Full Trash 80 - THE SPLITS - Debut LP

Female. Finnish. Fenomenal. While other members of their generation blog the latest fashion farts on Facebook and play electronic hipster bum bum in neon discoteques, the four young women of the SPLITS from Helsinki picked up some real guitars and drumsticks and met in stinky basements, where they taught themselves to play and to follow the footsteps of the WIPERS and 90s Riot Grrrl bands like L7, TEAM DRESCH, BIKINI KILL or SLEATER KINNEY that they mix with their own vision of powerful Pop that BLONDIE and JAY REATARD taught them.
Bittersweet and edgy, the 12 songs deal with interpersonal dilemmas, teenage angst and anger, and are presented with a killer of a voice that will make you shiver. Legend has it that they recorded these songs before they even played one single show. After their first little festival tour this summer, this record sold faster than moonshine liquor at a decent Finnish sauna night. The SPLITS are part of a new generation of young Punx that hopefully will split like amoebas.

Limd. 492 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in blue wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!

Limd. 500 "2nd" Edit. comes in yellow wax fixed into normal sleeves!


Full Trash 79 - BRAT FARRAR - Debut LP

Follow up to the 45 "It's On Me" out thru P Trash, Sam Agostino (DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, RUSSIAN ROULETTES, KAMIKAZE TRIO) is stepping out this 12 song debut LP on his own under the solo moniker BRAT FARRAR. Moving from WIPERS to JAY REATARD inspired punk through to noisy psychedelic rock like BUTTHOLE SURFERS or the classic BEAUREGARDE 1st LP with a 17 years old GREG SAGE on guitar and industrial influenced punk with a modern New Wave touch like THE SPITS, at the core of the record is Agostino's trademark songwriting and guitar stylings. All tracks written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by BRAT FARRAR.

Limd. 25 "Tour-poster" NEON-ORANGE & BLACK printed silk-screened poster.

Live video 25.4.2012 Münster (GER) Gleis 22:

Limd. 400 "Regular" Edit. comes in BLACK wax fixed into normal sleeves!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in WHITE wax fixed into BLUE & BLACK printed silk-screened covers. For P.Trash Club-members only!

Limd. 250 "Every Night Is A Saturday Night" Edit. comes in CLEAR wax fixed into a down-under sleeves, a printed silkscreen see-through bag!

Cassette version on Popular Favourites Rec. (Australia)!

CD version on Off The Hip Rec. (Australia)!

Limd. 150 "Deluxe" Edit. comes in CLEAR wax fixed into SILVER & RED printed silk-screened BLACK covers!


Full Trash 78 - GLOW KIT - Debut LP (Co-release with FDH Records)

Crack a beer and let those funky cigarettes glow, kid. Here is a full batch of that Garage Punk guck whose sweeter side you were already allowed to taste on the duo's 7'', also on your favorite and humble Punkrock peddler P. Trash Records (yeah, the one that came with Corporate Rock Knockout Magazine #1). But there is also a darker side to the GLOW KIT that makes this a damn vortex of a record. All ya Power Pop freaks will be mucho satisfecho with the way Kasper and Kristoffer make sure that the memory of JAY REATARD and his incomparable way of writing and recording will never fade when they generously borrow from the Punkrock canon in songs like ''Stood a chance'', ''Shallow'', ''Benny the brick'' or ''Special Occasions''. And of course ''Television too'', ''Chance on me'' and the first part of the grande finale ''Take it back'' perfectly match on the label that always delivers the best in catchy Power-Pop.
But there is also another big influence here that seems to gain a lot of impact on today's youngsters. Speeking of JOY DIVISION and other Post-Punk bands of the 80s here. This can be heard in the psyched-out songs ''Head Factory'', ''Knee Deep'', ''Do You Really?'', ''Invisible Ink'', ''Daily Disgust'' and the danceable little hipshakin' hit called ''Misunderstood''. All of these are way more No-Wave Punk, filled with distorted voices, noisy synthesizer sounds, drum machines, robotic beats and modern monotony. So take another toke, keep the smoke inside and follow the spiral downwards along the epic ending of this record.
GLOW KITs Debut LP will find its way into the New Testament of the Garage-Punk/Post-Punk-Bible besides MANIKINS - Epileptic LP, CARBONAS - Goner LP or the classic WARSAW / JOY DIVISION records!!!

Limd. 300 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves!

