Full Trash 100 - VÅNNA INGET - Ingen Botten LP (Co-release with Erste Theke Tonträger / HepTown Rec.)

In 2011, VÅNNA INGET released their debut album "Allvar". Although rapidly written and recorded, the chemistry is extraordinary and leaves one wondering if they had been working on it for years. "Allvar" was an unexpected success and VÅNNA INGET became a name associated with great expectations. Two years on, Vånna Inget has played over a hundred gigs spanning Sweden, Europe and the USA. They have a steadily growing fan base and it certainly showed in May 2013 when the band played a triumphant concert to a large audience at Debaser Medis in Stockholm. A gig that was proof of how music can grow organically, by itself, once it has taken root in the heart of its people.
VÅNNA INGETS music speaks volumes. It was clear from the opening track of "Allvar" and even more so with the bands second album. Produced by Jari Haapalainen (THE BEAR QUARTET, KAJSA GRYTT, INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY, ELDKVARN...) in legendary "Varispeed Studios" where THE HIVES recorded most of their records also! The Band recorded everything in the best, the old school way... drums, guitars, organ, bass and vocals live straight down on 2" 16 ch tape.
Where "Allvar" found power in its urgent and relentless delivery, "Ingen Botten" is a more nuanced affair. Sharp guitar riffs and shimmering organ melodies are woven together with an attentive and dynamic rhythm section. The band has also taken down the tempo in places and left room to move within the arrangements. But above all , there is a refined approach that goes beyond merely changing for the sake of change. VÅNNA INGET knows where they stand and nurture their songs to a maturity that makes them unique in a meeting between raw, punkish nerve and melodic sensibility. They possess the ability to turn claustrophobic themes of confinement and desperation into something that feels uplifting and liberating.
Above all, Karolina Engdahl's vocals have grown to reach even higher levels of poignant intensity. She sings with a powerful, yet brittle, force. "Ingen Botten" fulfils the high expectations surrounding Vånna Inget during the two years since their debut. An album that broadens their scope and works its way deeper into the essence of what VÅNNA INGET truly is.

Karolina - Vocals
Tommy - Guitar
Andréas - Drums
Joel - Organ
Niklas- Bass

1st slipmat artwork comes with "Audrey Hepburn" (4 May 1929 – 20 January 1993). Maybe the fairest lady ever! Hepburn was active during Hollywood's Golden Age. She appeared in fewer films as her life went on, devoting much of her later life to UNICEF. Although contributing to the organisation since 1954, she worked in some of the most profoundly disadvantaged communities of Africa, South America and Asia between 1988 and 1992. Also sung the hit "Moon River" that makes us Punks weeping like a baby...

2nd slipmat artwork comes with "Edie Sedgwick" (20 April 1943 – 16 November 1971). She was an American heiress, socialite, actress, and fashion model. She is best known for being one of Andy Warhol's superstars. Sedgwick became known as "The Girl of the Year" in 1965 after starring in several of Warhol's short films in the 1960s.

3rd slipmat artwork comes with "Amy Winehouse" (14 September 1983 – 23 Juli 2011). She was an English singer-songwriter known for her deep contralto vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres, including Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Jazz. Winehouse made it to the first British female to win five Grammys! After years of abusing drugs, then alcohol, Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning on 23 July 2011. Her album "Back to Black" posthumously became the UK's best-selling album of the 21st century!

Limd. 550 P.Trash deluxe version, cover is a heavy cardboard sleeve (350 g/m²) with gold print and gloss paint, comes also with printed cardboard innersleeve (300g/m²)
Limd. 350 Erste Theke Tonträger Rec. deluxe version, cover is a heavy cardboard sleeve (350 g/m²) with gold print and gloss paint, comes also with printed cardboard innersleeve (300g/m²)
Limd. 500 HepTown Rec. version
Limd. 100 P.Trash Club Deluxe silkscreen printed 12"-Box (Gold and white colour printed to black paperboard), include 2x Picture-Disc (A-Side Disc has the a band picture in the wood, B-Side Disc has a collage of pictures made at "Varispeed Studios" when the band recorded "Ingen Botten") plus a silkscreend P.Trash slipmat (3 different design with 3 dead beauties)

If you want to book a show, please contact:


Full Trash 99 - THE DAGGER EYES - II LP (Co-release with Prügelprinz Rec.)

