Full Trash 120 - NEEDLE EXCHANGE - Is This My Program? LP

Formed in winter 2013 out of frustration at the banality of the local Vienna music scene, these three young upstarts make snotty 70's punk into the soundtrack of their own dysfunctional lives. Now based in Berlin they've just released a classic of heavy thud, rotz-riffing and above all catchy P fuckin R recorded by Toby from the MODERN PETS (the other PETS guitarist Alvar now helps the boys out live giving the sound even more whallop. NEEDLE EXCHANGE play the english way of 77'Punk mix with a good dose of REATARDS KBD! Fine you may ask yourself but IS THIS MY PROGRAM? Check it out for yourself you lazy fuck and find out!
Mastered by Daniel from North London Bomb Factory

Limd. 479 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes with deluxe silk-screened covers, red & black artwork printed on thick white recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 119 - LES MARINELLIS - Île De Rêve LP (Co-release with Stencil Trash Rec.)

Forget all those bands who think to high of themselves, and play a record by a buncha kids havin' a blast playing the sound they love!
That’s right, get ready for round three of the MARINELLIS’ take on the garage sound. Safe to say that if you dug their previous efforts, you’ll rank this record pretty high on your ‘top garage records’ list! And I’m not just sayin’ that ‘cuz I want you to buy this record. Just listen to a few of the tunes and try to come back to me telling me those are not some of the finest garage pop tunes you’ve ever heard…Yeah I didn’t think so.
Anyway, this time, the band totally left behind their JAQUES DUTRONC influences and other pastiche from the past to give us 10 fresh and exciting psychedelic garage-pop gems, intertwined with a hint of western twang and choke-full of catchy melodies. So put that sucker on and experience the full spectrum of the MARINELLIS’ talent from the lysergic ‘L’Indienne’ to the upbeat ‘On Dit’. By the way here is no place for certain band recommendations anymore. Now LES MARINELLIS is the reference! - Christophe Lopez-Huici / Bananas Zine

Limd. 500 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into regular sleeves!
Limd. 100 "Stencil Trash" Edit. in a three-sided cut-out 2c silkscreened cover - 350g/m² nutmeg paper - stamped brown paper labels pasted over the original labels!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes with deluxe silk-screened covers, Daniel / Grupo Sub 1, has done the amazing artwork of the death from the TAROT!


Full Trash 118 - NEW YORK WANNABES - Read My Soul LP

Certainly Mister Zappa was right – writing about music is like dancing about architecture. This comes to mind even more so when trying to find words for the madness the NEW YORK WANNABES unleash in their songs with minimal instrumentation – just drums, guitar and voice. Inevitably the Blues come to mind, but we’re not talking about the aberrations your garden variety Clapton fan listens to in his family car on his weekend off.
We’re talking steamy juke joints in the Mississippi delta, the cradle of rock music, soaked in alcohol and excess. We’re talking about the same stuff world class dilettante rockers like THE STOOGES or THE CRAMPS, OBLIVIANS and GORIES carved their truly adventurous and unique musical miniatures from. If you were to draw a line in music history linking all those points, somewhere along that line you would come acoss THE NEW YORK WANNABES. Theirs is an uncompromisingly energetic Blues-drenched noisy rock you can’t learn in music school. The kind of music you get to play only when you hand over your soul to the devil – preferably at a desolate crossroads in the middle of nowhere. Heavily recommended!

Der gute Herr Zappa hatte schon Recht - über Musik zu schreiben ist wie zu Architektur zu tanzen. Das bestätigt sich auch beim Versuch, den Wahnsinn treffend zu beschreiben, den die NEW YORK WANNABES in Minimalbesetzung mit Schlagzeug, Gitarre und Stimme in ihren Stücken bündeln. Unweigerlich kommt einem natürlich der Blues in den Sinn. Und wir sprechen hier nicht von den Zumutungen, die sich der gemeine Clapton-Fan im Familien-Kombi am Weg zum Thermenwochenende reinzieht, sondern von brodelnden Juke Joints im Mississippi Delta als alkohol- und exzessgetränkter Wiege der Rockmusik. Aus deren Holz schließlich auch weltmeisterlich dilettierende Rabauken wie die STOOGES oder die CRAMPS, OBLIVIANS und GORIES bis heute unerreichte Großtaten der Kleinformatkomposition geschnitzt haben. Zieht man durch diese musikhistorisch bedeutsamen Eckpunkte eine Linie, liegen darauf als leuchtender Fixpunkt auch irgendwo die NEW YORK WANNABES. Kompromisslos-energetische, bluesgetränkte, noisige Rockmusik, wie sie auf keiner Musikschule gelehrt wird. Solche Musik spielt man nur, wenn man seine Seele dem Teufel überantwortet – möglichst an einer gottverlassenen Straßenkreuzung im Nirgendwo. Schwerste Empfehlung!

Limd. 500 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax and with the "Sue at night in NYC" artwork, deluxe silk-screened covers, yellow & skin-colored & black artwork printed on thick white recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 117 - WAR BABY - Jesus Horse LP (Co-release with Bummer Rec.)