Limd. 200 "FDH Rec." Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in clear wax fixed into normal sleeves!


Full Trash 77 - OUTTACONTROLLER - Don't Play Dumb LP

You don't have to play dumb, 'cause we know that you are gonna like this new record from the Punkland of Milk and Honey. Oh Canadu!, what good tunes you bringeth once again to our undeserving ears. Even though it is December, you can leave the fan on and put it on high while the OUTTACONTROLLER throws the best MARKED MEN, RAMONES, M.O.T.O., WHITE WIRES and MEAN JEANS shit into it and sprinkles your walls with the best poppy Power-Punk in ages. This one just doesn't stop and you get the full 16-song service that starts with the MEANEST of JEANS gun ''Pointed at you'', has some cool ''oozing'' background vocals along with those simple and sticky RAMONES riffs in ''Deal with Neil'', ''Graveyard Kid'' or ''Hydromorphone love'', rocks out M.O.T.O. style in ''Pink pocket knife'' and ''Prescription thrills'', adds a bit of distorted and spacey synthie soundz in ''Everybody's telling me'' and has enough melodies and surprises to make you sick of pleasure and dizzy with joy.
A record to empty your head of all trouble and to remember you of the beauty of a good shot of catchy Punkrock. Don't play dumb, go loco!

Limd. 485 regular Edit. comes in black wax packed in normal sleeves!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in RED wax with BLUE sprinkles fixed into recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 76 - DIGITAL LEATHER - Modern Problems LP (Co-release with FDH Records)
FDH Edit. / P.Trash Club Edit.

This a co-release with our pal Eric from FDH Records. The P.Trash part is for the P.Trash Clubmembers only!!! This version will get a special sleeve and different artwork...

After seeing releases on Goner, Shattered, and Fat Possum, SHAWN FOREE of DIGITAL LEATHER began working on his next LP, only to see his friend and manager, JAY REATARD, pass away suddenly. His deal with Fat Possum expired, he fired his booking agent and publicist, and retreated to Berlin for some much needed time away. For his new full-length Shawn says: “Modern Problems is a narrative of the grieving process. I wanted to explore that universal experience with real ambition, so I created a kind of alter ego to relate the story of a loss, which is where the record starts—when the protagonist has lost a loved one and is in denial. He battles with despair and anger, vainly seeks hope. The final acceptance in ‘Door’ comes reluctantly. I didn’t want to get too cerebral so I decided to keep the music itself upbeat and somewhat simple in order to complement the heavy topics. For Modern Problems I took my time with the writing and just let life happen. The songs came naturally. I vocalized more on this record than in the past. My voice sometimes cracked like a pubescent teenager’s, but instead of covering that up I decided to just let it show. Actually, there’s no digital editing on MP. I wanted to keep it pure in that sense. Tracks were laid in one or two takes. Modern Problems was recorded 100% on tape. By myself. In my home. I’ve recorded albums in all kinds of studios on all kinda of rigs. These songs needed a warm medium and an intimate setting to work and I had the set-up. At first I tried to distance myself emotionally from the content, but I found out almost immediately that wasn’t going to happen. This is personal stuff, and I hope it will strike a note with listeners beyond the catchiness and directness of the compositions.

Limd. 500 "FDH Rec." Edit. comes in black wax packed in normal sleeves!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, 5 colour print!!! Blue / green / natural-pink / black / yellow print!, this edition comes with different artwork done by ELZO DURT!


Full Trash 75 - FUNFUNS - Same Oneside LP

Before The ZEBRASSIERES started to create their soundtrack for a lost generation, alpha zebra Andrew and black and white operatress Sarah were already punkin' and poppin' out with the FUNFUNS.
Pat Kearns, who already recorded the EXPLODING HEARTS, CLOROX GIRLS, RED DONS and REVISIONS recorded these 7 songs and sure wouldn't have been any fun fun if they had never gotten their groove tickled by your needle. Scheduled for launching on Going Gaga, it somehow never happened and they got stuck in the crevasse of oblivion.
Until now: The P.Trashcue Team recovered them and packed them in a silkscreened emergency blanket in a damn tiny edition of only 300 one-sided copies. The FUNFUNS were definitely less New Wave and more poppy Punk than the ZEBRASSIERS. Still, songs like ''My head'', ''Wait forever'' or ''Everybody likes you (I don't)'' also add a dash of organ, but everything is way more on the straight and catchy RAMONES-influenced Punk side, the sound you know and love from STEVE ADAMYK and the whole bunch of Canadians.