Survivors of the zombie bash-fest!! Alrighty! Nearly one year older and you still wanna pogo the flesh off your bones!? Then better do not turn down the volume, cause Canada’s shrewd observers of the apocalypse are right back with a new slashing full-length banger. Once again a sturdy little bastard of punk that stuck in your head with the first stab. The second outfit of THE DAGGER EYES is looking through grim-reaper’s masks and wants you to join the bone-jarring party from the crypt immediately. No problem for those who are already familiar to THE DAGGER EYES. It only takes a short noisy intro and “swoosh!” it feels like home. These twelve new tracks own the same propulsive force as the zombie-killing debut while the guitar and voice sound a shade darker here. In some songs (“New Wave” or “The Rats”) the sound effects are building tiny little melodies for creepy cold wave mood which perfectly blend in THE DAGGER EYES bon ton. The songs were recorded at Yogi's Meatlocker & the House of Targ, pressed on black wax and fixed in black & white/silver super cool artwork created by Bree Crosby. Keep it simple! Keep it punk!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, black colour printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard!


Full Trash 98 - GENITAL HOSPITAL - Street Mummy LP

ZACK! The second album by one of Montreal's finest weirdos GENITAL HOSPITAL takes no prisoners. You get even 10 catchy forceful & rousing KBD-garage-punk tunes being mired in psychedelic intoxication. A bit like CARBONAS cover MODERN PETS or way around including gang-vocals, great busy riffs, thirsty pogo beat and sprinkles of CPC GANGBANGS and The B-SIDES.
Again a few tracks have a slightly southern touch owing to harmonica fills while others get driven by a simple but relentless organ vibe and cocksure all tracks kick ass – "Verdammte Sheisse". The whole damn thing is an all in all unique sounded smasher to burst any party - a really total boozy mess!
Recorded & mixed by Jean-Michel Coutu, mastered by Ian of DAGGER EYES & perfectly illustrated by Darren Merinuk – a killer cover for "Street Mummy", one he says may be his best ever!!

Review at Bananas #9 Zine:
First of all, best band name! As for the music, this band from Montreal plays mainly some furious KBD punk. Once in a while the bands goes out of its way to offer us something a bit different. Ramones (or Wax Museum) punk on "Violence" or some more 60s influenced stuff when the harmonica starts wailing on "Night Girls White Boys". It's all played at 100mph though, and just comes out as vicious garage punk that will give you a serious adrenaline rush and keep you hooked with its anthemic punch-along tunes.
The production also plays a big role here as it's done the proper way. It's loud as fuck, lo-fi, yet not muddy sounding.
Pretty cool B&W cover by Darren Merinuk as well!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in white wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 97 - PINK WINE - Same LP

At the zenith of this hot summer it’s the right time to proffer you fresh debut full length of PINK WINE from Toronto. Add one part sucked blood from OUTTACONTROLLER, MARKED MEN, BLACK & WHITES and one part pure sweat from NO BUNNY-, HUNX AND HIS PUNX- or ERGS!-Live-Set to an oldfashioned tub filled with ice to take a header into and you probably get an idea of what this record is all about.
This Canadian four-piece is a frantic urge to party! For an ultimate legal high taste PINK WINE with your ears ordering this platter of wacky power-pop punk and for perfect satisfaction go & see them live.
Any further lurid details needed!? Here we go: one inlay & great artwork, two colours (100 bubblegum-pink wax & 500 traditional black wax), two recording sessions (Sep 2012 & Feb 2013), two drummers (one each session), two speeds (33/45 one each side), two sides (A & B - Hell Yeah!), twelve catchy tunes…by all means a lot of FUN!!! And now together: “…I like Pink Wine – my friends all feel the same – we drink it all the time…I like Pink Wine…” Cheers!

Review at Bananas #9 Zine:
Despite being based in Germany, P.Trash seems to be in the know when it comes to Canadian bands, whether they play punk, garage or in this case power pop. That's right, Pink Wine is a power pop band from Toronto. So if you dig that 70s power pop sound or contemporary bands such as Mother's Children or the Toyotas, that stuff should be right down your alley. The spirit of the Buzzcocks ain't too far either when you listen to 'Cold Sweats'. A few songs are way too catchy pop-punk for my taste like "Ghost Eddy" and I find the band much better then they tone down a bit on the cutesy and go more punk such as in "Make Mistakes" or "Can't Get Out". Good thing those are a majority. Check'em out if you like those catchy power pop tunes.

