Full Trash 60 - BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Blown 2 Completion LP

Blow, blew, blown! The tapeworm of sickness which these manic Canadians kept on feeding with their two previous records is finally blown 2 completion.
As soon as the first line “Do not feel afraid to take a nap in the day’’ explodes, your whole world gets covered in a sticky and slimy anti-matter that speaks out in favor of a life of slack. If the BRUTAL KNIGHTS have already been fast in the past, songs like ''I hate chores'', ''I'll S your D'', ''Sky Mall'' and ''Food shopping'' really race like a heart on cheap amphetamines.
Rumors say that singer Nick has been gargling bleach for weeks to impersonate his idol Damian Abraham of FUCKED UP in the mid-tempo bashers ''Bad choice'' and ''Too many tattoos'', and on ''Summertime Coffee'' they even mistreat an innocent drumcomputer and crank out a wild Electro-Punk tune that sounds like CASSANDRA COMPLEX on cold turkey. Right down to the very last line ''It's so stupid like your dog, it's so stupid like your mom'' in the positive and affirming ''Life Problems'', this dozen of rotten eggs truly can't get any sicker and will blow you completely 2 shreds!

Limd. 440 "Regular Edit."

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." have deluxe silk-screened covers, red / black artwork printed on thick white paper!!! Artwork done by Mario Turiaux, printed by his brother Timo Turiaux!

Limd. 60 "Release Party Edit." have deluxe silk-screened covers!! Artwork done by Mario Turiaux, printed by his brother Timo Turiaux, Release Party 24.10.2010 Aachen - Az / Germany!


Full Trash 59 - STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Same LP
Europe-Tour-Version LP repress 300x red / 200x blue wax edit.!

Good ole Steve has gassed up this rocket of a record with the catchiest and hottest Power-Pop combustible available on the black market.
His faithful and brave crew members Dave and Emmanuel of mondo SEDATIVES have already taken their seats and with every one of these 10 songs here we count down to take-off to what is gonna be the vehicle to take you to Planet Punk this summer. If your universe was dark and empty, the launch of this record will bring the stars back into your bloodshed eyes. The propulsive force of the catchy melodies in songs like ‘’I’ll take you anywhere’’ and ‘’Unglued’’, or the highly-infectious ‘’Not for long’’ and ‘’Speed it up’’ will shoot you directly into a galaxy that has been forgotten since the extinction of the CARBONAS or the MANIKINS.
A quick stop for a beer in a cosmic bar that plays the DICKIES on the jukebox even brings some more melancholic tunes like ‘’Hollowed’’ , until Steve decides to start the return journey just in time with ‘’Better off’’ and ‘’Your only one’’ and ends your joyful flight drunk and happily on your bedroom floor.
All systems go for this unstoppable Punkrock Power-Pop ride!

Limd. 400 "Regular Edit." black wax, with raw/ recycled style paper!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." on transparent clear, with red & blue MOD sprinkled vinyl, with silkscreened plexiglass in a see-through bag!

Limd. 100 "Tour Edit." on transparent clear, with red & blue MOD sprinkled vinyl, in a printed silkscreen see-through bag!

Limd. 300 red wax Edit.

Limd. 200 blue wax Edit.


Full Trash 58 - SISTA SEKUNDEN - Åldras Med Stil LP

Swedish Punk devotees SISTA SEKUNDEN's new big plate is filled to the brim with enthusiasm and joyous anthems that go against time and serve as a brilliant manual to age with style.
Still angry, still pissed-off and still loving the healing powers of punky Hardcore the four midsters keep on delivering a sweeping 13-song swipe on politicians, priests and other pigs who want to tell you what to do, left wing hooligans, hispster bands and their overpriced products, welfare states and police violence. They really took their time to rasp and file some hard edges off their sound and stepped a little off the throttle in favor of more melodic and catchier mid-tempo tunes that let us have a glimpse on personal issues like being the last Punk standing, leaving your boring hometown behind, the never ending love for Punk and Hardcore and growing old in style, just like singer Dempe's grandpa Knut, looking at us proud and sincere from the cover of this album. A man who spend 50 years as a steelworker for a goldwatch and a handshake and to whom the song 'Morfar Knut' is dedicated. For all the professional againsters who refuse to give in to a prefab life and rather keep on keeping on listening to some timeless music; get this record that is bound to become a milestone in Swedish Punkrock for generations ahead to enjoy!