Both bands and their musical deliveries one slab of plastic as a limited P.Trash Club of 100 copies, printed with different colors.

Limd. 300 regular Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, black & orange artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. include the ZEBRASSIERES Oneside-LP on the B-Side and comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, silver-metallic, black & neon-orange artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 74 - ZEBRASSIERES - Gooey Zoo Oneside-LP

After a two-year epitaxy in the wild of Ottawa, the ZEBRA was captured first by the the famous animal whisperers of the Going Gaga zoo in 2010, where it birthed this 8 song record loaded with the finest earcandy. That's what ZEBRASSIERES are known for. Copies went a-flyin' fast and lotsa people missed out on this one.
Now, the ZEBRA's back in its cosy European stable here on the P. Trash farm and the first offshoot is available again in a very limited edition of 300 one-sided copies. All wrapped up in new silkscreened artwork and remastered by Dave Williams of the SEDATIVES and the STEVE ADAMYK BAND, who gave the stylish New-Wave/Pop-Punk sound a classy polish.
Sounds like the stripped down B-52's that got the WHITE WIRES treatment and were added some synthesized DEVO chop chop. Simplistic and stylish stuff to bring out the sexbot in you.

Recorded by Jordan Bell and Ian Showalter.
Mixed by Paul "Yogi" Granger in 2010.
Album art by Mike Haddad.

Both bands and their musical deliveries one slab of plastic as a limited P.Trash Club of 100 copies, printed with different colors.

Limd. 300 regular Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, silver-metallic, black & neon-yellow artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. include the FUNFUNS Oneside-LP on the B-Side and comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, silver-metallic, black & neon-orange artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 73 - IRRITONES - Pénis Romantique LP

Album seconde by French Punks IRRITONES is another érection du 12 inch with more of their dadaistic Haiku-Punk. Minimalistic, driving, wired and hyped up. A celebration of hedonistic primitivism packed into 10 new meldodic and stripped-down songs with driving bass lines, minimal guitar work and Olivier's very own sick poetry franglais.
The cover versions ABWÄRTS' 80s hit ''Computerstaat'' and French 70s Punk band's STRYCHNINE's B-side ''Lache moi'' perfectly match the style and sound of the whole record.
La France du Rock'n'Roll est une charogne. And the sound of the IRRITONES creeps out out of le cadavre of a dead underground. Punk with a capital P!

Promotion Video

Limd. 500 regular Edit. comes in black wax fixed into pop up poster-covers!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in green wax fixed into pop up poster-covers!


Full Trash 72 - MODERN ACTION – Molotov Solution LP

Here comes the P. Trash deluxe version of this Blitzkrieg invasion of a debut album by a Punkrock armada that has mercenaries of the the BRIEFS, the BODIES and the RADIO REELERS in the line of duty. These 10 old-school California Punk-bullets have the name of D.I., the ANGRY SAMOANS, old-time QUEERS, snotty RANCID and punky SOCIAL DISTORTION written on them and they are coming in a merciless hail straight towards your head. Short and sharp with irresistable hooklines,driving basslines and choruses that kill. This is some serious take-no-prisoners stuff. MODERN ACTION really know how to set your fields on fire.

Limd. 200 regular Edit. comes in clear wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, silver, black & green artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in clear wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, gold, black & green artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 71 - FEAR OF LIPSTICK - Seasons LP

These Canucks have to overcome their phobia, 'cause this record comes as a bombshell and they will be plastered with giddy kisses by boys and girls alike.
Not the same lame wind and piss Power-Pop-Punk again but a bouquet of formidable Überhits that even makes us talk in French here at P. Trash HQ.
It's not a record, you hear...!?! It's an invitation to open up another can of beer and welcome the rays of sunshine in the afternoon, still dressed in your undies only and singing along to this 14-song non-stop cannonade that talks about the things they tell you that you shouldn't no more as a grown-up. Aw! C' mon! ''Underground'', ''Alone with you'' or the title track ''Seasons change'' evoke the same feel-good moments you had when listening to the MARKED MEN, all powered up and filled to the brim with killer hooks and all the piff peng you need to be happy. Driving mid-tempo songs, like ''Scared of the world'', ''Memel'' or the absolute smasher ''I won't remember you'', add some poppy Punk staccato riffing and have the catchyness of TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET minus the Fat Wreck polish. To make the density of melodies perfect, you also find some hints of '77 Punkrock (''Want it back''), good ole' RAMONES (''Such a shame''), STATUES (Rob sings on one song) and even some very old ALKALINE TRIO. Perfect blend of all natural ingredients! Enjoy with a drink, 'cause seasons might change, this record stays summer forever!