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in bubblegum-pink wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 96 - THE PANIC BEATS - Rest In Pieces LP

There is a knife that never runs dull......There is a bloodthirst that never can be quenched....There is a well of lives out there that never runs dry. About time for PANIC BEATS master sicko Dale VanThomme to send out the hooded ripper again.
Piece by piece this new album adds to the rotten Slaughter-Punk corpse that Dale has been suturing up in his basement in the last couple of years. Again, there’s enough blood and gore in every groove of this record to make a butcher smile. Dale’s chop chop skills have improved steadily and he takes his time now to delightfully disembowel his victims and frantically feast on these 12 horror-flick-inspired, RAMONES-riff-drenched and manically driven songs that leave nothing to the imagination. With songs like “Get ready for a bloodbath“, “Chop Chop“, “Silent Night, deadly night“, “I drink your blood“ or “God forgives, I don’t“ he shows how big a fan he is of unleashed psychos and killers and how much he gives a damn about metaphors, messages and good taste. Is the acoustic title track on the end of the record a sign that the ripper is retiring? From the expression on his face under the hood (again a fine piece of art kaputt by Rick Melton) you can tell: He hasn’t even started yet. Severed heads make the ripper grin. Grab a knife, punk!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in blue wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 95 - ALLVARET - Tank Pa Doden LP (Co-release with Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.)

If anyone would ask us if we were serious about releasing this record from a totally unknown Swedish band, I would totally say yes. Why is ETT / P.Trash Rec. going to release ALLVARET's debut LP "Tank pa doden"? Not just because ALLVARET means "serious" in Swedish, but because this LP is seriously great. Hailing from the Swedish underground punk scene, this catchy phenomenal guitar lines can only be written by Swedish guys and sound so perfectly vintage! Allvaret emerge from a fertile musical ferment to deliver some totally off the hook KBD punk with tunes that will stick in your head after just one song. The guitar sounds so Scandinavian – MASSHYSTERI, THE VICIOUS and VANNA INGET say Hello. The driving rhythm section with the harmonic drum and bass parts remind me of some kind of early UK street punk, without sounding stupidly Oi! The most important part is the awesome voice of Sushila, with Swedish lyrics matching perfectly together. A bag full of diamonds for sale, even if you don't speak Swedish, this record will make you want to start the kind of dance action you haven't had since that childish days way back then!

Songs with englisch explanation:

1. Tänk på döden
Its about tryin not to have regrets. To be tired of tryin so damned hard all the time ..when the only thing sure in life is death.
2. Bittert ljuvt
The name meens bitter/sweet. Its about the two faces of love. The loving and gentle, and the painful and hard, which easily hurt you and leaves you damaged and bitter.
3. Populär
About unfareness, the fact that not the same rules apply for everybody. If you're born with money, its like you're more important than if you're born poor, and then you can get away with stuff no one else is aloud to.
4. Skjut mig
Tryin to be understood, tryin to be heard, seen, accepted and loved.
5. Drivved, (drift wood)
Has kind of a Sea- theme, but is about being nothing at all, invisible, to someone who was your everything.
6. Lågenergi. (low energy)
About loneliness, seeing life pass but being left out. Drinking to much, trying to much, and going nowhere.
7. Gatflicka (old swedish name for whore)
About love/hate. About passion and violence and not knowing why, but doing it any way.
8. Böjd men inte bruten (Bent but not broken.)
Seeing the years pass, every year looking the same. Seeing how grey life looks, how bad people are to each other, but also about keeping hope, keep fighting.
9. Falla fritt (free falling.)
To find a way to totally let go of everything that chains you. About people locked in 40hours/week, only living for the weekends or the summer holidays. sheep without own will or the guts to change their situation, loosing to care for others, only for them selves.
10. Kortedala adieu (Kortedala is a part of Gothenburg)
About always thinking things will be better later.. "if I only get a boyfriend I'll be happy, If I only move somewhere else things will be better" etc.
11. Hidden track!!!

Limd. 300 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax! Sold Out
Limd. 100 "ETT" Edit. comes in clear wax!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in green wax!


Full Trash 94 - WARM TOY MACHINE - Not Tired To Blow LP

Holding all the aces of 60’s garage rock the 2nd blast of FUZZZZZZ from Bruxelles’ WARM TOY MACHINE is ready to ship. According to the proverb “Never change a winning team” recordings & mastering done by Lo’ Spider at Swampland. In comparison to its predecessor the sound is not that direct in-your-face style - the new recordings are more like a premium wine or whiskey. Every single ingredient is the same as it used to, but now the flavor is definitely barrel aged, specialized for FUZZZZZZ-Connoisseurs. So if you wanna be rapt away by some DEMON’S CLAWS of fuzzy psych-hell-sound and find your self GET LOST! in a ’68 COMEBACK after the BLUES XPLOSION within a rollin’ & stomping crowd together with THE MUMMIES, J.C. SATAN and JACK OF HEART – you’re doin’ it right here. Rumors say that even Lemmy K. can’t refuse to tap his boots to these tunes as long as booze is pouring down. An extra ‘Cheers!’ goes to FREDDY D’HOE for the splendid cover picture.