Limd. 360 regular edition

Limd. 100 "Skeleton Nun" Edit. have deluxe silk-screened covers, neon red / neon yellow artwork printed on thick white paper! Artwork done by Elzo Durt

Limd. 40 "Skeleton Nun" Release Party Edit. have deluxe silk-screened covers, blue / golden artwork printed on thick white paper! Artwork done by Elzo Durt


Full Trash 57 - YEAR ZERO - Year One LP

(Co-release with Shooting at Decoys Rec.)

Whatever these Canadians guys secretly mix in their drinks, it seems that it brings out an endless stream of brilliant and catchy, yet distinctive songs in each of their bands SEDATIVES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, LAST COMMUNION and MOTHER'S CHILDREN.
So here's their new combo YEAR ZERO with a debut LP that actually consists of two parts; ''Bottle Artillery'' with 7 songs recorded in 2010 and the 9 tracks session ''No Tongue for Eros'', recorded a year earlier. Packed together, they called it ''Year One'' and it sounds fierce yet grounded, relentless but positive, and so effortlessly unwavering to the very end. It is both excitingly familiar and so fresh in skill and maturity that you are unlikely to hear anything like it elsewhere currently. Pulling from the classic Power Pop leanings of the BUZZCOCKS in songs like ''Pros & Cons'', to the ragged and rapid REPLACEMENTS and mostly HÜSKER DÜ tones in the majority of the songs, right down to the influences of fellow Canadians the DOUGHBOYS or PUNCHBUGGY, this record is a tight, fuzzy underground treasure in the waiting.

Limd. 500 "Regular Edit."

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Edit." have deluxe silk-screened covers, gold, black & green artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper


Full Trash 56 - STATUES - Holiday Cops LP

Canada is so proud of their native sons that the country erected a massive golden monument to the STATUES in the middle of their hometown and sent all cops on holiday so that the punks could dance around it singing 'Hurray Hurray! a new STATUES album saw the light of day!'
The three Pop-Punk scientists refined their formula in these 10 brandnew songs and poured in some drops of DEVO, SPITS and WIPERS that lets the test tube eruptively foam over with joy, heart, guts and splendid melodies! You want your beloved poppy tunes? You got 'em in 'Holiday cops', 'Reflux' and your new hymn to youth and the weekend 'Young enough'. You need more cool and loud bass lines? Try 'Stop watch' and the critical, exploding 'Self Help Con Job' to satisfy your appetite.
Choppy DEVO style guitar riffs and a good SPITS-like beat anyone? Then go listen to 'Uptime' and 'Up scope, fire one' and get the chills in the slightly more dissonant and yet fantastically melodic 'Broken parts' and 'Start time'.
Fresh out of the laboratory and back on European stages everywhere soon!

Limd. 440 regular edition

Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers! For P.Trash Club-members only

Limd. 60 release party edit. in different screened silkscreen deluxe sleeve


Full Trash 55 - DOCTOR SCIENTIST - Prehistoric Times LP
(Co-release FDH Rec.)