This record smells like sweat-soaked lumberjack shirts and long hair flying in the stinky air down at a small club in Seattle in the late 80s and early 90s. But make no mistake, this is now! and WAR BABY from Vancouver present a debut record that functions perfectly as the soundtrack to the soon-to-come revival of the kind of noisy Guitar-Rock that was later labeled as 'Grunge' by some cheap media whores smelling the green and milking the scene.
'Jesus Horse' is so authentically in sound and songwriting that it could perfectly be described as the record that NIRVANA never recorded between 'Bleach' and 'Nevermind'. Period!
For the doubters: You really get it all here: Massive and powerful drums, perfect clean/distorted guitar work, cryptic lyrics sung with a laconic, hoarse voice and a fistful of wonderful hits!
Just listen to the opener 'Headless Horseman' and you are immediately soaked into another time and place. Hell, this reeks of teen spirit with a mouthful of bleach. The driving bass lines and headbanging choruses of 'Dentada', 'Queen Bee' and 'Melting Wish' seem to be lost 'Nevermind' outtakes, there are gloomy and darker songs like 'Cave' and 'Black Swan' that build up some high tension and explode in the choruses, there are noisier and more Stoner rocking tunes like 'Coalmine Canary' and 'Frankenstein' and you really won't miss a damn thing that stops you from time traveling back to the day you banged hard to NIRVANA, TAD, MUDHONEY and SCREAMING TREES and spent all your money in the Sub Pop 7'' fanclub.
Recorded with engineer / producer Jordan Koop (PEACE, NU SENSAE, THE MOHAWK LODGE) in the 100 year old heritage building that houses Vancouver Island's The Noise Floor recording studio.

Limd. 500 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes yellow wax splattered with green splashes. fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. yellow wax splattered with green splashes and with the "Jesus Horse" artwork, deluxe silk-screened covers, orange & black artwork printed on thick white recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 116 - NERVOUS TALK - Same LP (Co-release with Hosehead Rec.)

Oh wonderful Canaduh, how do you spoil our punk hearts with a never ending flow of good bands. Vancouver based supergroup NERVOUS TALK features Joel Butler from MOBY DICKS / MYELIN SHEATHS and members of TIMECOPS, SHITTY NEIGHBOURS and THE BALLANTYNES. These punks really are on a mission to deliver the most Punk sounding album you heard in a long time and their songs evoke the ghost of TEENAGE HEAD and POINTED STICKS.
But NERVOUS TALK has a much wider range of all the good Punk we love. The 10 songs on this album bring rocking and dry ‘77 Punk (‘Something wrong’, ‘Sasha’, ‘Close to Death’), hectic and snotty Punk Rock (‘No invitations’), super catchy Power-Pop Punk with killer guitar lines, handclaps and everything you wish for (‘Different person’, ‘Introductions’), as well as some glammy Punk Rock with a killer 70s guitar sound (‘Nothing to say’), as well as the faster and melodic ‘Already gone’ and ‘Flush my phone’ that remind of STEVE ADAMY BAND and MARKED MEN and the slower, LOVER!- like reverberating and echo-driven ‘Way to go’ at the end of the record.
If you have a craving for good ole Punk Rock in the vein of BUZZCOCKS, MANIKINS or POINTED STICKS, go and get your fix!

Limd. 250 "Regular" Hosehead Edit. comes in black wax fixed into regular sleeves!
Limd. 150 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into regular sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. Is the false teeth artwork comes with deluxe silk-screened covers, neon yellow & black artwork printed on thick brown-beige recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 115 - FERAL TRASH - Trashfiction LP (Co-release with Mammoth Cave & Dirt Cult Rec.)

It is the birth of a new amazing Canadian band! It's Eric (FEAR OF LIPSTICK, guitars), Ilisha (g & voc in THALIDOMY KIDS now on drums) and Jesse (dr in THALIDOMY KIDS now on bass). This adroit trio is called FERAL TRASH and “TRASHFICTION” is their bewitched debut full-length, maybe a record made for your future classic list. Listened to it the first time it stuck in my mind for days. The 11 songs take straight Canadian Power-Pop aka STATUES' classic album "New People Make Us Nervous" turn it into melodic BUZZCOCKS-like bombs in the choruses and grasp at the spirit of the WIPERS energetic '77 smashers! The relentless beats, the devil-may-care hooks and the melancholic female/male vocals combined with catchy garage-punk songwriting sends endless waves of shiver down my spine. Supported by proper production akin to RIVER CITY TANLINES’ “I’m Your Negative” mixed with SEDATIVES minus keys or even FEAR OF LIPSTICK it is an all-killer-no-filler from the opener “Seventeen” until the last tune “Where We Go” and again I find myself singing along: “…P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D…” - extraordinary haunting stuff!
It was recorded by James "You can do it better" O'Toole at the Echo Chamber and mastered by Dave "V's look cooler than U's" Williams at Eight Floors Above.
Artwork is being done by Michael George Haddad.
Co-released by P.Trash (Europe), Dirt Cult records (US) and Mammoth Cave Recording Co. (Canaduh) plus a limited "P.Trash Club" Edition with deluxe silk-screened covers, Mike from MOTHER'S CHILDREN, VOICEMAIL, YEAR ZERO did the artwork, silver ink on a black paper.