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in pink wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 93 - NERVOSAS - Same LP

If you’re in kaiju-films there is Ghidrah and Cerberus is well-known not only to mythology-experts…but P.Trash is still your trusted record label. So, don’t fuss folks! This might be the one you’re looking for: a three-headed monster of punk named NERVOSAS.
The story so far as you already know it: P.Trash scout Rob / STATUES saw the band at Ottawa Explosion 2012 and wrote us about a new fabulous band from NEW BOMB TURKS-Town Columbus, Ohio. We here at P.Trash can't believe how great they are. I never had this feeling again since I heard the SEDATIVES - ''Slip away'' song or the Statues – “New People Make Us Nervous” 12”!!!
About the record: A compilation with new recorded versions of songs already known from the beloved demo-releases. Now with enough punch & crunch for proper 12” vinyl-outfit fixed into classy cover plus inlay, artwork and music all done by the band. Quite accurate what you might expect from a young, enthusiastic DIY punk band’s debut LP. 11 bangers…like 11 ender enders in a way dark, anxious, paranoid, manic, obsessive, melodic, misanthropic, gothy, punk. A lot of bands "WIPERS, SEDATIVES, X, DEAD MOON..." and influences are forcing on, so that’s how brains are working and doesn’t really matter. No kidding, the plainly audible fact all along the record: it’s not whoever, this is NERVOSAS giving you such a grinding and thrilling roller coaster ride makes the difference. These songs ooze talent and precision, ranging from break-neck hardcore skate punk tempos to a few mellow rockers to surprise ya just when you think you got it all figured out. Don't sleep on this!!!

Happy musician after receiving their goods...:

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in deluxe silk-screened covers, silver artwork printed on thick black recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 92 - BLOODTYPES - Just Your Type LP + Bonus-CD

This amazing debut LP is mandatory for all the pale zombies of the now to get a live cell therapy. It doesn’t matter if you’re the older wave-punk geezer, the younger carnivore of trend-punk or anyone in between. Take these 12 catchy tunes to reanimate your miserable existence or rather stay the way you are, dude. For your regular heartbeat there are a bunch of fast songs, some faster songs to ensure tension and suspense and even one excellently sung ballad to blend in very well with all the highly addictive moments in punk history that’ll come to mind - from SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, X-RAY SPEX, AVENGERS, NEONBABIES, IDEAL in the late 70ies/early 80ies and WIPERS, SONNY VINCENT, THE FASTBACKS, MOST SECRET METHOD in the late 80ies/90ies to the contemporary punk of the 21st century like EPOXIES, BUSY SIGNALS, LOST SOUNDS, ZEBRASSIERES.
THE BLOODTYPES transfer the unbending punk-spirit of all time straight from their heart to yours without any loss of quality.

Review at german Moloko Plus Zine:
"Yessssss!!" mit Endlos-S! Habe lange auf ein solches Debüt von einer neuen Band warten müssen. Wobei "neu" es nur relativ trifft, es gibt eine personelle und musikalische EPOXIES-Connection. Remember? Dieser unglaublicher Wave/Punk-Blitz outta Portland mit Roxy Epoxy an den Vocals. Stromstoß-Style, der erste Longplayer fegte wie ein gewaltiger Kurzschluß in die Retro-Nostalgie-Couch-Garnitur. Knister, Knister, Bzzzzzz! The Return of cool (!) New Wave! Auf den Spuren von REZILLOS/SPIZZ OIL'n'ENERGY/TUBEWAY ARMY/SCREAMERS etc., frisch kreiert, eisgekühlt serviert. "Are friends electric?" Danach kam nichts, Licht aus.
Als 2008 der EPOXIES-Vorhang fiel, blieb eine Lücke. Die wird von den BLOODTYPES nun partiell besetzt, allerdings mit leicht abgeändertem Spielplan: Die EPOXIES New Wave/Post Punk-Cleverness wird nun durch fantastische WIPERS-Melodien ergänzt, diese schroffen Riffs mit dem frostigen Drive. Nie war Schwermut herzerfrischender und unterhaltsamer. Die EPOXIES setzten mehr auf Eingängigkeit und Keyboard-Dominanz, bei den BLOODTYPES regiert eine punky Wall of Guitar. Keyboards gibt es aber auch, no worry. Referenzen? Schublade? "The day the sun explodes" bläst mit VKTMS meets ENEMY ("Trendy violence")-Power, "Running out of time" eröffnet mit gurgelndem "Love Song"-Basslauf, gesanglich taucht immer mal wieder Exene (X) auf. Historische Bravour ohne Verfallsdatum, hier wieder prickelnd und quicklebendig ins Sortiment gerückt. Fräulein Schneck Tourniquet (...) am goldenen Mikrophon singt sich äußerst variabel in die Penelope/Roxy/Siouxsie-League der außergewöhnlichen Gentlewoman. Stop! Verweise und Referenzen sind eigentlich nur subjektiver Müll und Protzerei ("Ich kenne was, was Du nicht kennst..bäh!"), sollen hier nur die grobe Fahrtrichtung angeben. Simpel gesagt: Wer seine Tanzmarken einst zum Sound von EPOXIES/VKTMS/WIPERS erworben hat, ist mit den BLOODTYPES auf der richtigen Seite der Macht. Für den Text von "Anti-social media" hätte es noch einen elften Punkt geben müssen, der Song wäre der perfekte Smartphone-Klingelton. Natürlich mit integriertem Virus. Mäusekino isn't life!
Ein super-frisches Turbo-Puzzle aus Northwest-Klassiker Inspiration, einem "Best of Female Punk", eigenständig präsentiert als 2013er Update. 12 Tracks mit der belebenden Wirkung von 17 Gin Tonic. Zack, zack, Doppel-Zack! Ein Lippenstift aus Dynamit, Blutgruppe A Bombastisch positiv! Für mich neben den NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS momentan die Westcoast-Hoffnung in der Disziplin "Genialer Damengesang". Apropos: Wer jetzt die NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS abfeiert (Hype! Hype!) und damals ignorant die ORPHANS verschlafen hat, bekommt mit den BLOODTYPES eine neue Patrone in die Trommel. Letzte Chance im "Good Taste Punk Rock"-Roulette.