Post-apocalyptic screams, blips, and guitars thrash their way into a burnt-out landscape of digital future-past. Where dance beats and laser guns are one and the same, and where both aid in battling the warlords, robocops, and dinosaurs roaming the refuse of our cities and towns.
Such is the weird world that the Philadelphia-based band, DOCTOR SCIENTIST, has offered its loyal listeners since 2007's this changes everything. Now, with 2010's "Prehistoric Times", that world is made both more prehistoric, more apocalyptic, and somehow both more brutal and more danceable. The band's fourth member, the robot, has taken a holiday to 808ville and has come back from vacation with the some of the most beastly beats and drum loops available to human ears. Adding bass guitar unto the barrage of these beats, guitar shreds, and curdled android howls gives "Prehistoric Times" a fuller, more enveloping sound. DOCTOR SCIENTIST’s odd electronic world now seems that much closer, as these songs throw listener's right into the thick of a digital battlefield. The two singers shriek over and along with each other, and allow for a dynamic call to arms made triumphantly complete with hardcore style breakdowns, marching barks of command, and even a few moments of metal edge. Think KRAFTWERK in the mosh pit, or West Coast synthpunk with a violent, unhealthy addiction to GORILLA BISCUITS from the year 3030. A must have for those who want to make ready for the maniacal end of the new world - or the fuming, dancing, brutal beginning of an old one!!!

Limd. 230 regular edition

Limd. 100 Edit. packed in a silkscreen see-through bag!, with an artwork of the old german movie "Metropolis"


Full Trash 54 - CITY SWEETHEARTS - Sleeping Through Modern Times LP

You won't catch no sleep with this record. It's the sound blaring from your car stereo when you hit the city for a wild night out, all revved up and ready to shake some action. A record smelling of sleazy bars, too much booze and cigarettes, lipstick stains and broken hearts.
Toronto City Sweethearts Curtis Dixon of VICIOUS CYCLE and Vassil of the MARVELOUS DARLINGS and ex-HEARTATTACKS keep you awake with the fast and rolling rockers "Wrong directions" and ''Hot ten''. They make you bring out the air guitar and shout along to the sticky chorus of ''Guys with guitars'', buy you a drink in the howling blues ''Just one night'', make you go hip-shaking crazy in the lascivious NEW YORK DOLLS/JOHNNY THUNDERS styled ''Trouble tonight'', ''New girl in town'', ''Little rocker'' and the perfect ''Cry all night'' and let the monkey on your back dance the cha-cha with the wilder stomper ''War in my head''.
All perfectly fixed up by Mr. Ben Cook in a dry and sleaze-o-phonic 70-sound that make you LOVER! and CHEAP TIME fans out there forget the modern world around!

Limd. 500 regular edition

Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers, silver artwork printed on thick black paper


Full Trash 53 - IRRITONES - Negative Dots LP

After the demise of the HATEPINKS, the French Secret Service DGSE immediately called Monsieur Oliver on the red line:
The mission: Find some trusted comrades and IRRITATE THE WORLD! So he rounded up a bunch of fearless agents who already proved their competence in the undercover cases ''HOLY CURSE'' and ''AGGRAVATION''.
Under the codename ''IRRITONES'' they are all set up to shake the foundation of social order forever with 10 bullets of their genuine Oupupo-styled Punkrock that sounds like a well-shaken Martini of HATEPINKS vocals with a lethal cyanide dose of spastic '77 Punk. The enciphered secret messages in songs like 'Rejection is all I got', 'Mikado business', 'Japanese cars', 'Modern light' or 'Cannibal kids' are supposed to inform other secret agents worldwide about the state of commando ''Negative Dots'' and show how simplicity finally leads to irritatation.
What a clever and devilish plan!

negative dots video.wmv

Limd. 300 regular edit. white or black wax packed in a carboard sleeve with "inside out" print!

Limd. 130 P.Trash edit. white wax packed in a red printed silkscreen see-through bag!

Limd. 100 Relax-o-Matic Vibrator edit. white wax packed in a black printed silkscreen see-through bag!

Limd. 46 Tour late 2011 edit. black wax packed in a dark silver ink printed silkscreen on black paper-sheet!