Great review by Exclaim!
To the rest of North America, Moncton, NB isn't exactly known as a music hub, especially for punk rock, but Fear of Lipstick are undoubtedly blowing the lid off this misconception. Playing a '77 style of garage punk, laced with power pop sensibilities, their sound could easily be compared to trailblazers the Real Kids and the Saints or more recent acts like the Briefs and the Marked Men. Fear of Lipstick have a knack for crafting songs that are infectious, with melodies that beat you over the head until you cave and appreciate the simplicity and brilliance of it all. Tight and precise, each track on Seasons starts and stops on a dime, possessing arresting vocal hooks, swiftly executed on "Alone with You," punchy choruses ("Want it Back") and Ramones worshipping nods ("Seasons Change"). A valiant effort from a band that work hard and play hard, Seasons is a punk rock party from start to finish. --By Brad Schmale

Great review by Razorcake
I’ve always dug these dudes ever since I saw them rip it up at Insubordination Fest in Baltimore many moons ago. They don’t disappoint on this new slab of spit and vinegar. Tight arrangements, furious drum fills, guitars that don’t let up for a millisecond, and vocal hooks galore. I don’t know if this is some kind of space age trip, but I like the one-two punch of “Tie Fighter” and “Satellites” on this record. Watch out Teenage Bottlerocket, these guys are nipping at your heels! -–Sean Koepenick

Limd. 500 regular Edit. comes in black wax packed in normal sleeves!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in clear wax packed in recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 70 - VANNA INGET - Allvar LP

To our humble ears, the alloy of Scandinavian melancholy and perfect melodies somehow always seems to work whenever we put on Swedish bands like the BOMBETTES, TERRIBLE FEELINGS, VICIOUS or INVASIONEN. But never has a comparable sound emulgated into what awaits to be discovered inside the blurry cover of this record. The unlocked potential of the small-town blues of Småland and the ardent post-teenage angst bundled in 10 songs that slowly burn a hole into a gray and bland surface. Singer Karolina's crystal clear and intense voice covers a tight texture of melodies that brachiate from hookline to hookline, somehow comparable to the early 80s Californian Punk of THE AVENGERS that meets the more New Wave sound of Swedish Feminist-Agit Punk bands TANT STRUL and PINK CHAMPAGNE. The three slower songs on this LP perfectly fit inside the steady mid-tempo and increase the feeling sadness and anxiety expressed im- and explicitely. A piercing ray of sunlight on a cold autumn day.
This LP has all the hallmarks of being a killer instant classic!!!

Limd. 400 P.Trash regular version (Red Sleeve version, red center label,) green vinyl!

Limd. 100 P.Trash Club limd. 100 version (Red Sleeve version, red center label,) clear vinyl with red splatters!

Limd. 500 Punks-Only Rec. version (Blue Sleeve version, blue center label,) white vinyl!

Limd. 250 1234go! Rec. version (Red Sleeve version, red center label,) black vinyl!

Limd. 200 P.Trash re-press version (Grey / blue Sleeve version, blue center label,) clear vinyl!

Limd. 200 Instigate Rec. re-press version (Grey / blue Sleeve version, blue center label,) clear vinyl!

Limd. 100 Punks-Only Rec. re-press version (Grey / blue Sleeve version, blue center label,) clear vinyl!

Limd. 100 Erste Theke Tonträger Rec. re-press version (Grey / blue Sleeve version, blue center label,) clear vinyl!


