Together with our beloved friends of NO FRONT TEETH, FDH and Tobi (MOLASKI/ GEN NULL) we will end P. Trash with this amazimg compilation! with 104 P. Trash bands from all over the years, unreleased songs, killer artwork done by Marco NFT on a fistful of 6 LPs! There is no other way for us to thank Peter for his friendship! Please stay tuned!

here is the full tracklisting:

1.Outtacontroller - Trash On (Alt Version)
2.Nightwatchers - Tit-For-Tat (unreleased)
3.Voight-Kampff - Sowing The Seeds Of Hate
4.Miscalculations - Monochrome Sunset (unreleased)
5.Cave Curse - Trash People (unreleased)
6.Steve Adamyk Band - Price To Pay (unreleased)
7.Trash Knife - She Shreds (unreleased)
8.La Flingue - Stucture Vide Ordure (unreleased)
9.Gen Null - Nie Im Leben (unreleased)
10.Statues - New Plan (unreleased)
11.The Spits - Society Needs (unreleased)
12.No Problem - Say Goodbye
13.Black and Whites - Just Don't Care (alt version)
14.Warm Toy Machine - Head Master (unreleased)
15.Teledrome - Idiot (unreleased)
16.We Live In Trenches - Restless Again (unreleased)
17.Anna & The Psychomen - Kill Me (unreleased)
18.Big Dick - Aria
19.Jeffrey Novak - Russian Opera Theme Part II (unreleased)
20.Jay Reatard - Let It All Go
21.The Manikins - Can I Please Come In (unreleased)
22.The Hands - We Will Miss You (unreleased)
23.Brat Farrar - Don't Know What To Say (unreleased)
24.Dean Dirg - Some Kinda Hell
25.Needles//Pins - I'm A Drag
26.The Exit - A Life Confined (unreleased)
27.Mean Jeans - Twistin Off A Cliff (unreleased)
28.Digital Leather - Bugs On Glue (alt version)
29.Glow Kit - Nothing To It (unreleased)
30.Mind Controls - Paralyzed
31.Impo & The Tents - Do The Wipers
32.Primitive Hearts - Runnin' Outta Time
33.Warbaby - Everything Is Terrible (unreleased)
34.TJ & The Lipstix - Mexican Mask (unreleased)
35.Sonic Avenues - X Your Manners (unreleased)
36.Ghetto Ways - Spitfire (unreleased)
37.Svart Katt - Rosta Sonder
38.Toyotas - Outta My Head
39.Past - Spokoj
40.Black Time - Black Time Theme (unreleased)
41.Strange Attractor - Thank You For Making A Baby Jesus Head (unreleased)
42.Angry Angles - She's Dead
43.Deletions - No Of You (unreleased)
44.Russian Roulettes - Never Had Nothing
45.Allvaret - Som Dimma
46.The Caged Animal - I've Seen This Movie Before (unreleased)
47.Videodrome - Black Hole (unreleased)
48.City Sweethearts - Sick Lullabies (unreleased)
49.Nervous Talk - Different Person
50.White Wires - Let It Go
51.The Dagger Eyes - Napalm Girl
52.The Funfuns - Heart Attack
53.Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones - Combination Space Recital (unreleased)
54.Birthday Suits - Kids Fire Run Fire
55.Telecult - Lost Nights
56.Zebrassiers - Sexbot
57.Los Raw Gospels - Stormy Weather (unreleased)
58.SGNLS - No Connection
59.The Panic Beats - Smell Your Blood
60.Poppets - Utmarken Revisited (unreleased)
61.Demon's Claw - Little Thing (live unreleased)
62.Uranium Comeback - Walking You Home Tonight
63.Vicious Cycle - Blur
64.Der Faden - Stars Maligned (unreleased)
65.The Ulcers - Surf The Swamp (unreleased)
66.Cold Callers - The Swan (unreleased)
67.Modern Pets - Poison Mind (unreleased)
68.Grupo Sub 1 - La Casa De Los Ciegos (unrelased)
69.Dyscontrol - Calling Back (alt version)
70.Kamikaze Trio - You're Not From Around Here (unreleased)
71.Saccharine Souvenirs - Where Shadows Lurk (unreleased)
72.The Maladro!ts - Teenage Angst
73.Wrong Hole - Fancy Cocktails (unreleased)
74.Lover! - Get Over You (unreleased)
75.Sudden Walks - Don't Look At Me
76.Spent Flesh - Black Fur
77.Hatepinks - Logo Heart Piece Of Shit
78.The Bad Doctors - Prism, Mirror, Lens
79.Sedatives - Cannot Calm Down
80.The Heartattacks - My Baby's Gone (unreleased)
81.Tongan Death Grip - Out Of
82.The Playmobils - You're Wrong (unreleased)
83.Retainers - Primitive Mind (unreleased)
84.Das Pussyhound - Destroy The Future (unreleased)
85.Drugstop - Divisive System (unreleased)
86.The Bloodtypes - Eisbar (unreleased)
87.New York Wannabes - Heading South
88.Vanna Inget - Allvar
89.The Fatals - Livin My Bed
90.Digger & The Pussycats - Mystery (unreleased)
91.Doctor Scientist - Long Con (unreleased)
92.The Aggravation - Judge Me (unreleased)
93.Sista Sekunden - Fakturera Mig (unreleased)
94.Irritones - La France Du Rock'n Roll
95.Red Mass - Fuck You Fake Punks (unreleased)
96.Latex Lovers - Grandpas Undercut (unreleased)
97.M.O.T.O. - Wise Words
98.Stalin Video - On The Prowl (unreleased)
99.Regulations - New Ways
100.Neon Bone - It Took Some Time
101.Nervosas - Empty Hearts
102.Pink Wine - Don't
103.Brutal Knights - Summertime Coffee
104.Press Gang - Shit City

Limd. 500!