German review written by Tobi / Flight 13 Distro:
Monster-Platte von Kanadas neuestem heißem Scheiss! Members von FEAR OF LIPSTICK und den THALIDOMY KIDS liefern hier das beste (!!!) Garagen-Punk Scheibchen seit der letzten HEX DISPENSERS ab. Musikalisch bewegt man sich auch in einer ähnlichen Schiene, zeigt sich aber deutlich melancholischer. Denkt an Kanadas Exportschlager STATUES vermischt mit BUZZCOCKS, MARKED MEN, WIPERS, SEDATIVES (minus der Orgel). Über ultracatchy Hooks und Riffs, die jedes Körperhaar augenblicklich erstarren lassen, gibt´s diese geil sehnsüchtigen M/F-Vocals, die auch jede Menge Sing-A-Longs liefern. Die Rhytmussektion schiebt ohne Ende nach vorn und die Gitarre keift ein trauriges Riff nach dem andern ... Lange keine Platte mehr so exzessiv abgefeiert, fetter Tipp!

German review written by Chris / Green Hell Distro:
Kanadischer Pop Punk irgendwer? Supergroup aus 2/3 THALIDOMY KIDS + 1/3 FEAR OF LIPSTICK! Endlich der Longplayer nach der Single, einmal STATUES/BUZZCOCKS/WIPERS durch den Wolf gedreht und wieder ausgespuckt, für Fans der RED DONS, HYSTERESE, SEDATIVES, BLANK PAGES, HEX DISPENSERS oder AUTISTIC YOUTH genau das Richtige. Genaue Mixtur aus Drive, Hymne und Moll, treibend und ohrwurmverdächtig, mit Gesang beiderlei Geschlechts.

Limd. 500 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes with deluxe silk-screened covers, Mike from MOTHER'S CHILDREN, VOICEMAIL, YEAR ZERO did the artwork, silver ink on a black paper!


Full Trash 114 - BRAT FARRAR - 2 LP (Co-release with Every Night Is A Saturday Night Rec.)

Our Melbourne mate BRAT FARRAR is taking a break from being the frontman of DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, KAMIKAZE TRIO and RUSSIAN ROULETTES in order to get a more important job done, namely to give his newborn a welcoming, warm and good start into this world. Nonetheless, his own world still rotates around a sun that unceasingly shoots down hot rays of Garage-Punk. To prevent his world from exploding, Brat recorded these songs with a little help from his current friends fatigue, confusion and dopamine all by himself in his bedroom in the wee hours of the morning. It comes as no surprise that the 11 songs on his second solo record range from the DIGGER styled Garage-Punk sound and juvenile attitude of “I’m dead now““ and “Good by myself“, the driving and melodic WIPERS catchiness of “Nothing there“ and “Off to see the world“, the SPITS-like “You’re a mess“ to the distorted beauty of “Johnny Sparrow“, a song which sounds as if JAY REATARDS’ ghost would have turned the knobs. Interrupting this constellation of stellar exquisiteness Brat takes us into much noisier landscapes on this album. There are drum machines and pumping basslines in “Closing in“ which reminds of BIG BLACK’s “Earth, Atomizer“ era, there are crazy and screeching BUTTHOLE SURFERS vocals in a disturbing sound collage called “Vapour wave“, there is even a 80s style synth-ridden track “Wouldn’t give you up“ and the slow and destroying ballad “No redemption“ at the end, which waves you goodbye from a state of mind far away. No question, BRAT FARRER’s world has changedand. Yet, he remains an all singing and dancing new wave machine with a heart full of noise.
Cover star Alida Vallo (1921 – 2006), an Italian actress who was a sight for the sore eyes of all men back in the day, makes these record an ear- and eye-catcher likewise!

Limd. 375 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!
Limd. 125 "Regular" Every Night Is A Saturday Night Edit. comes in black wax fixed into down under sleeve version!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers!


Full Trash 113 - SAFEWORDS - Same LP

Taking nods from BAUHAUS and RED LORRY, YELLOW LORRY, Minneapolis outfit SAFEWORDS burn the drum machines and chorus pedals on the altar and combine equal parts WIPERS and CHRISTIAN DEATH to bring you (post-mortem) 11 tracks of catchy death(rock)-(post)punk that will have you locked in your bedroom flipping this piece of wax over and over again ‘til the sky’s gone out.
Let's describes this record as "Ian Curtist cold singing for the WIPERS", which is fairly apt. SAFEWORDS showcase a penchant for rumbling bass, inventive guitar work and timelessly cold vocal delivery. The band plays in the same league as ESTRANGED & FRUSTRATION!

