCE RAY bandmember cry out a buggy mix of fast Garage-Blues-Punk & early Deutschpunk! It's dirty, it's grotty, it's pissed, it's trashy, it is a real Punkrock KILLER!!!

Reviewed by Boston Hassle music blog:
I just listened to STRANGE ATTRACTOR’S new 7? “BEAT ON THE BRAUTWURST” (PTRASH) like 15 times. It didn’t take very long considering a lot of these songs are under a minute long, but even in this tiny amount of time, this band manages to be more innovative than most. This doesnt sound like what you would expect 30 second long punk songs to sound like, they aren’t even played at top speeds and a lot of the guitar has a pretty clean sound which is perfectly juxtaposed with snotty adolescent sounding vocals (some of which are in German, although this band is Canadian). I can already promise that this will be on my 2013 top 10 list.

The Zine:
Reverend Beatman/The Monsters/Voodoo Rhythm Records, Straight Arrows, Night Birds, The Gits, Mickey Leigh - Joey Ramone, Nikki Corvette, CANADA-SPECIAL Part 2 (with Needles//Pins, Tourdiary: Strange Attractor/No Problem in Europe 2012, Crusades, Ottawa Explosion 2012), Imperial State Electric - Nicke "Royale" Andersson, Trouble In Mind Records, Ben Lyon, Occult Detective Club, Tyred Eyes, Impo and the Tents, Sing Sing Records, Stencil Trash Records, Two Tears, Wild Mustang, Brat Farrar, Gary Wrong Group, Certified PR Records, Hysterese, Uzbeks / Twintoe Records, Food-column: Modern Pets in the US of A, Bloodstains, Burger Boogaloo 2012, Gravys Drop, Golden Helmets, Erotic Devices, The Jimmy C, Black Hole Records (Tokyo) plus columns and tons of reviews...

Limd. 350 "Regular Edit." plus Corporate Rock Knockout double issue No. 03/04 Zine
Limd. 100 "Tour Edit." limited white wax version! We got 10x leftover 7"es from the band before they left germany, 1st comes 1st
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." limited different colors splitted wax with blank black or white labels, super limd. is the black wax with white labels! This P.Trash Club version is handpressed at an old disk cutter, so you will hear some dirty cracking noise! Plus Corporate Rock Knockout double issue No. 03/04 Zine


P.Trash 75 - STEVE ADAMYK BAND / SONIC AVENUES - Europe-Tour 7"
(Co-release with Timmeheiehumme Rec.)

If you like both kinds of music, Power and Pop, and if you need your Punkrock sticky like a popsicle, it's time to finally leave the house and go see this double feature of two of the most talked about bands last year. All the way from Canada, THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND and the SONIC AVENUES will keep your ears glued to the PA like a two-component adhesive. And to make sure this will be a night to remember, here's an appropraite souvenir to take home and make love to: A Double-A side split EP with a brand-new original and a superb coverversion by each band. ADAMYK and his band with the super catchy ''Bored of love'', that could work as the perfect opener for a new LP, and ''Eternal Isolation'' by our pals IDLE HANDS, perfectly adapted to their needs with LIZZY dual guitars and vocals. The SONIC AVENUES present themselves even poppier than on their LP with the sugar-coated ''Fading love'' and the wavy and heartbeating SWEET BABY cover of ''Two tons of dynamite''.
This very limited platter comes in the German soft-porn design of the 70s and is perfect to join in any escapade, not only with the Bavarian Fräuleins. Don't miss out on this one!

Limd. 600 "Regular Edit." black wax, fixed in raw/ recycled style paper
Limd. 100 "Bavarian Fräuleins Edit." black wax, fixed in extra artwork sleeve
Limd. 125 "Picture Disc Edit."


P.Trash 74 - TOYOTAS - Radio Off 7" + Corporate Rock Knockout No. 2

The 7":
It's time to cover your boredom box with gasoline... What the heck do you need a radio for anyways?...Here's a new record by the TOYOTAS that will make your Punkrock heart pump faster and your stereo work overtime for the next couple of weeks. Four new songs full of those shaky and epileptic riffs you like so much and an even bigger '77 Punk snottyness in the fast bashers ''Kicks & Screams'', ''Destroy your Radio'' and ''Remote Controlled''. Those ones surely kick you where you like it the most. And if you start your working week with the übermelodic mid-tempo hit ''Monday 8 A.M.'', nothing can beat that smirky smile out of your face anymore. Pure Punkrock satisfaction guaranteed! Now, put a match to your radio and off it once and for all!