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves, plus bonus CD!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in blood-red with white wax splashes fixed into recycled/natural sleeves, plus bonus CD!


Full Trash 91 - MODERN PETS - Sorry Thanks LP

Shortly after their „Excessive“ 7“ release all you lucky beer drinkers can fill up your horns & pogo the shit outta your mind to the new 10-Hit-Slab’o’Modern Pets. By the way here is no place for certain band recommendations anymore. Now MODERN PETS is the reference.
This 2nd full-length mainly recorded by Bretzel Göring, mixed by Christoph Bartelt and mastered by Daniel Husayn is a smokin’ gun of new wave hipstershitpunk. Keeping all the tried-and-trusted snotty features of the past this platter kicks harder, grooves deeper and even pops catchier. Walk-along to pushing basslines from the hip, powerful and neck breaking drum beats are building a solid fundament and the premium-sound of the guitar parts is sharper than the straight razor at your favourite Turkish barbershop in Berlin-Xberg.
Finally the whole thing is speeding its way direct into your brain and file under timeless masterpiece. Now it’s on you to jump the fence and quickly save your copy. Oh well: Go! See them live!

Limd. 846 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 50 "Tour" Edit. comes in white wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in yellow wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!
MODERN PETS - Sorry Thanks CD (Concrete Jungle Rec.)


Full Trash 90 - MALADRO!TS - Same LP + Bonus-CD

What the hell is a „Maladroit“ you may ask yourself. Is it a green dinosaur used to walk across modern cities, or the title of your fave splatter movie...? Well I did and looked up my dictionary, okay I wanted that to sound old-school and to be true looked up on the internet which came up with the following explanation: “Somebody who is inept, or lacking in skill, or talent.” Well, none of this is true for THE MALADRO!TS - instead this band from Punk-Rock-City Schopfheim delivers 10 übermelodic hits, include an amazing Pop-Punk-version of Nancy Sinatras` "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)", of catchy and asskicking Punkrock with a dash of Powerpop and Garagerock on their killer debut album, makes it to a real TRASH-ZILLA release!!! Think 70% TOYOTAS, "She's a man", "I can't get alright" etc. meets 15% MODERN PETS, "Want something", "Injection" & 15% MANIKINS, "I want you to want me", "Neverland"!!! Pure satisfaction guaranteed and nothing can beat that smirky smile out of your face anymore.