Review at German Moloko Plus Zine:
Post-Punk? Gothic? Dark Wave? Vielleicht. Oder: „Junge singt JOY DIVISION“ oder „Ian Curtis singt EA 80“. Mehr muß der Laie fast nicht wissen, die Reiseroute ist damit sowohl grob als auch warnend umrissen. Abschreckung oder Verheißung? Hier scheiden sich die Geister, als Koordinaten sind ultimativ Manchester/Northampton/Mönchengladbach im Logbuch vermerkt: Wer JOY DIVISION, frühe BAUHAUS („Bela Lugosi’s dead“) und EA 80 mag, könnte Gefallen finden. Dem flächendeckenden Rest sei eine stramme Kehrtwende empfohlen.
Wenn die Gitarrre Fahrt aufnimmt, schlingert man zudem in WIPERS-Spären, verbleibt immer deutlich im Thema „Beklemmung, Flucht und Angst“. Dunkel, düster, pechschwarz, bedrohlich, bedrückend. Auszug aus dem Tracklisting: „Escape from the modern world“, „Mortified“, „Our days are done“, „Insomnia“, „Our future is cold“ etc. Depressiven Geistern daher nur im Einklang mit masochistischen Neigungen ans zitternde Herz gelegt, dieses Album „isst Seele auf“.
Beste Reisezeit: Ganz klar November. Ein erhabener Spätherbst-Soundtrack, atmospärischer Schlaflos-Streifzug durch novemberliches Zwielicht, das perfekte Album zu Totensonntag & Co. Emotional, überwältigend!
Biographisch-diskographische Backgrounds/Links: Quartett aus Minneapolis, USA, bezeichnet sich selbst als „Death Rock“, als weitere Vorbilder werden CHRISTIAN DEATH, RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY und SISTERS OF MERCY (jeweils in ihren Frühphasen) genannt, erstes und einziges Album/Veröffentlichung, Band existiert nicht mehr, Bandleader Colin Swanson-White ist parallel mit VOIGHT-KAMPFF zugange.

Limd. 230 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, black colour printed to thick brown-beige recycled/natural paper!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, silver colour printed to white paperboard!


Full Trash 112 - VOIGHT-KAMPFF - Same LP

VOIGHT-KAMPFF from St. Louis and Minneapolis. And yes, the band's name is a reference to that awesome movie Blade Runner, which is quite fitting. VOIGHT-KAMPFF have been working on these sounds since the last millennium and their efforts will reward your earholes with music dripping with dark basement sounds. Easily lumped in with both Swedish melodic sounds like VICIOUS or SEDATIVES, SAFEWORDS, NERVOSAS with the current ‘80s JOY DIVISION and WIPERS dark punk... I’m hearing a lot of the OBSERVERS’ magic with the in-your-face vocals and the way the guitar hooks weave in and out of a driving rhythm section. Perfect for punks who aren’t precious about where they shelve their JOY DIVISION records.

Limd. 230 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, black colour printed to white paperboard!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, black colour printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard!


Full Trash 111 - BIG DICK - Disappointment LP (Co-release with Dirt Cult Rec.)

Ottawa is once again destroying everything in sight. BIG DICK, a two-piece drum & bass outfit that recalls earlier Canadian punk, has put together 15 frenetic tracks that take you through a distressing half-hour of clumsy nostalgia. You'll love it. Bass player and singer Johnny O. also plays guitar and sings in URANIUM COMEBACK and together with drummer Dave Secretary (formely of VAN JOHNSON) they have been part of the incestuous Ottawa scene forever. BIG DICK is last years’ mind exploding recommendation from our Canadian scout Rob (STATUES, DER FADEN), who was lucky enough to see them live at Ottawa Explosion 2014 weekend.
Armed with an armada of effect pedals, this second album starts off catchy and hooky with 'Let down', 'Last days' and 'Sick' that sound a bit like NOMEANSNO's Rob Wright helping out in the WHITE WIRES. Cool and poppy choruses and slightly distorted vocals.
On songs like 'Crawl' and 'Mariner', where the duo's love for all the 90s Touch&Go / AmRep noise bands like TAR, UNSANE or HAMMERHEAD starts shining through. On 'Good hunting' the distortion pedal is finally put down to the floor on and the melodic choruses and vocals make way for more screams and noisy bass-heavyness. The monotone and pumping basslines in 'Young love' and 'Bad dreams' even remind of 'Release'-era COP SHOOT COP and SHELLAC. But BIG DICK's noisy post-hardcore sound always maintains a part of Canadian poppiness and this definitely makes this record to an Ottawa-Punk gemstone!
"Disappointment" recorded by Yogi at Meatlocker Studios, mixed and mastered by Mike Bond!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, neon orange, light green and lavender colour printed to the regular paperboard before bonding!