Full Trash 69 - GENITAL HOSPITAL - Eyes Full Of Terror LP

Drum roll and curtains up for another great band from Montreal that is made up of the psyched out minds that brought you DEMON'S CLAWS, PRIMITIVE HANDS, SCAT RAG BOOSTERS, ROYAL ROUTES, SMASH UP DERBY, B-SIDES, THE CONFUSERS and who the hell knows how many more bands and project they have born and buried in the time I'm writing this .How is that possible that there is not a single lame project of anybody ever played in that band…?
GENITAL HOSPITAL just put out one great LP, that makes sense as an LP because it is good from beginning to end. Every one of the short 12 songs is a hit! No weak parts or psychedelic feedback indulgence here. This one goes all the way up-tempo and will soon be mentioned with the twisted Garage-Punk of the BLACK LIPS and the DEMON'S CLAWS minus the weirdness. Just one great piece of music in a relaxed rocking and swinging onward drive.
The guitars are just trashy enough without being overloaded on distortion, pumping an ongoing beat that made me swing my hand in playing along (just because I’m such a great air guitar player…other people might like to swing their hips and dance or something).
The whole thing’s got this fresh and dirty sound, that made me think of Belgian KIDS or very early the DAMNED (New Rose, Neat Neat Neat) or that thing the CARBONAS hit on their beloved Goner Album. It’s not so much a swamp Blues or weird Country thing but rather real Punk. Also think of The ORIGINAL THREE and the SINKS in their best moments. So this is one quick and lively LP (one of the very best this year to me!) you can easily listen to and enjoy the non-spooky 12 songs. A bit of a harmonica here and there where it fits setting little highlights to the perfect minimalistic recording, done by SCAT RAG BOOSTERS' Martin Dupras, who happens to be a part of this band, too.
GENITAL HOSPITAL will climb rapidly to the psych-country-garage-punk throne next to The BLACK LIPS and DEMON'S CLAWS!

Limd. 500 regular Edit. Black Wax packed in normal sleeves!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. on transparent clear, with red sprinkled vinyl packed in recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 68 - USELESS EATERS - Zulu LP
(Co-release with Train#1-gone Rec.)

After an essential singles on Shattered, Goner, Goodbye Boozy,... and a great first LP on TicTacTotally the USELESS EATERS are back with the third strike: A new 9 song LP. This is timeless unique music, catching the spirit and energy and rage of the first generation of so called punk bands to the deconstruction and nihilism of weird post-punk sound like JOY DIVISION to KBD fucking punk sound aka LEWD, URINALS or BOBBY SOXX.
The songs are sharp, tight and stripped down to bare necessities. Precise staccato guitar riffing matches Seth barking shouts perfectly. There are wilder punkers and cool a bit slower tunes dealing with girls as well but don’t get me wrong, expect no ballads here! It’s this genius rhythmic thing where guitar and voice once alternate and then again support each other that gives the songs their electrifying sting. You can read this in almost every review but I really think Seth wrote some great new songs. A number of major hits here like “Radioactive” where the breathless staccato verse leads to a melodic and flowing refrain. “Sticking Daggers” the kind of timelss punk song I want to hear! You can hear all the youth anger frustration and disgust in “Filthy Cop”. And you get “The Nausea” with JAY REATARD drumming like a maniac really driving the song onward and Seth’s overdriven voice close to hysteric really desperate shouting “I just wanna leave I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” Definitely gives you the feeling of what state the guys where in…
Fans of fellow Memphis Punk bands like FINAL SOLUTIONS, JAY REATARD or DESTRUCTION UNIT will love them.
"Zulu" is dedicated to IAN CURTIS & JAY REATARD!!!

Limd. 400 "Regular" Edit. Black Wax packed in normal sleeves!

Limd. 100 "Train#1-gone" Edit. Yellow Wax packed in "devil face" artwork prints hand glued to black sleeves!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. on transparent clear, with red sprinkled vinyl packed in recycled/natural sleeves! For P.Trash Club-members only!


Full Trash 67 - THE ABOUT: BLANKS - 12 Boring Blasts LP

Bandmembers for the LP: Jasper Hood (Black Jaspers, Shakin Nasties, Moorat Fingers), Daniel Distration (Frantic Romantics), Lotze (The Shocks), Chris Blank (The Bottrops), now with new live drummer John Boy Adonis (King Kahn & The Shrines)!!!

