P.Trash 60 - TOYOTAS - We Can't Dance 7"

There won't be any recall campaign for this new model of the TOYOTAS.
Stripped down to the very basics of poppy Punkrock, these three songs have a lifetime guaranty to keep all the nerdy romantics out there satisfied and grinning from one side mirror to the other. As soon as the first few chords igtnite, you know it's unmistakably Daniel, squeezing the juice out of his old Epiphone again, serving us a cold glass of ''Orxata'', the sweet and tasty love song on the A-side. The wilder and epileptic ''I can't dance'' and ''I don't wanna'' on the B-side will make you take the hands out of yer pants and your head and hips wobbling and shaking along forever. If they can't dance - You will!

Limd. 500 normal sleeve
Limd. 100 edit. screened silkscreen thick grey sleeve, 4x 25 copies (blue, orange, green & red version)


P.Trash 59 - BIRTHDAY SUITS - Europe Tour 7"

Fresh out of the grinder comes the distorted and stirring sound of this unhinged Minneapolis duo shredding a good slab of sappy Lo-Fi TEENGENERATE Punkrock with a heavy pound of dodgy SHELLAC noise to a half and half mash of madness and passion with enough catchyness and Albini-treated guitars that may cause epilepsy and the munchies.
You already heard them on the split 7" with MARKED MEN and now you can see Matthew and Hideo (formerly chopping the meat in SWEET J.A.P.) on European stages everywhere. To celebrate this feast, here's ''Kids Fire - Run Fire'' and ''Flower'' as a delicious European-Tour 7'' best to be enjoyed with some smoky sauce and a sixer of beer and the lovely suit you wore on the day of your birth.

Limd. 500 normal sleeve
Limd. 100 "Spider Bitch" edit. screened silkscreen thick black sleeve with amazing silver color artwork


P.Trash 58 - ADAMYK - Speed It Up 7" + Corporate Rock Knockout No. 00 Zine

Canadian Punkrock-workaholic Steve Adamyk is back with a bang! Besides of playing in tons of other bands (e.g. SEDATIVES, MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS, URANIUM COMEBACK, TOKEN, HANDICAP 5 and many more) he started a band under his own name, to worship classic 70/80's power pop and punk, as well as a lot of new garage music. Assisted by his brothers in crime Dave (SEDATIVES, LAST COMMUNION and more) and Davey (MOTHER'S CHILDREN and more) they recorded a debut-EP, that kinda defines the simple magic formula for a hit-single:
One hit on the A-Side + another hit on the B-side = hit-single!!! Just listen to the songs "Speed it up" and "20/20" and get beamed into the summersun at Rockaway Beach. Fantastic music for the bastard-sons of the RAMONES and BEACH BOYS and lovers of CUTE LEPERS, EXPLODING HEARTS etc...!

The 7" come with Corporate Rock Knockout No. 0 Zine!
Tired of fashionable hipster-wannabe-fanzines? Tired of zines packed with 10% cool bands and 90% shoppingmall-crap?! Tired of "free" pay-to-play CD-Comps packed to the max with shitty music?! Tired of boring internet-music-blogs and e-zines? O-keeh kiddos, here's the real deal:
A DIY-Fanzine for Punkrock, Garage, KBD, early-HC, Powerpop and everything that's great! Made by fans for fans! 72 pages, neatly printed with a nice full-color comic-artwork. And here's what you get - interviews and articles with:
NEW BOMB TURKS, NOBUNNY, SEDATIVES, GHETTO WAYS, STEVE ADAMYK, Tina Luchessi (TINA & THE TOTAL BABES), THE BLACK & WHITES, Douchemaster Records, WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!!, LOVE BOAT, BATMAN & ROBIN, SOMETHING FIERCE, THE RETURNABLES, CHUCKAMUCK, BEACH PATROL, Dan Melchior, plus Tourdiarys (Tour fall 2009 SEDATIVES/IDLE HANDS, PricklyPeaBowls Festival 2009, The Gimp vs. NOLA, European Tourfood Guide), Reviews and lots of other blah blah...
Language: English (plus a little bit German)