Full Trash 110 - THE ABOUT: BLANKS - Ignore This Product LP

Yay! The boys are back and better than ever!! Your favourite loudest and snottiest bullshitters are finally bugging around again. It's been three years that their debut lp "12 Boring Blasts" was taken on by the specialized punkrock press with a boooooombastic lack of interest and consequently made the record to an "almost classic". However thats old news!
Finally you will get the chance to ignore the next genius effusion of the weirdos from europe's melting point of oddness but you shouldn't! "12 Boring Blasts" is completely sold out and as of now 10 is the new 12! 10 new songs representing the NOW-sound of yesterday! 10 new songs recorded in the old fashioned way at Schaltraum Berlin (BEATSTEAKS, STEREO TOTAL, DIE SKEPTIKER, WALTER SCHREIFELS) on big 3 inch tape which proves that analogue truly is the new betamax! 10 new songs revealing the banalities of any situation in life. 10 new songs that makes all the other amateurs look like their peers. Soundwise? Think MODERN PETS, THE STITCHES & THE BRIEFS meet THE PROFESSIONALS & THE BUZZCOCKS meet a roadkill squirrel. Nuff said! Let the "COCKNEY REJECTS vom Prenzlauer Berg" speak for themselves in this interview down below:

I: Good morning About Blanks! Im very glad to do this interview with you! May i state you as the only true punk band on this planet right now?
Jasper Hood: Yes.
I: Excellent! I was listening to your new lp "ignore this product" and it blew me away. It is a huge bump-up compared to its predecessor. I've been listening to it over and over again and never got bored of the songs. Are you as stoked as me about the record?
Don Lotzo: Yes.
I: Brilliant! For those who haven't heard the lp yet am i right in saying that the songs are the best tunes of the last 10 years with passion for detail, some great riffy guitar licks as well as a sound that will set new standards?
Daniel Distraction: Yes.
I: Fantastic! May i tell you furthermore that i love the artwork? Not only the eye-pleasing record cover. Every LP comes with a free sticker that makes you wanna buy the record twice! It seems to me that someone spent a lot of time and effort into this visual masterpiece! Isn't it so?
John Boy Adonis: Yes.
I: Impressive! I am pretty excited to enjoy the new songs live in the future. According to rumours you are going to play some concerts in Deutschland later this year. Is that right?
The About Blanks: YES!
I: Thanks so much for your time. What i finally meant to say: YOU BETTER NOT IGNORE THIS PRODUCT!

Ox-Fanzine #115
Die zehn Songs der zweiten ABOUT:BLANKS-Scheibe ziehen schneller an einem vorbei, als man die Laudatio zur Überreichung des „Poor and weird“-Championshipgürtels schreiben kann, deswegen gibt es hier kurz und bündig den Faktencheck: Genre? KBD-Kernfusion zwischen BUZZCOCKS, COCKNEY REJECTS und DR FEELGOOD.
Sound? Schaltraum-approved. Pose? Keine. Die Gerechtigkeitsliga aus dem Wrangelkiez ist zurück und schimpft Zeter und Mordio über ironische Gesichtsbehaarung, chauvinistische Kleingeister und die Piefigkeit britischer Ferienfreizeiten des vergangenen Jahrtausends.
Angepeitscht von Jaspers „Tongue-in-cheek“-Trademark-Gekläffe findet die Berliner Snotpunk-Garnitur abermals ihre Erfüllung im über-catchy 77er Singalong Punk, getragen von trockenem Bassgeplucker in pumpender Symbiose mit schnörkellosen Drums und einem Gitarrensound, dessen Sperenzien sich zwischen der krawalligen Riff-a-Rama auf das nötige Maß an pfeifenden, in scharfkantiger Wilko Johnson-Gedächtnismanier dargebotenen Licks beschränken.
Dabei klingen sie nicht ansatzweise nach den ständig als Vergleich bemühten MODERN PETS, sondern bedeutend besser, weil zackiger und aufgeräumter. THE ABOUT:BLANKS vertonen die Tour auf dem Diamantrad entlang des Landwehr-„Rockaway Beach“, beflügelt von einer Prise Truckerspeed oder zumindest drei großen Schlucken Spätshop-Pilsator.

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax + sticker fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in yellow wax + sticker fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 109 - WRONG HOLE - 2012 LP (Co-release with Prügelprinz / Pleasance / Cut The Cord That... Rec.)

WRONG HOLE's debut LP “2012” is a close match for P.Trash-roster especially for the rear part of the mark. It's kinda oldschool punk and hardcore mixed with synth- and garage-punk, but first and foremost it's brilliant TRASH. The line-up of the band features Nick Flanagan "vocals" (BRUTAL KNIGHTS, TEEN CRUD COMBO, KILLER ELITE, COME), Andrew Moszynski "guitar, drum programming" (QUEST FOR FIRE, DEADLY SNAKES, KILLER ELITE) and Jon Schouten "Synth" (TEENANGER).
The "vocals" show analogies to BRUTAL KNIGHTS snotty HC-style plus digitally effected weirdness whilst the tunes are a dirty drum machine driven mix of SPITS, TERROR VISIONS, FINAL SOLUTIONS and "Death To The Old Flesh"-era DESTRUCTION UNIT or like a fast version of the most underrated DAMNATION KIDS – all levels in the red. The musical follies of WRONG HOLE are in a way comparable with the lunatic tape-manipulation and funny noises of early BUTTHOLE SURFERS too.
The "2112"-RUSH tribute cover was illustrated by Emily Bitze and the back cover photo was taken by JR Jensen. Design by Tobin Reid. Recorded in winter 2013 at Stustustudio in Toronto, mixed by Jon Schouten at Rising Fun, and mastered by Steve Sidoli.