German-Zine Review:
Nach der DULAC 7" möchte ich euch heute eine weitere Platte einer nerdigen Rasselbande vorstellen, welche sich ebenfalls ganz direkt ohne Umwege in mein kleines zerfetztes Herzchen gespielt haben! THE MALADROITS bringen nach einer Split 7" mit den DERBY DOLLS und ihrer hammermäßigen ROCK´N´ROLL ROBOTER 7" nun endlich eine noch viel super hammermäßigere LP mit ganzen 10 geilen Songs unter die Bevölkerung des Planeten Erde! FETT!
Gespielt wird ein schneller und äußerst abwechslungsreicher Punk Rock mit guter Rock´N´Roll Note mit drin, von welchem es schwer zu glauben ist, dass er aus der heutigen Zeit und nicht irgendwo aus den 80er Jahren stammen soll! Ich hab wirklich keinen Schimmer wie die das machen, aber es fetzt wie die Sau und wirkt unter keinen Umständen aufgesetzt! Wer was anderes behauptet muss auf jeden Fall komplett bescheuert sein...
Mit Sicherheit tragen die unglaublichen Aufnahme-Skills von Berny (von ALIEN TV, LIBERTY MADNESS, ZUSTÄNDE usw.) und das Mastering von Daniel Husayn (Hajji Husayn Mastering/North London Bomb Factory) einen gewaltigen Teil zu dem absolut authentischen Sound bei, aber ich kann auch selbst bezeugen, dass THE MALADROITS auch Live genau so klingen wie auf dieser LP!
Ich vermag jetzt gar nicht so viel über den Sound an sich sagen, weil dieser viel lieber für sich selber spricht. Aber in ein paar kurzen Worten beschrieben erwarten euch auf der Vinyl-Scheibe extrem tighte Drums, zwei sehr klar, straight & genau gespielte Gitarren und ein astreiner Bass, mit der Eigenschaft sehr deutlichen und eigenen Linien zu folgen. Sehr schön, das alles zusammen und die Maladroiten sind wirklich richtig gut an ihren Instrumenten...
Sehr gerne möchte ich zum Abschluss der Plattenbesprechung noch etwas über den Gesang und die damit zusammenhängenden Lyrics der Band schreiben. Da geht es nämlich ebenfalls zieeemlich fresh zur Sache! Die Vocals sind einfach super! Die Texte sind zum Großteil in englischer Sprache verfasst, aber mit "Teenage Angst" (einem wirklich sehr sehr schönem Song) ist auch ein Text in der Muttersprache der MALADROITS mit dabei. Auch wenn die Mucke der Band einen im Allgemeinen ehr zum abzappeln anregt, bringen die Texte (aber auch einige Melodien) eine deutlich melancholische Stimmung mit zur Party. Das finde ich sehr gut! Daher solltet ihr euch nicht nur den Sound der MALADROITS reinfahren, sondern euch auch unbedingt um die lyrischen Seiten der Band kümmern!
Auf jeden Fall ist die MALADROITS LP eine der Scheibchen, welche die meiste Zeit vor meinem Plattenregal stehen und nicht zu den anderen Platten miteinsortiert wird, weil ich sie die ganze Zeit anhören mag!
Ach ja, mit "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" ist als letzte Nummer auch noch eine Coverversion des 1966 zum ersten mal von der Sängerin CHER (*klugscheiß) veröffentlichten Songs mit auf der LP drauf. Sehr cool umgesetzt, wie ich finde! Außerdem habe ich selten ein so liebevoll und kreativ gestaltetes LP-Cover wie dieses vor die Glotzer bekommen!!!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves, plus bonus CD!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in yellow wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves, plus bonus CD!


Full Trash 89 - LA FLINGUE - Kleb-Stoff Zéro-Deux 12"

Awesome, new frenchmen combo avec les guys from AGGRAVATION, IRRITONES, LES JOLIS and (uff cuz) HATEPINKS.. So, the common morons we all know and love! They play a wild mixture of their previous bands – naughty, fucked up and catchy as hell ´77. While they mainly puke out their lyrics in English and French, the opener “Hass Hass Hass” is a totally weirdo-hit sung in lovely, half wrong German. It´s just one of those very rare and special lyrical climaxes in history of mankind, which will some day be named besides poets like Goethe, Schiller and this hobo I met a while ago in our local trash-park. There´s also a pretty great cover of 999s “Homicide” on this little 12" jewel, played a little faster and dirtier as the original version. Comes with inlay and a (pretty in) pink-coverart.

Review at Razorcake 76 Zine:
Word on the street is that this band contains at least one former Hatepink ((as if, somehow, all the hot pink duct tape on the cover wasn’t enough of a context clue)), which makes perfect sense, as La Flingue take the mess left us by the Hatepinks ((sort of a crash between a French Spits and a pink Zodiac Killers)) and mutate it into even more gloriouser heights of Franco-Anglo-Deutscho ‘70s punk retardo-insanity. If you’ve spent the last twenty-five years of your life looking for the next “Bummer Bitch,” I’m pretty sure “Hass Hass Hass” has just ended your quest gloriously. Viva l’eyefuck! BEST SONG: “Hass Hass Hass” BEST SONG TITLE: “Ton Cuir Noir de Merde” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The front cover consists of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band cover, almost-but-not-quite covered in hot pink duct tape with a white duct tape border. The back cover repeats the process with the other side of the jacket, but this time it’s white duct tape with a hot pink duct tape border. I salute their even-handedness.