The Zine:
With a little Punkrock-delay, finally here it is: the issue #2 of the CRKO Fanzine!!! As always you get a hi-quality vinyl-7inch with the zine, this time the new TOYOTAS single "Radio Off!" The zine has 80 pages of useless crap like the big CRKO-Canada-Special part 1 (focus on Ottawa/Montreal feat. Ian Manhire, Going Gaga Recs/White Wires, a Montreal-Undercover-report, Nomeansno), lotsa Canadian bands interviewed: Le Volume Etait Au Maximum, McRackins, Strange Attractor... Furthermore: Bad Sports, Bobby Hussy/Kind Turkey Recs, Burger Records, Cyanide Pills, Kidnappers, Modern Pets, Riverdales, Sonic Surf City, Toyotas, Ty Segall, Derby Dolls, Terrible Feelings, Gonerfest 7 travelogue, tour-diary White Wires/Mean Jeans fall 2010, plus tons of reviews and other stuff...

Limd. 400 "Normal Sleeve" edit. + Corporate Rock Knockout No. 2 Zine
Limd. 500 "Normal Sleeve" 7" only!
Limd. 100 "Hanging On The Radio" edit. 4 color screened silkscreen sleeve + Corporate Rock Knockout No. 02 Zine

P.Trash 73 - BODIES - Angel On The Nine 7"

Limd. 52 "P.Trash Club" edit. black vinyl in neon printed folded cover designed by Marco from 'No Front Teeth Records'


P.Trash 72 - SHARP OBJECTS - Zero Ambition 7"

If there's no more room in hell....pardon...copies left on Modern Action, The SHARP OBJECTS will spin on P. Trash Records. And if '77 Punk has been creeping slouchily along for decades now, ''Zero Ambition'' and ''Misspent Youth'' by the living dead BRIEFS and BODIES personnel sound like the remake of Dawn of the Dead and will make even the most slack-infected corpse stand up again and shake a leg. Another record that is cutting off generous slices from the big spicy Punkrock pepperoni with a sharp knife and a dull tongue. Or was it the other way around? Don't know. Must pogo...must pogo!
Artwork by Belgian finest underground artist ELZO DURT!!!

Limd. 400 "Normal Sleeve" edit. clear wax, fixed in offset-printed folder sleeve
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" edit. clear wax fixed in looking through foil sleeve

P.Trash 71 - STEP DADS - Child Support 7"

DEREK LYN PLASTIC at his best, his side band with Paul Harper ex-member of DEERHUNTER / FACEHUGGER!!!
A Synth Punk Monster with slightly distorted vocals over 4 pretty damn great hard punk tunes. Think BOBBY SOXX or LEGIONAIRES DISEASE...

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." black wax, fixed in silver screened on black paper sleeve


P.Trash 70 - MODERN PETS - Vista Alienation 7"

More killing songs to put your tight striped shirt on and rot away in a pogo frenzy by our German pets that stirred up the grounds of a stale and boring music scene in the Fatherland with their superb debut that opened them up the gates into teenage Punkgirls pants and female teachers bedrooms.
On this here record are three shaky, snotty and wild 77-Punkrock songs with damn fine lyrics that will leave all Berlin hipster punks drooling in their fancy drinks and pissing their designer pants in awe. This collaboration between P. Trash, Prügelprinz and Rockstar Records is definitely not downloadable on any modern smartphone crap and all versions comes with a silkscreened jacket and lyric sheet you can physically touch with your useless hands and enjoy for ages and ages to come. Be fast, this disc is flying fast!

Limd. 400 "Regular Edit." black wax, fixed in natural & white screened on black paper sleeve
Limd. 100 "Trash Edit." black wax, fixed in silver & white screened on black paper sleeve
Limd. 100 "Rockstar Edit." black wax, fixed in neon orange & white screened on black paper sleeve
Limd. 100 "Prügel Edit." black wax, fixed in golden & white screened on black paper sleeve
Limd. 240 "Modern Action Rec. Edit." white wax with glossy printed cover
Limd. 60 "Modern Action Mailorder Rec. Edit." white wax with matte finished printed cover sealed up in a screened/stamped bag with eye holes cut out


P.Trash 69 - THE UNRELEASABLES - Six Songs For Sick Minds 7"

Daz, Mel, Betty and Robin met while being stuffed inside a trashcan by the school bullies and decided to become punk rockers and start a band in order to turn the prom night into a bloody nightmare.
These six songs about killing oneself, killing others, getting tattoed or watching Daddy stuffing his face with junk can perfectly be filed between the NOBODYS' ''Politically incorrect'' 7'', early ANGRY SAMOANS and QUEERS, LOLI & THE CHONES and the MIGHTY CEASARS.
Primitive, fast and raw, just the way you like it! And if you ever wanted to have a list of Pop-Punk bands underlayed with dirty punkrock, you get it here first. Don't be arsed, these Brits are punk, punker, the punkest!