100x limd. blue wax P.Trash Club Edit.
133x regular P.Trash Rec.
100x regular Pleasance Rec. Canada
133x regular Prügelprinz Rec. Germany
133x regular Cut The Cord That... Rec. Germany

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in blue wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 108 - LES MARINELLIS - Same LP

Listening to the first track one thing falls into place: LE KID is only absorbed in LES MARINELLIS and not blown away, as your mind will do. You’re right there where the great debut left you – deep in a sweeping frisky 60’s garage pop huddle. The second song “Le Ciel“ comes kinda like a lost gem from the DEMON'S CLAWS songbook – pure country psychedelica. Clappin’ hands and shamblin’ through “Deux Pour Trois” then inhalin’ the hazy musing of “Seul” these dudes will bring you to the light of “La Vie” at the end of side A.
The flip side features even five more super catchy tracks in the vein of JAQUES DUTRONC and DEMON'S CLAWS, but the last dance “Mes Yeux” is a goddamned HIT! All performed in a sloppy BLACK LIPS and LE CHELSEA BEAT parlance and at some moments the band reminds me a little of LOS GROWLERS with balls.
There is no doubt about the sound, solid recordings and excellent mastering ensure sweaty adventures in the haunts of your youth. Just taking a look at the cover and you get it: kaleidoscope of color, dark, purple, hazy, naked, sexy!!!

Review at Bananas #9 Zine:
The band dropped 'Le Kid' part of their name but as far as I know it's the same line-up. So does that mean those guys drastically changed their sound and need to take some distance with their previous record? Not really. The band still plays a mix of 60s pop and garage, all sung in French, well Canadian French that is, which gives it its distinctive flavor (well at least for a Frenchman such as myself). But they departed from the Dutronc-type compositions and have a more psych approach to their music. The guitars are fuzzier, the sound fuller and the voice is pushed back in the mix. The band even fools around with sitar sound on the excellent "Fils Du Roi".
The album feels more mature, with less songs about being young and fucking around, although the exuberance from the first album can be find on tracks such as "La Vie".
Also, if you're bummed that their 7" never came out, rest easy cuz both songs are featured on the album. The hard psych "Mes Yeux" and "Seul", a brooding mid-tempo song.
P.Trash handles the vinyl release while Burger puts out the tape.

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 105 " Stencil Trash" Edit. in white wax and comes with a hand­made 1c linocut on the front and a fixed photo on the backcover! The color of the linocut varies a bit between a more reddish or a more yellowish terracotta color. 300g/m² paper and numbered by hand!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in yellow wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 107 - SGNLS - 2 LP (Co-release with FDH Rec.)

Finally a proper synth punk band! Philly’s SGNLS follow in the tradition of bands like The UNITS rather than bands that are merely labeled “punk” by the distinction that they cannot play their synths properly. Live they are capable of synth heavy freakouts not dissimilar from HAWKWIND, HELDON or japanese psychedelic band OVERHANG PARTY, whereas on record they reel it in a bit and show us some real solid songs that should appeal to fans of everything ranging from DIGITAL LEATHER (Shawns Shattered era), LOST SOUNDS, THE SCREAMERS to WARSAW.
"2" somehow showcases the bands ability to make a sound that is truly blurs the lines of synth-punk, industrial, psych, and krautrock while still holding a pop sensibility. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with so many peaks and valleys that all work so well together, somehow never seaming to go to deep in any one direction, yet at the same time the album is still very cohesive. It really is a masterpiece that must be listened to as a in its entirety (and maybe a few times in its entirety) to truly appreciate the varied sound and styles it merges while sounding effortless doing it.

Limd. 150 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. include a DVD (1 hour, 9 minutes!) with a live set, SGNLS video, and a weirdo interview!


Full Trash 106 - AVERAGE TIMES - Same LP (Co-release with Hosehead Rec.)

AVERAGE TIMES’ self titled debut LP perfectly blends the band’s self stated influences like The OBLIVIANS, JAY REATARD and the MEAN JEANS with a more disguised dosage of MANIKINS and MARKED MEN, all the while proving (along with fellow coconspirators NEW SWEARS) that Ottawa’s already prolific garage punk explosion is anything but a flash in the pan.
Recorded with local studio owner and DIY showspace runner Paul “Yogi” Grainger (WHITE WIRES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, MOTHER´S CHILDREN, ZEBRASSIERS, etc), and mixed with Ian Showalter (DAGGER EYES, WHITE WIRES, PREGNANCY SCARES). AVERAGE TIMES comes in with a bang and leaves well before overstaying its welcome.
With hooks as poignant as these, the band is smart to bury them beneath layers of fuzz and distortion, lest they become too quickly disguised as the bona fide pop anthems they’re built upon. Above all else, AVERAGE TIMES is unabashedly fun. Weird Canada calls this record “the audio equivalent of a devious and mischievous 12-yr-old with a slingshot”, while Ottawa Showbox says “their high tempo makes you want to listen to them as you skateboard on a hot summer day”!
No matter how you take that, AVERAGE TIMES is sure to cut the deep frost long overdue from Ottawa to your turntable!!!