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in pink wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 88 - PRIMITIVE HEARTS - High & Tight LP (Co-release with FDH & Resurrection Rec.)

PRIMITIVE HEARTS - Following up a 7" on No Rules! Records, PRIMITIVE HEARTS offer up their first full length record. This Oakland, CA based 3-piece have mastered brass-knuckled, bubblegum garage-pop! This LP blasts thru 12 catchy as hell punky pop numbers in 25 minutes. While they do not reinvent the 3-chord wheel, I do hear them channeling aspects of some of my favorite current west coast bands. They somehow capture the vintage R&B hooks of a band like SHANNON AND THE CLAMS, the sloppy rawness of NOBUNNY, the pop sensibility of HUNX, and the energy of MEAN JEANS, THE MARKED MEN and STEVE ADAMYK BAND. This record is a perfect, feel-good anthem for the 2013 summer...fall, winter... The cool artwork was created by Christian "Billy Jeans" Blunda, the MEAN JEANS!

Limd. 150 Edit. P. Trash Regular edition sleeve
Limd. 250 Edit. FDH
Limd. 250 Edit. Resurrection
Limd. 100 Col. Wax Edit. comes with the regular sleeve, 50x green marble wax, 50x grey marble wax
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes with the regular sleeve, plus a neon pink / neon yellow deluxe silk-screened jacket, printed on thick white natural paper


Full Trash 87 - NEW YORK WANNABES - Loud And Proud LP

Lux and Ivy. For the love of Ivy. Sue and Lucky.
For the love of Lucky. Or the other way round? Doesn't matter. The couple at the heart of The CRAMPS had a mission:
Straightforward and passionate music. The same applies to the couple that is the New York Wannabes. It's just that while Ivy was virtually a child when she started out, Sue, the NEW YORK WANNABES drummer, brought up her own children before learning to play the drums at the age of 37.
Obviously, the Darmstadt garage blues duo's not The CRAMPS, no, but there are some parallels - obsession, self-taught musicianship and passion rather than perfectionism. And also a lead vocalist that sings, yells, sweats on stage like some obsessed preacherman. If you didn't know this, you should catch them live (the NYW mind, not The CRAMPS, that's kind of impossible now).
Their mission has led the duo all across Europe, to London and beyond, including that US city they had previously named themselves after. That's what honest, filthy music is all about, it has to be played live.
It's just good old 60ies blues garage punk rock'n'roll trash songs about good and evil, about blood, sweat and tears!!!
Lucky doesn't really 'play' his Telecaster, he hits it to produce those staccato riffs, and while he tortures strings and frets he seems to withdraw into some religious sphere, which he seems to have to tell us about on the top of his lungs. To the backbeat of the drums his partner keeps pounding relentlessly. Add to that some surprising breaks and you get the picture. About Sue: Someone once said she was as tough as some chief superintendent off the telly. I've come to think some shady criminal is more appropriate. Maybe that's why Lucky puts so much effort in to his preaching, because he wants to get her back on the virtuous path. Well, good luck with that!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in red wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 86 - ZEBRASSIERES - I Am A Human LP

Good news for all Sexbots out there: ZEBRASSIERES are back & surprise, surprise: it’s called “I Am A Human” - a full length packed with 10 crisply new songs of their synth-driven frantic power-pop.
This new party platter brings some upgrades especially in song writing, which is rich in variety so the artwork is more colourful. Even more microphones are in the zoo, so this comes with additional & perfect fitting male/female vocal parts to let the party get closer to your eardrums before you go completely nuts.
From the handclaps guided intro-stomp of the titletrack, via the REATARD-ish “Enter The Third Dimension” and two more bouncing poppers through to the psychedelic head-banging finale “Opinion” on side A.
One thing is for sure: It’s not a test! It’s ZEBRASSIERES at their best! Maybe, there’s only one urgent desire awaken right now. Don’t worry!
The first song on side B name it & the whole thing is to accomplish it – “We Want More” – so the party continues without a changed mood... “Do You Wrong?”.
It is recorded by Paul "Yogi" Granger @ The Meatlocker, Ottawa (URANIUM COMEBACK, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, WHITE WIRES) and mastered by Hajji Husayn Mastering at the North London Bomb Factory (RED DONS, MOTHER'S CHILDREN).