Limd. 400 "Normal" 7" sleeve plus zine
Limd. 100 "Hot Tires" edit. screened silkscreen sleeve plus zine

P.Trash 57 - Modern Action - Same 7"

Limd. 52 "P.Trash Club" edit. black vinyl in neon printed folded cover designed by Marco from 'No Front Teeth Records'


P.Trash 56 - SECRET PROSTITUTES - Mati Di Moskow 7"
co-release with Schlect Haar Leben Records

This is the second release for these gropers from Houston, Texas. More signs of Breshnev’s decaying West! Five tracks that will steer your needles through a course of Soviet Cold War inspired music. True dirty music! These vibes would not fit on the Urban Cowboy soundtrack. The KBD spirit of the band and the music fit genuinely into the era of the style. They would fit perfectly into the early Houston punk scene of bands looking for a place to play. The beat and Indonesian lyrics will cause you to tap your boot, shake your ass, and scratch your head while you’re banging it. But it will always make you smile, unlike your KGB counterparts who haven’t been this confused since trying to understand the argot of contempt sung secretively by bands behind the Iron Curtain. There is even a cover of San Fran’s NUBS on the record. Maybe the only English language tune these dukes have in them. Damn well worth grabbing onto!

Limd. 580 black wax in old-style sleeve
Limd. 120 "Moskow Youth" edit. black wax in screened silkscreen sleeve
Limd. 100 red wax in old-style sleeve, Schlect Haar Leben Rec. mail-order version

the only ones for miles.mp3

P.Trash 55 - MARVELOUS DARLINGS - The Only Ones For Miles 7"

The MARVELOUS DARLINGS from Canada (with guys from bands like YOUNG GOVERNOR, CAREER SUICIDE and FUCKED UP - just for the record, ya fools) are about to launch a whole bunch of new 7'' on various European labels.
We at P. Trash Records are therefore more than happy to start this year's Summer Offensive with the most sunshiny and poppy of them all. ''The only ones for miles'', with that groovy and sticky guitar and the hint of melancholy in the chorus, has this UNDERTONES undertone and is the best song you can put on on a rainy day during the shitty German summer. In ''Follow me home'' they bring out those wonderful BEACH BOYS harmonies and THE LA's stickyness that blow even the darkest of clouds away.

Limd. 500 normal sleeve
Limd. 100 "marvelous lips" edit. screened silkscreen sleeve


co-release with Ny Vag Records

Sometimes it just clicks. And even though it may be one-time-only thang, the fruits of this encounter will endure the test of time.
No, we're not talking about that one drunken night with the laquered-down snuff queen you have a baby with now and who's killing you with her monthly payment requests. We're talking about the getting together of Stefan of RANDY with Marcus, Robert and Jens of the REGULATIONS after he was blown away by one of their spectacular performances. They decided to start this band together but only played a couple of blood-drenched shows in their hometown of Umea before calling it quits soon after. Not without leaving us this little bastard of a baby.
The epic ''Ghost Riders'', the fast and crispy ''S.S.D.D.'' and the ball-swinging ''In the City'' are three driving, melodic and brutally catchy tunes that carry the unmistakely chromosomes of Stefan's main band RANDY that got in the gene pool with a dark dash of the MISFITS and brought to light by some raunchy guys that know the score. Like all the good things, this leaves you wanting more, even though you know that it will never be.
So put your sticky fingers on a copy of this Punkrock testament and shake it.

Limd. 666 normal sleeve
Limd. 134 "silver pants" edit. silver/red screened silkscreen sleeve


P.Trash 53 - STATUES - We're Disparate 7"
co-release with House Party Records

We really got desperate waiting for ''We're disparate'' by our favourite Canadian sons of Pop-Punk who start this small sign of life with the somehow less poppy and more dodgy title track that is by any means a STATUES song as we know and love it before getting to the real nitty gritty with the super cool and catchy ''To the top'' and the fantastic ''Young enough'' where they once more demonstrate that they are still young enough to care and definitely not old enough not to start. The live shot on this Sub Pop Single-Club rip-off sleeve is the living proof and everybody who was in the audience that night can tell the tale.