Limd. 470 black wax, cartoon-artwork sleeve, painted by Eric Baconstrip (PLAYMOBILS / ULCERS / KING SALAMI)
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." black wax, fixed in purple metallic screened on recycled paper sleeve, artwork by Steve Legend (GRISWALDS)

P.Trash 68 - SHAARP OBJECTS - Another Victim 7"

Limd. 52 "P.Trash Club" edit. black vinyl in neon printed folded cover designed by Marco from 'No Front Teeth Records'

P.Trash 67 - Modern Action - Radio Active Boy 7"

Limd. 52 "P.Trash Club" edit. black vinyl in neon printed folded cover designed by Marco from 'No Front Teeth Records'


P.Trash 66 - MEAN JEANS / WHITE WIRES - Tour 2010 7"

co-release with Timmeheiehumme Records

Two of the best US/Canadian Punkrock-exports cross the pond in September 2010! Their superb longplayers made highscores on almost every Punkrock-playlist worldwide and for their Euro-tour they did the only right thing to do: they team up on one EP to cover each other!
The retarded party-dudes of the MEAN JEANS took "I Remember How" from the WHITE WIRES and made a ultra-sharp smasher out of it! In return the WHITE WIRES (feat. Ian, Going Gaga Records, SEDATIVES) do a classy version of the MEAN JEANS tune "Born On A Saturday Night", 100% poppy SUPERCHARGER-style. Packed in a beautiful cartoon-artwork this is the PARTY-RECORD for fall 2010! Listen and believe it! And go see the MEAN JEANS and WHITE WIRES live on stage!

Limd. 492 black wax, cartoon-artwork sleeve
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." black wax, fixed in pink, black & blue screened silkscreen sleeve
Limd. 100 "Release party / Timmeheiehumme Rec. Edit." black wax, fixed in green, black & purple screened silkscreen sleeve, only sold at 2nd September 2010 at Gleis 22 Münster / Germany!
Limd. 2 "Lisbeth Picture-Disc Edit." The 2 x 7"es were a gift from our pal Björn from Flight 13 Dublication. The disc has 2 different pictures on a & b-side, of his lovely daughter Lisbeth wearing a P.Trash baby-body!


P.Trash 65 - BRAT FARRAR - It's On Me 7"

After playing alongside BOB DYLAN, KISS and The DAMNED as a member of the RUSSIAN ROULETTES and knocking down walls in about a thousand bars in as many countries with DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, Sam Agostino is stepping out on his own under the solo moniker BRAT FARRAR. Besides the previously mentioned escapades he’s also left screaming behind in the past acts like the KAMIKAZE TRIO, PISTONS MISFIRE and the GRANNYKILLERS.
Writing, playing, recording, mixing and mastering everything, Sam takes his DIY approach to the ultimate level in BRAT FARRAR. Sitting in a similar vein to The WIPERS, JAY REATARD, WIRE, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, The SPITS, NEU!, PRIMAL SCREAM and The HEX DISPENSERS, BRAT FARRAR releases these three killer songs peppered with soul and hooks, among them the title track ''It's on me'' which sounds like having been forgotten on the WIPERS' ''Is this real'' record.
Keep an eye on the upcoming BRAT FARRER LP, also on your humble Punk shit pusher P.Trash.

Limd. 241 "Romeo Edit." black wax, WIPERS - "Romeo" fake sleeve
Limd. 174 "Better Off Dead Edit." black wax, WIPERS - "Better Off Dead" fake sleeve
Limd. 59 "Alien Boy Edit." black wax, artwork printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard! WIPERS - "Alien Boy" fake sleeve
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." transparent clear wax with red cords, WIPERS - "Better Off Dead" fake sleeve

killing sounds.mp3

P.Trash 64 - MODERN PETS - Killing Sounds For Rotten People 7" (co-release with Prügelprinz Rec.)

Fortunately, there ain't nothing modern about the rotten Pet Sounds of these lose cannons from the Swabian Reichstadt. They lit their snot-filled crackerjacks on their cigarette butts and throw them straight into the face of all the yuppie scum and career advisors, covering the cities in good old 77' styled Punkrock slime. Starting off with the Rock brick on the accelerator in ''Alert Alert'' they move more towards the Punk in ''Application Deadline Arrives'' until they finally send they BRIEFS into retirement with ''Snippets'', ''Killing Sounds For Rotten People'' and ''Clean City'', all spilling over with catchy choruses and melodies to kill for. Probably the most poetic two-fingers-up-the-air Punkrock you've ever heard!