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in deluxe silk-screened covers, Neon-Yellow / Silver artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 85 - LATEX LOVERS - Same LP

Brandnew 77-Pop-Punk-Bastard outta germoney, folx! This bunch of old fuckers plays some short´n´snotty retard-punk-hits, which just greatly adapt to this rank feeling we know from the KBD-comps and combine it with some newer influences like STEVE ADAMYK or the SONIC AVENUES. You know what I mean, when you listen to songs like the nerdy pop-hymn “Segway Cops”, the punkrock-anthem “Johnny Ramone Syndrome” or “November Heart”, which sounds a ´lil melancholic between the lines.
There is a shit load of instant hits on this platter, you just can´t get out of your head for a trillion years. Think of 60% MANIKINS and both 20% MODERN PETS, ABOUT: BLANKS – just cool shit, ya know. How did this fella on the world wide network of irregular excrement say: “cuddly like a latex burka…”

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in red wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 84 - LE KID & LES MARINELLIS - Les Jolies Filles LP

What sounds like a wild Spaghetti Western Show or a familiy of sensational trapeze artists is a wonderful legere quintet from the city of Montreal with their first complete delivery.
They captured their juvenile je ne care attitude in 11 cool and übermelodic songs that dangle between a variety of styles. The whole thingy starts off with some pretty snotful '77 Punk and ends in an acoustic Country song. In between you get some more mid-tempo 60ies Rock'nRollers, kind of BLACK LIPS meet the MOJOMATICS, some Blues caputte aka CHOCOLAT, some Psychedelia... the DEMON'S CLAWS manner, and some more wild hypnotize garage-punk songs like JACK O' FIRE, REAL KIDS or DIRTBOMBS. The french lyrics are sung like the young MICK JAGGER!
Always smooth. Always laid back. Always snotty as hell. Always hit. Long live les beautiful girls. Long live LE KID.

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in red wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 83 - DAGGER EYES - Debut LP

DAGGER EYES are Ilona & Ian = SUPPOSITORIES (Ottawa) and David = DIRTY TRICKS (Montreal), a new outfit that slays your ears with its first glimpse. They deliver an in-your-face mega catchy mix of ‘77punk & post-punk with a voice many hardcore-punkers out there dreamed all living days of and never reached.
This is a perfect soundtrack for your impending spaceship battle to defend our planet earth from the next alien invasion. Drums & bass pushing you forward like the most reliable combustion engine you can imagine, the simple guitar burns as hell and the under the skin crawling voice adds high-octane fuel to the flames. Some perfectly balanced sound effects & the great artwork of Montreal based artist Lisa Czech make this debut a KILLER!
12 songs in round about 18 minutes pressed on 12” black or white wax, packed in black & white artwork - It's that simple! It’s that punk! PLAY VERY LOUD!!!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in white wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 82 - THE PANIC BEATS - Without Warning LP

Lock up your daughters, the axeman is coming. Dale van Thomme's one-man gang PANIC BEATS slipped out of the straightjacket and is on a killing spree again on his third splatter platter that drips of blood and mayhem in every corner and leaves blood stains all around your stereo. This one rips your heart out with 14 literally diversified stabwounds that deal with killing, slashing, ripping, bashing, mutilating, slaying, murdering, strangling, biting, beating, slitting, punching, hacking, smacking, executing, slaughtering and then some good old death and destruction as well. Jeez, this makes the MISFITS look like virginal choir boys singing Christian songs for old ladys on a summer Sunday afternoon. All this poetic beauty is accompanied with fast and raw RAMONES-style Punk between a zombiefied and putrid version of TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET, MISFITS and the SPITS without their synthisized horror flick background muzack. Not for the weak of mind and gusto, the record comes with artwork by Rick Melton (who is popular for horror DVD covers and "The Dark Side" magazine) that fits like hand in a bloody glove. Mixed in salt acid by Dave Williams (STEVE ADAMYK BAND, CRUSADES, SEDATIVES etc). You're dead meat after this one.

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 96 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in red wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 81 - NO PROBLEM - And Now This LP

P.Trash Europe version, comes with new artwork and 3 brand new bonus tracks!!!
This debut full-length from Canada’s NO PROBLEM is an absolute Hardcore-Punk scorcher. With two great 7"s in 2010-2011, this album showcases a band at ease with their ‘sound’ - blending Hardcore and Punk with plenty of big riffs and melodies, not unlike FUCKED UP’s pre Matador days, or think REGULATIONS had a blind date with VICIOUS CYCLE. Consistent with their earlier recordings, "And now this" is essentially a Hardcore record with melodic sensibilities similar to the ADOLESCENTS and the OBSERVERS. Featuring Graeme from the WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES and recorded by Jonah Falco from FUCKED UP.
Hardcore-punk at it's BEST!!!

Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in green wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!