Limd. 850 normal sleeve
Limd. 150 "mod-punk" edit. blue/red screened silkscreen sleeve


P.Trash 52 - LOVER! - Worthless / Little Tramp 7"

LOVER!, the alter ego of Mr. Rich Crook of REATARDS, LOST SOUNDS, AMERICAN DEATH RAY and KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS fame, has been a member of the P.TRASH band roster since the release of his debut album a couple of moons ago. He has been more busy than a one-legged man at an ass-kickin' contest bringing out loads of fine records on other nameable labels, such as Tic Tac Totally, Solid Sex Lovie Doll, HoZac, Douchmaster, Iekk! Sounds, Rob`s House Records or Red Lounge ever since that day. Now he's gonna come over on a European again and we at P.TRASH will garnish this occasion by releasing this little jewel, packed with two new pieces of that signature LOVER!'s sound. The title track ''Worthless'' kills with its sweet background vocals, crunchy guitars and poppy hooklines that surely will keep sticking. And so does the slightly slower ''Little tramp'' on the other side, with a rockier touch. Play this stuff to the lady of your dreams, it will make you a LOVER!!! Otherwise, forget her!

Limd. 500 normal sleeve
Limd. 100 "promise ring" edit. red / yellow / black screened silkscreen sleeve

sista försvarslinjen.mp3

P.Trash 51 - SISTA SEKUNDEN - Sista Försvarslinjen 7"

Unfortunately, SISTA SEKUNDEN had to cancel their tour with D.S.B. earlier this year. But to reconciliate all the mournful fans, the band recorded seven new songs which P.TRASH now releases in cooperation with INSTIGATE REC. And you will shout ''Hall-e-fuckin-luja'' to the Posi-Core gods above, below or wherever when your sorry ears catch these tunes for the first time. These dudes really know how to put the fun back into Hardcore without becoming a washed-out and lame clownery act. This is fast, this is melodic, this has tons of singalongs, this has mid-tempo parts that will make you go nuts, this bursts of energy and, most of all, this has guts and a big fucking smile on the face at the same time. This shit is genius and the BEST! ever done by SISTA SEKUNDEN. Even if you don't speak Swedish, this record will make you want to start the kind of bedroom circle-pit action you haven't done since that kiddy days way back then!

Limd. 500 normal sleeve
Limd. 100 "Soldaten" edit. white / black screened silkscreen sleeve

2nd Edit.
Limd. 125 "Killing Friar" edit. purple, orange & black screened silkscreen sleeve or red, neon-yellow & black screened silkscreen sleeve

mindless contentment.mp3

this generation's on vacation.mp3

P.Trash 50 - V/A KILLED BY P.TRASH Vol. 50 7"

MUTAGENS - "Mindless Contentment" by PLUGZ
IDLE HANDS - "This Generation's On Vacation" by SHOCK

Anniversaries are like a vintage wine, better and better all the time.
So wise, so true: With this very special release, P. Trash invites you to a cheerful round of musical chairs in order to celebrate 50 trashy inches, a 7'' birthday bash par excellance. Invited are Rob Statues' MUTAGENS and our good sons of good sound IDLE HANDS who both prove their entertaining qualities on this anniversary record.
Rob Statues starts a game of Hot Potatoe here under the name of MUTAGENS with his version of "Mindless contentment", originally penned by the garajeros latinos PLUGZ way back then. He recorded everything all by himself and there's still a handful of other MUTAGENS ditties up our sleeve, so you can already start drooling!
Their records are top runners on everybody's player this year and now IDLE HANDS share this happy occasion with us and pin the tail on the donkey with their version of SHOCK's "This generation's is on vacation", extremely catchy and just right for this party!
So let us toast to you, supporters and friends of P. Trash. Cheers & Thanks!