If this is how boredom sounds....well then let me dwell in Bore-o-Rama forever SHAKIN' my NASTIES, compulsively fidgeting with my MOORAT FINGERS in forbidden privates and blasting this record while trying not to stain Vanessa del Rio's shirt like a FRANTIC ROMANTIC. Jasper Hood and Daniel Distraction have been dauntless Knights of Kings Assi's Round Punkrock Table since the beginning of time. Together with Don Lotzo of the SHOCKS and Chris Blank of THE BOTTROPS they ride once more as THE ABOUT:BLANKS and do what they do best: Unsheate the Punkrock sword to kill the mainstream dragon with some fabulous '77 sound that oozes with sticky melodies and snotty vocals. We all grew up listening to the traditional ditties of the BUZZCOCKS, THE SEX PISTOLS and COCK SPARRER and today the MODERN PETS, THE BRIEFS (and all their follow-up projects) and the ABOUT:BLANKS make sure we will always go back to blank in our heads. Let's all surrender to insanity while ''Kill your boyfriend'', ''Your pretty face is going to the jobcentre'' or ''I don't wanna be a homosapien'' fill the white space of our padded cell. The last song ''Come again'' even has some SPITS like synthie lines that are suitable for funeral play. Seriously boring shit THE ABOUT:BLANKS come up with on this record that will help you empty out your exciting life, Punk!

Limd. 500 "regular Edit." Black Wax packed in normal sleeves!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." Red Wax plus sticker packed in recycled/natural sleeves!


Full Trash 66 - MODERN PETS - Same LP

We don't care if pets make better people, all we know is that the MODERN PETS make better Punkrock. The striped and straying trashcan canines retrieve 12 yummy bones here on this first full-length. They shit in society's milk and piss on the hipster parade, while their foamy snouts spew out snotty and biting pieces of poppy '77 Punk of the English pedigree.
The opener ''Affected people'' or ''Crown of creation'' and the doggone melodic ''Five finger discount'' will make all Vanilloccino-sipping careerists walk with their tails between their remote-controlled legs during their daily routine in their plastic toy world before the DEVOesque ''Asphalt Cowboy Syndrome'' or ''Hellmo'' will make them dance like the hype-following zombies that they are. Afterwards, it's time for them to go back to the sweat-shop treadmill and home again to wifey and the kids in ''The Modern Pet''. The four PETS also share with us some sick fantasies in ''Dead and smelly'', take us on a non-stop ride to three-cord wonderland in ''Endorphins'', spit on postcard punks in ''Punk+0 = 0'' and finally transmit the rabies with ''The last Nano-Second of the Universe'' which really makes you want you to tear all this ''apolitical'', nazional piranha scum in hamster clothing to shreds while the fast ''Pascal Gaspard Asshole Youth'' is blaring from the speakers.
A record like a bag of Frolic: Smelly, tasty and with that extra bit of content for all you hungry Punkrock puppies out there! MODERN PETS are quickly becoming part of every power-pop-punk lovers essential collection!

If you want to book a show, please contact:

Limd. 500 "regular Edit." Black Wax packed in normal sleeves!

Limd. 100 "Prügel Prinz Edit." White Wax packed in normal sleeves!

Limd. 250 "Modern Action Edit." Green Wax packed in different green artwork US sleeves!

Limd. 50 "Modern Action Mailorder Edit." Green Wax comes in a White LP jacket that has a spray painted (some green some black) MODERN PETS logo on the front. Each jacket is hand signed by the entire band, which was done in the van on their recent US tour! Jackets are hand numbered. Also comes with the standard LP fold over cover/lyric sheet!

Limd. 100 "Bloody Pets Edit." Red Wax packed in recycled/natural sleeves!

Limd. 285 "2nd Press Edit." Clear Wax packed in normal sleeves!


Full Trash 65 - GRUPO SUB 1 - Nuevos Dioses LP

After recording these songs on a 4-track Geiger Counter in Reactor 3 of the Fukushima power plant, the mutated Cold War kids of GRUPO SUB 1 from Madrid/Spain raided gas stations and oil rigs, tapped Russian pipelines and SUV cars in order to get this record pressed in the boundless spheres of the Wastelands to leave a loud evidence of spastic No Wave Punk to the archaeologists of a postnuclear world. In the end time of civilization, this record will be the Tablet of the Law of the New Gods.
A new testament in Spanish language brought to mankind by four prolific prophets with an earthshaking and piercing female voice and the synthesized organ sound of a new church, mixed with the early primitive attempts of Punkrock, a sound that experts will later compare to LOS REACTORS, UNITS or the SCREAMERS in a time when human bodies were still able to produce Bloodstains and you could be Killed By Death.

Limd. 500 "Nuevos Dioses" is the regular Edit. Full artwork in 3D and every LP comes with 3D glasses!