Recorded by Paul “Yogi” Grainger
Released by Hosehead Records (Canada) and P Trash Records (Germany)
Ontario Tour leading up to Ottawa Explosion in June 2014 with FIRST BASE
Western Canadian tour in planning for Fall 2014

1. Popsicle
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Wasted On Wine
4. Snakes
5. She Knows
6. Do The Dance
7. Glitch
8. Summer Nights
9. Look Loose
10. On My Own
11. I Hate Tomato Juice And I Hate You
12. Kraken
13. 10 Million Leagues

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in color vanilla cream wax!


Full Trash 105 - TELEDROME - Same LP (Co-release with FDH & Mammoth Cave Rec.)

Synth pop punk band from Calgary, Canada. They play a perfect mix of UNITS / SPITS-Synth-Punk, GARY NUMAN-Elektro-Pop, NEW ORDER-Electronic-Dance-Music with a dark fluorescent FAD GADGET or DIGITAL LEATHER / LOST SOUNDS part! TELEDROME inspired of the early 1980s New York City club scene sound, would fit right in among any of the essential early Factory/Mute Records releases! The record include the re-recording hits from the HoZac 7", and Michael Haddad - who did the ZEBRASSIERES LP art, did his job again here... All songs written/produced by Ryan Saddler.
More about the small Canadian rock and roll world:
Back in Calgary about 6 years ago, there was an amazing garage-punk band called THE CRYPTOMANIACS. If you can find that 7", it is the best thing from that city in the last 5 years, so hard to find though. That band split when Ian Manhire moved to Ottawa and started WHITE WIRES and SEDATIVES. SEDATIVES first 7" "Can't Calm Down" was originally a CRYPTOMANIACS song called "Good Enough for Garbage." Shortly after, Andrew Payne moved to Ottawa and started ZEBRASSIERES and FUN FUNS (later playing in KETAMINES with Paul from Mammoth Cave Rec.). The only person left behind: Ryan Saddler, who is the man behind TELEDROME. TELEDROME's guitar player is Evan Van Reekum, who is in the great band FIST CITY and co-runs Mammoth Cave with Paul from Calgary.

Side A
1. Boyfriend
2. Dial Tone
3. Ultra Instant
4. Spirals
5. New Motion

Side B
1. Antenna
2. Blood Drips
3. Parallel
4. Robot
5. Golden Dawn

Limd. 300 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into regular covers!
Limd. 100 "Col. Wax" Edit. comes in random mixed color wax fixed into regular covers!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into the regular sleeve, plus deluxe silk-screened jacket, silver & blue artwork printed on thick black recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 104 - THE BAD DOCTORS - Burning City LP (Co-release with FDH Rec.)

THE BAD DOCTORS are releasing their first full length album, “Burning City” in spring 2014. The sound of THE BAD DOCTORS comes from a concentrated study of New-Wave and the Goth side of Post-Punk, paired with an extensive array of synthesizers and electronics. They've been conceptually developing their record since their start in 2009, and it is easily their most ambitious project to date. THE BAD DOCTORS' "Burning City" is an attempt to map the human spirit: ecstatic, decadent, and tragic all at once. It traces our flights of passion, stands knee-deep in our flooded basements, and walks our collapsing back-alleys.
From the opening notes it’s apparent how important the synthesizers are for the tone of the record, leaping forward while the band itself catches up. Combined with precision drumming, solid bass lines, driving guitar riffs, and poetic lyrics, THE BAD DOCTORS bring a tumult of orchestrated electronic madness into a groundbreaking study of pop song structures. The band has crafted a hybrid of Post-Punk, New-Wave, Garage Pop, and Indie that keeps you in a modern timeframe while also sounding eerily like a record that could have been in the vaults of Factory records.
A few months back, the "Re-Animate" EP was released digitally as a teaser for “Burning City”, which is free on the FDH records band camp page. While the title track could have been slipped into a GARY NUMAN record without notice, songs like “Prism, Mirror, Lens” are harder to pin down. The EP is just a taste of how seamlessly “Burning City” integrates Post-Punk with electronics, and features three songs from the record itself.
After a few listens, this record seeps its way into the darkest labyrinths of your mind, projecting it’s glittering glass and surreal nightmares onto the cities we live in. While it is bound to make you nostalgic for the early 1980’s, “Burning City” is more than just another New-Wave clone; it will find its way into the New Testament of the New Wave / Post-Punk Bible beside NEW ORDER, DEVO, JOY DIVISION, THE SCREAMERS & KRAFTWERK!"

Make sure that the songs of P.Trash and FDH versions are different from each other! P.Trash Edit. swap out the 5th song "Metemorpasis" for "The Reanimator". The tracks for vinyl are different cause the way they have the album laided out the 6th song "Red Shift" will cut off on the end of the A-Side and restart on the B-Side. Its kind of odd but works really cool!