Limd. 800 "Normal sleeve version"
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club MUTAGENS oneside 7" version" With scratched thanks-list of the 50 bands who have been on the 1st 50 P.Trash 7"es! Packed in a silkscreen see-through bag!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club IDLE HANDS oneside 7" version" With scratched thanks-list of the 50 bands who have been on the 1st 50 P.Trash 7"es! Packed in a silkscreen see-through bag!

slip away.mp3

P.Trash 49 - SEDATIVES - Same 7"

One more time the Trashcue Team at P.Trash Records strikes and provides the small Garage-Punk world with an already-gone gemstone that was originally released in Canada on the band's own Going Gaga Records in an edition of 300 copies that went flying.
These four Canadian gentlemen may be held responsibles for having written one of the best songs in ages with ''Slip away'', a STATUES/PEGBOY-like earwig which, just like the other four companions on this record, has a dark and wavy WIPERS-edge and a grinding organ backing the cool and catchy melodies in smashers like ''Cannot calm down'' or ''Dead to the discourse''. No mistake about it: This ain't no shitty sounding downer, this is some high-class upper that will make you wiggle and keep you wide awake all night long! You wanna be sedated by the SEDATIVES! Go grab it now, it's limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl and has a reworked and fancied-up artwork done by Matt at Doublenaut!

Limd. 300 clear wax

cholesterol attack.mp3

P.Trash 48 - DEAN DIRG - What's New? Nothing 7"
co-release with Prügelprinz Records

"What's new?" you may ask yourself and the our beloved nerds of DEAN DIRG will blare "Nothing!" back at you. But we at P.Trash would never fool you with a half-assed release and what you get here is the stripped down and naked truth of what this band is all about and why everybody goes apeshit to their sound.
On one side there's the three berserkers "Do it right", "Fix my head with a knife", Dean Dirg's bored" plus a funny lil' intermezzo all recorded live in Mannheim in perfect sound quality.
The 5 songs on the other side are the first songs the band recorded after the release of their first 10inch "9 refreshing ways…" as demo-versions for the "s/t" 12inch. After the release of that record, that band decided that these versions here sound so much better than the ones that found their way on vinyl and so, what you can hear are rougher and dirtier varieties of "Rock out", "Our laugh's on you", "Punk Punk", "Cholesterol attack" and "Chartbreaker Ha Ha Ha" that finally see the light of day. Halleluja!!!

Limd. 500 normal sleeve
Limd.75 "P.Trash verion" fluorescent green / black screened silkscreen sleeve
Limd.75 "Prügel Prinz verion" fluorescent pink / black screened silkscreen sleeve

photo lie.mp3

P.Trash 47 - DIGITAL LEATHER - Closed My Eyes - 7" (Tour Edit.)
co-release with FDH Records

To give Shawn Foree and his new band DIGITAL LEATHER a heartly welcome to Europe again, P.Trash and FDH Records dug out this wonderful display of synthesized Punk spasticity, that originally was released in 2007 by Disordered Records in a limited run of only 250 copies, and re-press it now.
''Closed my eyes'' and ''Frown'' were also on the band's ''Blow-Machine'' LP, but the version herein are way harder, rougher and better. On these two songs, frightening synthesizers and undercooled vocals create a mood that sounds like if San Francisco's SCREAMER and SUICIDE would be meeting in a darkroom for some fast and anonymous action.
The unreleased ''Plane'' could be compared to a punkier version of WARSAW while the super-catchy tune ''Photo-lie'' fills every dancefloor with its positive elements of HUMAN LEAGUE crossed with an overdose of noisy Electro-Punk. Attention: This band is highly addictive and leaves you stunned! Don't miss them on their tour in May 2008.
This Europe-Tour 2008 re-press comes with a new artwork!!!

Limd. 500 (Tour Edit. with new artwork)


P.Trash 46 - ATOMS - Debut 7"

Originally, this disc by San Diego's stripe-wearing New Wave squad ATOMS was launched by Sweet Tooth Records 2007, went faster than lightning and disappeared in the endless depths of collector space.
Now, everybody familiar with P.Trash knows that we are a Trashcue Team and we will never let anybody in this garagey world down. That's why we rerelease these three superb sizzlers once again. Except some gravity-defying, synthie-supported New-Wave Punk with some cheeky brat vocals and lots of melodies and drive somewhere between SPIZZ ENERGY, THE EPOXIES, DEVO, THE SPITS and SERVOTRON. The perfect sound for a sunday ride in the orbit.

