Live Trash 03 - HATEPINKS - Live At The Stork Club LP
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Les HATEPINKS sont mortes, vives les HATEPINKS! Aware that they couldn't ride the high pony forever, the French maitres of Oupupo-Punk just decided to cut the rope and burn out the whole thing in just the right way.
Of course they do it with a bang by putting out this grande legacy in form of this final plate with 18 songs, recorded perfectly live in late January 2009 in the Stork Club in Oakland on their US (and, at the same time their final) tour. What they are leaving us here is a fine choice of their best songs and some covers too, among them ''Electrocute your cock'' by VOM. From the opener ''Tupperware love'' to other hits like ''Sick cake'', ''Bored of pills'', ''City of the pig'' (dedicated to San Francisco) and ''Do the hateswing'', right to the swan song ''Eisbär'' (originally by GRAUZONE and presented wiz dad sexy german accent) the HATEPINKS demonstrate one more time that their kind of '77 Punkrock has always been snottier than a horny dog's snout and is played drier than a mouth full of cotton.
The record comes in a psychotronique cover with a silkscreened plexiglass and clear vinyl that will leave you stunned for sure. Adieu les amis, it's been a plaisir!

Limd. 150 regular edition, on transparent clear vinyl, with black silkscreened plexiglass in a see-through bag!

Limd. 100 P.Trash Club edition, on transparent clear vinyl, with pink silkscreened plexiglass in a see-through bag!

I'm so bored with you.mp3

Live Trash 02 - DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS - Bad Reception LP

After a successfully touring the US of A (where they played a historic show at the GONER Festival, where the swept the other bands off the stage) and a tour through Asia, Andy and Sam from Melbourne/Australia will come back to make the German fans sweat again this spring.
To support their ''Let's go to hospital'' 2008 Tour, P.TRASH also releases ''Bad reception'', a selection of ten songs recorded live-to-air in a radio show called ''Muscle Souls'' in their hometown by Spooky Records owner Loki Lockwoood (who also recorded all of their other stuff) in September 2007. In raw and distorted, yet brilliantly recorded sound quality, the duo unleashes ''I want you'' and ''All time low'' from their Squooge 7'' ''Pussy Sandwich'', ''Motorbike'' from their first LP ''Young, tight & alright'', ''Fashion victim'', ''Sergi'' and a long, extended version of ''Thanks a lot'' from the ''Watch yr' back'' LP, as well as the new songs ''Liar, liar'', ''ASIO'', ''Oh yeah'' and ''I'm so bored with you'' from their upcoming album, in front of a small and enthusiastic crowd.
This Tour-release is limited to 500 copies and comes in a 3-color silkscreened cover, with KOZIK-style artwork done by Isabel Santana.
Don't miss them live and get your copy!

Limd. 400 regular edition, black / orange / yellow screened covers & black wax

Limd. 100 mailorder edition, black / fluorescent orange / fluorescent yellow screened covers & black wax

nuclear bomb.mp3

Live Trash 01 - THE SPITS - 2006 European Tour LP
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After Pope Benedict paid Germany a visit this year's spring, another highlight is following soon with the European tour of the godly THE SPITS!
THE SPITS are well-known for their tilted, yet melodic new wave punk, just like a mixture of the RAMONES and thrashy DEVO. Take this and think of it being spit over the obscure sounds of the late 70's KILLED BY DEATH 7"s and you get quite a good grasp of what to expect from this band.
THE SPITS are pure punk rock party! If you've seen them live and didn't freak out, you must be dead! I had that pleasure before - on their last European tour, when even a broken wrist didn't keep the guitarist/keyboarder from turning the whole audience in an old brothel musically upside down. Their crazy stage outfits (Ninja, Taliban, Reagan masks) complete the madness!
The a-side (6 songs plus hidden bonus track) fully resembles that "die-hard-party-live-feeling". Catchy tunes such as "Die Die Die", "Drop Out" in a thrashy version, as well as unreleased KBD cover songs from THE KIDS, BLACK EASTER and CRAP DETECTORS will shake you up roughly, so that soon enough you will turn your living room furniture into a mess.
The 6 songs on the b-side were being recorded live at the Dave the Spazz radio show, and there's more SPITS party hits such as "Nuclear Bomb", "Spits Me Out", "Remote Control",... in raw, stripped down versions.
All this is being wrapped up in a fabulous "spit on the Pope, and read your result in the Spit-o-meter" screen print cover. Artwork by Jose Menor, screenprinted by Slowboy.

1st edit. Yellow/Black silkscreen sleeve limd. 223 Edit.

1st edit. Pink/Black silkscreen sleeve limd. 77 Edit.

2nd edit. Green/Black silkscreen sleeve limd. 118 Edit.

2nd edit. Red/Black silkscreen sleeve limd. 39 Edit.