Limd. 100 "Neuen Götter" Edit. have deluxe silk-screened covers, red, black & blue artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 64 - TONGAN DEATH GRIP - Chula Vista LP
Last Copies!

Holy fox, this Halifax machete swingers cut right to the chase on their debut album which P. Trash delivers right on time before your Power Pop shakes start kicking in again and you start scratching off the wallpapers on a cold Punkrock turkey. This sounds like the DICKIES holding a lighter under a tin foil where the MARKED MEN are ready to take a big drag while the grinning BRIEFS are throwing peanuts at them.
Burning down fast on 45 tokes a minute, the pacing ''Rad moves'', ''I'm not listening'' and ''Pizza jerk'' will cause a head rush and the full pack of melodies and hook-filled choruses in ''Scientology'', ''Something's wrong'', ''Stupid kids'' or ''Watching you'' , mixed with the unknown psychedelic substances of ''Billie's genes'' will keep you nailed on the floor with your own personal Chula Vista projected on the bedroom ceiling of your inner eye.
Once more, this is pushing some serious Punkrock stuff to the needy. Rehab is futile.

Limd. 500 "Regular Edit." Black wax!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." Red Wax fixed in inside-out sleeves!


Sold Out

These two trashcan-shakers were already spilling their rot-gut Punkrock as BUD WHITE on the KILLED BY TRASH Vol.2 Compilation and now decided to open up the COCKTAILBAR STAMMHEIM for everybody who doesn't want to sip that fancy-schmancy hipster sound through a narrow-minded straw anymore.
These 14 songs are as honest as Asbach and Cola with which you flush down the ugliness of a sheeple society drinking Wodka and Red Bull and running for another season of Big Brother on RTL 2.
Two guitars, two feet stomping on the drums and the love for the WIPERS are the base for the Bar in which these fine German songs are shaken and stirred in the best KOMMANDO BLUMEN AM ANGESCHISSENEN ARSCH VON OMA HANS way, refined with a little shot of EA 80 and a dirty dash of SUPERHELICOPTER, and served with the beauty of failure on an angrily smiling face. Though this may probably seem to be an untypical release for the P. Trash catalog, this one record here has a heart and a soul and every swig of it runs ardently down our dusty throats. And that's the way we like it!

If you want to book a show, please contact:

Limd. 500 "Regular Edit." with inside-out rough side cover!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." have deluxe silk-screened covers, white, brown-beige & green artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!


Full Trash 62 - FIX-IT - Who's The Pig LP

The Paris Punk Commune already Kill Kill Killed us with their superb entrée LP in 2008 and are now ready to dish up another main course tres tres formidable that will be instantly decorated with the maximum of 5 Trashelin stars. Spinning fast and relentlessly stirring the sauce, the boys only slow down a little on ''Blind'' and ''Before the storm'', which is refined with some melodic UK Mod-Punk and smacks of the young Jello Biafra singing. Tender WIPERS finish opens the ouevre with ''29'', followed by some fast, ratty and steady Punkrocking in ''Last call'', ''Broken'', ''Self destruction'', Hostile sex'' and ''Poor life'' and even salted with some dark synthie rafinesse in ''Slow down''. If your pleasure is to dine on the early US Punk of the ADOLESCENTS and DEAD KENNEDYS, the fast and melodic Canada Punk of STATUES and alikes, plus you enjoy those unforgettable moments de JAY REATARD.
Then the hog for this record is you! And don't forget: If it ain't broken - FIX IT!

Limd. 370 "Vietnam GIs Edit." black wax packed in a cardboard sleeve with Vietnam GIs "glossy varnish" print!

Limd. 130 "P.Trash Club Edit." black wax packed in a "german flag style" black, red & gold printed silk-screened covers!

Limd. 100 "Relax-o-Matic Vibrator Edit." black wax packed in a black, "Kodak" yellow & red & printed silk-screened covers!

Full Trash 61 - TRUTHDEALER - The Contrarian LP

"The first full length from this 3 peice Milwaukee band featuring Ex members of HOLYSHIT! and MODERN MACHINES. The bands melting pot of sound creates a catchy blend of blazing hardcore, cool guitar effects, and metallic crunch. This record is limited to 500 copies and was released buy 6 labels (FDH, P.Trash, Ressurection, Suicide bong, Huxtable, Falcon Crest). Each label has their own color cover.

Check out the video for: "Everyone hates a perfectionist"

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." have silk-screened covers, green artwork printed on white paper!