Limd. 500 normal sleeve
Limd. 100 "nuclear engine" edit. 3D styled design, neon green / pink screened silkscreen sleeve

scared to hate.mp3

P.Trash 45 - AGGRAVATION - Pressure 7"

We don't know what the hell isn't aggravating and going down the sewer in this world, but it sure ain't the music delivered by these French monsieurs. This 7'' looks like the negative counterpart to their ''Runaway'' EP on JoJo Records, packed in a white cover with black print and 4 new and catchy songs. The faster and elegantly stomping ''Pressure'' and ''Can't crush you'' on the A-side, as well as the bit slower and more melodic ''Scared to hate'' and ''Controlled'' on the flip please us with more revved up '77 Punk that sure doesn't lack of catchy melodies, a snotty voice, addictive choruses and cool, wavy passages. They're making their way up to Germany in November, so make sure you don't miss them live.

Limd. 500 black vinyl and with a black & white silkscreen sleeve
Limd. 100 comes as a 2x7" set include the "Runaway" EP on JoJo Records plus pin

where are you.mp3

P.Trash 44 - STATUES - Crooked Fingers 7"
co-release with FDH Records

Get your crooked, dirty fingers on this little gemstone that P.Trash and FDH Records deliver for the desperately awaited tour of the Canadian trio that has been causing a lot of talk lately with its catchy sound.
On this new slice of plastic the boys mix their earpleasing Power-Pop with a heavier and jagged Chicago-Punk undertone on ''Lifting fingers'', a genuine STATUES song with a sticky chorus that develops into a cheerful ode to poverty, and the shorter ''Adult teeth'', where a pumping bassline clashes with tons of harmonies.
In addition to these two powerful originals, you'll get the K-TELS coverversion of ''Where are you'', a faster and punky tune that fits this band like a rubber glove.

Limd. 500 col. wax / normal sleeve
Limd. 100 col. wax / silkscreen print on 200g/m2 heavy transparent paper (Tour Edit.)

P.Trash 43 / Full Trash 4a - SUPERHELICOPTER - Deutschland 7"
(re-press of the limd.100 bonus 7")

Originally, this 7'' came as a bonus for the first 100 copies of the "Sweet, nice and happy" LP by these German Garage-Punk pioneers in 2005. Now, P. Trash decided to make this gem available again for all those unlucky bastards that didn't catch one.
You get two killer tracks in German on the A-side: The tongue-in-cheek "Deutschland" in the best TRIO "Los Paul" tradition and the slightly rockier "…ab jetzt wird geflutet", both with Westphal's well known mean and rough signature.
The B-side is silkscreened with the motive of the LP cover in either gold or silver!!!

Limd. 137 gold silkscreened B-side
Limd. 178 silver silkscreened B-side

one quick minute.mp3

P.Trash 42 - BRIMSTONE HOWL - 2008 Europe-Tour 2x7"
co-release with Red Lounge Records

4 sides of stomping, screaming and hollering from NEBRASKA's finest! If these 6 slices of primo primitive Garage Jungle Sleaze won't make you dance...give it up!!!! You are too white!!! Eat more BBQ Sauce and come back in a year or so....
BRIMSTONE HOWL are following in the footsteps of our heros GUN CLUB, OBLIVIANS, BLACK LIPS plus a shot Back From The Grave!!!
This release comes in a deluxe allover silkscreen printed cardboard 7" mailer cover!!! A must have for every record collection!!!