Limd. 300 black wax, black / purple sleeve
Limd. 104 clear wax, black / icy white sleeve, all labels handstamped

up time.mp3

P.Trash 63 - STATUES - Up Time (Europe-Tour 2010) 7"

The Canadians really spoil us this time by not only releasing a brand new album, but also this exclusive little ditty, accompanying their European Tour 2010.
The title song 'Uptime' is supposed to be an outtake of their new album 'Holiday Cops' but comes in a different version with a Keyboard that gives the whole tune an even stronger touch of DEVO. 'Division' was already on the 'New People Make Us Nervous' LP but was re-recorded in a catchier way. On the flip you get the new song 'Dispensary' and a killer version of THE BUZZCOCKS' 'Lipstick'.and drips and drools!

Limd. 473 normal sleeve
Limd. 100 "neon spyglass" edit. screened silkscreen sleeve

enough is enough.mp3

P.Trash 62 - AC4 - Umeå Hardcore Ep 7"

This ain't no bluff package, Punk. It says ''Umea Hardcore'' on the cover and what you see is what you get. Fresh out of the high-quality Hardcore manifacture of the city of Umea, the place that brought you classic bands like REFUSED or the REGULATIONS, comes the direct-to-use new act AC 4 with grand seniore Dennis on the mic and other REFUSED and VECTORS & REGULATIONS honchos with a formula that never goes out of style.
No artificial colourings or additives, just the best and most natural ingredients were used for this six new songs that do not take too much preparation time, either. Just slip it carefully out of the classy old-school wrapping (genuine design since the early '80s), apply gently on your playing device and let it roll. Keep an eye and both ears on the fast and crunchy ''I'll survive'', ''No more warning'' and ''Dead inside'', let the Greg Ginnish guitars and the spicy MINOR THREAT flavour slowly dissolve before flipping over for a couple more crispy minutes of ''Useless alibi'', ''Poison in my veins'' and ''Enough is enough''.
By then, you should already have that tasty smell of the old days filling every inch of your stinky place. Best enjoyed with friends to pogo and sing along. Yummy stuff!

Dennis Lyxzén - Vocals from LOST PATROL BAND, REFUSED, (International) NOISE CONSPIRACY, INVASIONEN etc.
David Sandström - Bass from REFUSED
Karl Backman - Guitar from VECTORS
Jens Nordén - Drums from REGULATIONS

Limd. 840 normal sleeve
Limd. 100 edit. black wax in screened silkscreen sleeve
Limd. 60 release party edit. black wax, in different artwork screened silkscreen sleeve, only sold at 9th April at Gleis 22 Münster / Germany!


P.Trash 61 - GLOW KIT - 4 Song EP 7" + Corporate Rock Knockout No. 1 Zine

Watch the needle on your Rock'n'Roll Geiger Counter go crazy loco when this ready-to-use-and-rock kit from Denmark sparks a explosion of Power Pop and Garage Punk that will make all LOVER!, YOUNG GOVERNOR and MANIKINS fans strip off their protective gear and dance in spasms in a lethal mushroom cloud of killer melodies of which ''Television too'' and ''Shatter'' are made of. Hell, it seems like the radioactive superpower of GLOW KIT even made JAY REATARD come back from Space Punk paradise and leaving ''Killing time'' and ''To the Floor'' on the bedstand of this duo. This slab of Uranium-like Punk will make your stereo glow like a firefly in the darkest of night. Try it. It works.

Duck and cover! The new CRKO (aka "Corporate Rock Knockout") Fanzine #1 will be out late September/early October 2010 and it comes with a vinyl-EP of the awesome Danish Powerpoppunkrockers GLOW KIT (from Aarhus)!!! Zine and EP limited to 600 copies! This is what you'll find in the zine: The Dænish Mønster (A big special on Danish Punkrock: past and present), Amdi Petersens Armé, Gorilla Angreb, FDH Records, Mean Jeans, Baby Shakes, The Montesas, Statues (Euro-tourdiary Pt. 1), The Zygoteens, Sugar Stems, The Mighty Stef, A tribute to Jay Reatard, The Makeouts, Zodiac Killers, Squoodge Records, tons of reviews, some columns, another focus on Punkrock-food (Dixigas BBQ Sauce!) and some more blah blah blah...

Limd. 495 "Normal Sleeve" edit. + Corporate Rock Knockout No. 1 Zine
Limd. 100 "Normal Sleeve / Tour" edit, 7" only!
Limd. 100 "Glow In The Dark" edit. screened silkscreen sleeve + Corporate Rock Knockout No. 01 Zine