"USA Tote Bag" Edit. incl.:

Limd. 500 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, white & red artwork printed on thick brown-beige recycled/natural paper!
Limd. 450 "Regular" FDH Edit. different songs!
Limd. 50 "FDH" different songs! Silk-screened covers Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, black & red artwork printed on thick white paper!
Limd. 10 "USA Tote Bag" Edit. Tote filled with all Doctors US-Releases: Distractions 12” (Selfrelease Rec.), Twilight Of The Idols 7” (Selfrelease Rec.), Burning City LP (FDH Version, different songs!) and THE BAD DOCTORS slipmat!
CD "FDH" Edit. different songs! Limd 100!


Full Trash 103 - LA FLINGUE - Adhésif Scotch Zéro Trois 12"

Here comes part three/drei/trois of Rubber-Glue/Kleb-Stoff/Adhésif – Zero 12”- Maxi-Series and it’s again a stunning 6-song-ammo from Marseille’s 77-punk-gun La Flingue.
The first shot, the german sung “360°” is a killing pogo dervish for all ya sissies to get stalwart enough to crash a beer can against ya head. Strike by strike it goes on with that razor-sharp guitar salvos, hard hitting punky backbeats and cranky vocals in their catchy and unique french/english mixed style. Snotty ten minutes and its over. This platter will take no prisoners, you’ll hear no cry for mercy, but you’ll be left in an adrenaline rush begging for more - so now it’s on you to kick someone’s ass.
There is limited black or white vinylversion and an inlay packed in a mono-CHROME-atic duct tape cover defacing again one of The Beatles’ top ten hits of the “Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.
Recorded by Rudy and the band at the studio Cimetierre Saint-Pierre in Marseille during last turn of the year.
Be prepared for European tour in October 2014!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in white wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 102 - NEEDLES//PINS - Shamebirds LP (co-release with Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.)

"P.Trash Club" Edit.: Daniel / Grupo Sub 1, who has done the amazing artwork for the MODERN ACTION LP had done the cool artwork for the P.Trash Club Edit. again! Thinking about the song "Only call me when you were drunk" for this, it's simple, clean, pop and with this melancolic touch that inspired him. The telephone numbers are wrong, ha ha (drunk vision).

How many current bands try to sound unique and outstanding, especially like the kind of pop music that NEEDLES//PINS are playing? We’re talking about awesome snotty power pop laced punk rock from Vancouver / Canada.
NEEDLES//PINS start where White Wires, Gentleman Jesse, Young Governor and others leave off and take their really own incredible song craft at work here – all instantly likable and infinitely memorable. It’s unique and outstanding in a serious way! For everyone who loves jams catchy as fuck: NEEDLES//PINS are just what you needed. The “Shamebirds” LP will make the coldest, loneliest and most boring of days fun and crazy again. The songs circle somewhere between mid-period Replacements, Selling the Sizzle-era Smugglers, The Hives’ “incredibly famous for a minute” stint and ‘70s/’80s Canadian power pop punk (Pointed Sticks / Teenage Head) and you’d be close. It’s just awesome!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Erste Theke Tonträger Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes with the regular sleeve, plus a deluxe silk-screened jacket, printed on thick natural paper!


Full Trash 101 - NEON BONE - Good Things About You LP
(Co-release with Kill All Human, Subwix, Ring Of Fire, True Trash, SN Rex.)

Lars has returned with the sound he's always played. It's a full understanding that stays true to what Pop Punk was at it's inception. These songs are true to Lars' life with no false pretense or gimmick, but far from boring due to his great ability to communicate the emotion in each one as they were when I first heard NEON BONE, but now even more so defined.
Things open on a faster and more aggressive note with "Number On Your List", easily demonstrating the unique and gravelly vocal tone that makes Lars memorable. Also there is a new element present that hasn't been used in the previous releases. Keyboards that are well implemented and cohesive but not overdone. There's also a great video for this song that really gives you a look at the one man approach that is NEON BONE. This record stays within a mostly hopeless romantic approach that I really connect to in preference and he's quite masterful at, with songs such as the slower, ballad-esque "No Good" and the 60's pop influenced "Looking For Love" being a couple of my favorites, but that's not all this record has to offer.
Lars does break away and show his skill to write outside of the subject in first hearing "Laika", where I almost immediately thought to myself, "I know who this is for!". I had recently watched a TV program about two Italian brothers famous for studying radio waves, that had actually picked up the heartbeat of one of the first living creatures sent to space by Russia, a dog named Laika. This is a lovely tribute to her.
Another notable choice is the closing track, which is a cover of DEPECHE MODE's "But Not Tonight". This was very welcome to me, being outside of the 20 something crowd and having a great love for New Wave! Make no mistake though, this is a wonderfully translated to Pop Punk cover and fits just as well as any of the other songs!
This record is aptly named because I have many good things to say about Lars and NEON BONE however, I will now let you go discover how great this record is for yourself.
This certainly is a great way to kick off the year for classic SCREECHING WEASEL, RAMONES, M.O.T.O. - Pop Punk!

1. Number on your list
2. You belong to me
3. Me and you
4. No good
5. Laika
6. One and one
7. Everything will be alright
8. Looking for love
9. A better place
10. It took some time
11. You just don't like her
12. But not tonight (DEPECHE MODE cover)

Limd. 200 "Regular" Edit.! Transparent Orange Wax!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit.! Transparent Blue Wax!