Limd. 500 regular tour edition in black vinyl and with a black silkscreen 7" mailer
Limd. 100 mail-order edition in red vinyl and with a magenta silkscreen 7" mailer
Limd. 80 p.trash club/ autumn tour edition in red vinyl comes with cardboard-fake sleeve (bronze/black offset print)

she keeps me depraved.mp3

P.Trash 41 - SUDDEN WALKS - Haulin Ass Gettin Paid 7"
co-release with FDH Records

The first combo we dragged on shore of Trashy Island in the new year is Connecticut's young perturbators SUDDEN WALKS with their second EP ''Haulin' ass Gettin' paid'', a real live wire with four new tracks that exude the same seeking and sick atmosphere as early REATARDS recordings.
Just listen to the thrown-up teenage hymn ''You're so blank'' and you know what we mean. Also if you find pleasure in the distorted musical orgies of the RETAINERS, the FATALS or LIVE FAST DIE you just won't manage to resist songs like ''Do you feel so dead'' and ''Please don't go''. In the slower ''She keeps me depraved'' you can even hear the desperate call of the COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS before the song finally comes to a fast and wrecking end. You know, these four youngsters love to destroy the peace in their neighbourhood just a bit too much to keep it slow! So haul your ass out of your easy chair and get this one!

Limd. 350 regular sleeve
Limd. 150 "roar" edit. limited silkscreen sleeve, orange print on deluxe gold paper

cigarettes and control freaks.mp3

P.Trash 39 - BLACK & WHITES - Same 7"
co-release with FDH Records

This shaking outfit from Oxford, Mississippi already spread their infecting sound on two 7inches on Shattered and Douche Master that were both very well received.
On this fine little platter you get the sweet and slower ''You broke my heart, girl" and ""Cigarettes and control freaks", both in the hipshaking, boogie ridden and sugar-coated CHEAP TRICK kinda way, not unlike LOVER!.
"Pinball Queen" unfolds the band's love for the simple and catchy Memphis Sound and could also have been penned down by JACK OBLIVIAN. This co-release with FdH Records from the States comes in an old-style paper cover that Rip Off Records and Goner used for most of their 7inch releases. Get the picture?

Limd. 380 regular edition in grey/green marble vinyl comes in an old-style paper sleeve
Limd. 120 copies come in grey/green marble vinyl and with an silkscreen foldout jacket

broken glass.mp3

P.Trash 37 - PRESS GANG - Same 7" (re-press)
co-release with Hardware Records

New hardcore-punk outfit out of Münster who play stomping late 70's punk with a modern vibe. 7 tracks of catchy, snotty, raw, hardcore-punk that would fit right in on those Killed By Death compilations. Imagine a mix of old, classic early '80s US-punk bands, like CIRCLE JERKS, early ADOLESCENTS and their homies of DEAN DIRG. Or if you're into swedish bands like VICIOUS, REGULATIONS,... PRESS GANG emerge from this fertile musical ferment to deliver some totally off the hook hardcore-punk with tunes that will stick in your head after just one listen.

limd. 100 x black wax/ P.Trash stamped label
limd. 100 x black wax/ Hardware stamped label
limd. 100 x black wax/ Press Gang stamped label

cat eyes.mp3

P.Trash 36 - THE REGULATIONS - Different Needs 7"
co-release with Ny Våg Records

This is the European version of the REGULATIONS highly anticipated new platter where the Swedes brilliantly mingle dirty `70s Swedish Punkrock with the energy, rudeness and melody of early `80s LA Punkrock a la ADOLESCENTS or CIRCLE JERKS.
Rough, melodic and complex guitars, very good arrangements topped with some gritty vocals and pissed-off introspective lyrics make each of these 4 songs a hit. Top notch material from one of the best Hardcore-Punk bands around today.
Comes as a split release between P.Trash and Dennis Lyxzen's Ny Våg Records with the same insert and artwork as the US-pressing but in a red/white cover.

1st Press:
limd. 900 x black wax/ thick cardboard sleeve
limd. 100 copies come in black vinyl and with an extra silkscreen foldout jacket

2nd Press:
limd. 447 copies come in clear vinyl/ thick cardboard sleeve
limd. 524 copies come in red vinyl/ thick cardboard sleeve

P.Trash 35 - VICIOUS CYCLE - Neon Electric 7"
co-release with Radio 81 Records

This 3rd ep shows a brand new dimension of the Sudbury Ontario snotty kids. 4 new songs still inspired by early 80’s hardcore punk, but more in the early BLACK FLAG way mixed up with a taste of ZERO BOYS.
This 7" is heads above their last two in our opinion. Simple aggressive and pissed off songs from one of the best Hardcore-Punk bands around today. Mixed and mastered by JAY REATARD
Viva la Canada!!!