Full Trash 145 - NIGHTWATCHERS - Who's To Blame Oneside-LP (Co-release with No Glory / La Agonia de Vivir / Inhumano Discos / Endless Daze Rec.)

The record comes as a one-sided-12inch with a silkscreened B-side with bonded hands image.... The band shot a video for the song "Deposition". And they took a picture during the shooting with the guy who plays in it. This picture find its way to the P.Trash Club sleeve version like the wink to the video....

Limd. 150 "Regular" 180 gram pink vinyl, regular sleeve edit. P.Trash Rec. Edit1
Limd. 250 "FDH Rec." 180 gram pink vinyl, regular sleeve edit. FDH Edit1
Limd. 77 "P.Trash Club" Edit. 180 gram pink vinyl


Full Trash 143 - EXIT - Words Of Wounds LP (Co-release with No Front Teeth Rec.)

There must be some kind of magic potion which Mr. Palumbo pours into his morning coffee, otherwise there is no reasonable explanation how this jack-of-all-trades manages his daily workload. Besides playing in a gazillion of bands and projects, he also releases records for spazmos like you on No Front Teeth and Glass Eye Records and has only recently put out a new killer LP with his main band MISCALCULATIONS.
With THE EXIT, however, he once more lets out his fondness for dark and gloomy minimal Post-Punk and Dark-Wave. "Words of wounds" is already THE EXIT'S second longplayer, following last year's "Hierarchy of Line" and the "A Pressured Temple" 7inch shortly after. Musically, the 10 songs blend spheric synth sounds and echo vocals with slower beats and guitars, Wave, Post-Punk and Synth-Pop, and sound a lot like later THE DAMNED, THE CURE and JOY DIVISION, all topped by the snotty and distinctive voice of THE GAGGERS. The superb poetic words poke the wound of your fears and nightmares and make this record a disturbing and beautiful trip into the catchy darkness.

Limd. 50 "Regular" P.Trash Rec. Edit. black wax, fixed into standard sleeves!
Limd. 100 "Regular" No Front Teeth Edit. black wax, fixed into standard sleeves!
Limd. "Hand-Collaged" No Front Teeth Edit. black wax, (every one is different)!
Limd. "Glass Eye" Edit. black wax!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax! With deluxe silk-screened covers! 50 copies include the regular sleeves also, the other 50 copies got an alternative DIN A4 insert printed to different shades of green / blue paper!


Full Trash 142 - DIGITAL LEATHER - Pink Thunder LP (Co-release with FDH Rec.)

DIGITAL LEATHER has returned with a 10th LP of dark synthpop on "Pink Thunder". The brainchild Shawn Foree, DIGITAL LEATHER has seen many different lineup over the years. Lastly releasing "All Faded" record with a full band back in 2015. "Pink Thunder" is a return to the early days on Shawn being a one man band writing and recording the entire album. This 11 song album captures the wonderful poppy (not unlike the dancefloor smashers from A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS did in the early 80's) yet sarcastically dark art that nobody can do quite like DIGITAL LEATHER. The first pressing of this record is limited to 500 copies co-released with FDH Records in USA and will be on pink vinyl!

Limd. 150 "Regular" 180 gram pink vinyl, regular sleeve edit. P.Trash Rec. Edit1
Limd. 250 "FDH Rec." 180 gram pink vinyl, regular sleeve edit. FDH Edit1
Limd. 77 "P.Trash Club" Edit. 180 gram pink vinyl


Full Trash 141 - CAVE CURSE - Future Dust LP (Co-release with FDH Rec.)

New synth punk duo CAVE CURSE around BOBBY HUSSY. This is a new page for him, he is more known for his guitar/songwriting work in the HUSSY and FIRE RETARDED. Also been in a band called TIT with SHAWN FOREE who released one 12" since forming in 2014.
It's a new thing for Bobby to be known as a synth player, but trying out new shit is what makes life fun right?
The band started as a solo bedroom synth pop project but has since morphed into a full on synth punk band with live drummer Will Gunnerson from underground noise punk two-piece JABBERJOSH! "Future Dust" offers 9 songs (8 originals and a DIGITAL LEATHER cover) of dark synthpunk. Possibly best described by Bobby as "a record for all the stoners, loners and droners of the godforsaken world we live in". On "Future Dust", are upbeat synth smashers that could fit quite nicely on a classic synthpunk LPs from LOST SOUNDS like "Black Wave" or "Memphis Is Dead". This debut LP is limited to 500 copies and co-released with FDH Records in USA!

Limd. 100 "Regular" P.Trash Rec. Edit. 210 gram black vinyl!
Limd. 300 "FDH Rec." Edit. 210 gram black vinyl!
Limd. 77 "P.Trash Club" Edit. 210 gram black vinyl!