Limd. 400 x black wax/ thick cardboard sleeve for Europe
Limd. 100 x pink wax/ thick cardboard sleeve for Europe

extinction of the nerds.mp3

P.Trash 34 - THE TOYOTAS - Run-Down Cities 7"
co-release with Radio 81 Records

If this is the pace of the heartbeat in their run-down city be sure that everybody soon wants to live there. After the trio's debut LP sold faster than a bottle of Baileys in a girl school, here's 4 brand new songs that are stickier than a sip of that liqueur. This stuff is catchier than ever before and kicks like a donkey with its raw and scratchy sound.
"Run-down cities" and "Mad Man" are loaded with fantastic hooklines and due to the snotty voice they sound like a bastard child of the CLOROX GIRLS and the DICKIES. The short "Extinction of the nerds" is a fast and hectic MANIKINS-style blast while on "(The girl on) Channel 2" the boys bail out their whole capacity of catchiness and fury, with a killer chorus and an unexpected sweet solo part that'll make you beg for more.
Perfectly suitable for everyone who wants to go ape!

Limd. 450 x black wax/ thick cardboard sleeve for Europe
Silkscreen "Run-Down Newspapers" Edit.
Limd. 50 copies for Europe come in black vinyl/ thick cardboard sleeve and with an extra silkscreen SUN-Newspaper
Everything is fixed with a post-string. If you don't want to destroy the string to hear the music it's better to buy a normal copie also...

let it all go.mp3
swollen vessels.mp3

P.Trash 33 - JAY REATARD/ BOSTON CHINKS - Split 7"

Oh Lord, fuck me sideways! What are these five lunatics doing on the cover of this superb record. Blues-Punk enfant terrible JAY REATARD found a new gang of totally fucked up youngsters with a sack full of humour and the knowledge to write a catchy and rough tune. Though THE BOSTON CHINKS form Jay's backing band on the ongoing 2007 Tour, this record is a split release with one song by JAY REATARD en solitaire and another one by the four good-for-nothings on the B-side.
''Let it all go'' by Mr. Reatard could easily be a LOST SOUNDS song, a wild, New Wave synthesizer ride with a killer chorus and a distorted grande finale.
Nevertheless, THE BOSTON CHINKS kill you right away with ''Swollen vessels'' a hook-laden overdose of wild and melodic punk that will turn you loose. The poppy songwriting, scratching guitars and screwy singer remind of the CARBONAS and this song will stick to you for the next couple of days.
Check Jay and THE BOSTON CHINKS out live, they're funny and they rock!

limd. 500 x black wax/ thick cardboard sleeve
Reatarded & Beaten Up Edit.
1st limd. 77 copies come in black vinyl and with an extra silkscreen foldout jacket

achtung hipster.mp3

P.Trash 32 - FEELERS - European Tour 2007 7"

Barely in time for the 2007 European Tour with the faboulous CLOROX GIRLS, P. Trash tosses out this new 7'' by the five psychopathic Punk Rock maniacs from Columbus/Ohio. While the early FEELERS were still somehow connected to the sound of THE REATARDS (due to the fact that Sean of that band is now playing here) this shit sounds damn new, fresh and funny.
Each of the 3 songs is an electric ejaculation of early KILLED BY DEATH punk with the snottiness and destructive spirit of THE GERMS, PAGANS or the ZERO BOYS mixed with a heavy dosis of distorted and fuzzed-up guitars, a neurotic singer and a cool and catchy subliminal 77Punk/New Wave touch. While ''Children are kids too'' is coming straight in yer face, you hear this influence in ''Achtung children'' and the phenomenal ''Fuck treaties'', which will make you walk in circles like a nuthouse inmate. Sounds like dirty laundry smelling of peaches. Feel it with THE FEELERS!

limd. 500 x black wax/ thick cardboard sleevet

P.Trash 31 - STATUES - Are Go 7"

Sorry, canceled!!!