Full Trash 52 - ARSENE OBSCENE - Zone Industrielle LP

Here comes a healthy overdose of the kind of poison you can't keep your cold-sweat fingers away from. Entering on atomic number 33 is Francois from the VEINES and his new solo-fi one-man pharmacy ARSENE OBSCENE. You're about to swallow 14 grams of crunched-out and fuzzed-up Punkrock powder, sweetened with wild STOOGES guitars, yummy yummy melodies and French vocals, cooked up with a drum machine in a secret crack kitchen and subtly interlaced into your JEFFREY NOVAK, ELECTRIC EELS, VOLT or AGGRAVATION mash. An antidote has still not been discovered. This one keeps you comatose with every spin.

Limd. 500 regular edition

Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers, red / blue artwork printed on thick white paper

Sorry, canceled!!!

More info soon...


Full Trash 50 - REGULATIONS - To Be Me LP

Still unwrapped you can already feel this new long release by Swedish Überrockers REGULATIONS buzzing inside its sleeve and in the moment you put the needle in the groove you know you're finally home and that this is the Christmas present you desired and deserved!
Twelve new sharp fusillades that make this silly Hardcore-Punk heart inside of your beaten body jump with joy and pounding pleasure. When it comes to timeless and catchy early 80s US Hardcore sound in these fast and modern times of ours, the REGULATIONS take the biggest part of the cake. Once more they managed to step back to the classic Hardcore of the ADOLESCENTS, the CIRCLE JERKS or BLACK FLACK and stir it up with ingenuity, inspiration and passion in meldodic mid-tempo songs like ''Baghdad Beach Party'', ''Creature in a Cage'' or ''In the Shadow of a Mall''. You also find two excellent slower and distorted tunes with ''To be me'' and ''Down the street'' as well as the fast sweeper ''Busy night'' and the yet to be a classic ''Don't bother me'' which could have been recorded ages ago.
This record sure will keep you warm and shaking your bones to these freezing days coming ahead.

Limd. 700 regular edition

Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers, black / pink artwork printed on thick yellow paper


Full Trash 49 - AGRO JIVE - Debut LP

Whenever taking a break from jerking off to nudie pics of all scene dictators' mothers, jack-of-all trade Kasper from NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, HUL, DEATH TOKEN, MOONLESS and hell-knows-what-other-bands recorded these 17 songs while doing time in a mental institution between 2004 and 2009 on an old 4-track machine which the male nurses traded him in for some special services on them. All the songs were already smuggled out of the nest rectally by Kasper's ex-bandmates and released as five 7''s along those years.
In chronological order they are now rereleased on one dirty LP by Punkrock aid organisation P.Trash. Hear Kapser's physical recovery and mental worsening demonstrated from primitive one-liners like ''She's in love with the atom bomb'' and ''I don't wanna live in the city'' to cruel and raunchy Rockenroll bashers like ''I'm gonna leave'', ''Evil night'' or ''I like the way you cry''. Sweet Power-Pop moments like ''Burn little girl'' show that there is still life in this beaten up and wasted shell of a young man. All this mess was mastered by Kasper's probation officer Rob Seaton of The STATUES and all profits of this record will go straight into pot, coke, speed, booze and a new straightjacket.

Limd. 500 "Regular Edit." black wax, with normal paper sleeve!

Limd. 100 "Blue Wax Edit.", with raw recycled style paper sleeve

make love.mp3
gang mentality.mp3
surfin'on a big brown wave.mp3
sämsta ligget i stan.mp3

Full Trash 48 - LOCAL OAFS - Power And Glory LP

After the MANIKINS hung up their guitars and called it a day, Kalle and Max roamed the nocturnal streets and met their old pal Nero who was taking Chewbacca for his daily walk. Together they went over to the 24/7 juke joint for some of that delicious and eyesight-robbing Swedish moonshine liquor and went insane.
The rest is history documented on this second Vollgas album that was written in one go on the backside of an old Samantha Fox poster and recorded straight away in the drunk tank of the local police station. When the four OAFS were found in the morning, they had thrashed themselves into a rabid delirium and the shocked officers sent these 18 outbursts directly over to the P. Trash HQ. We see it as our duty to let this thrashy testimony be a warning for our youth to keep away from the evil spitits by letting you listen in indignation to such a wild blast of fast and beating songs entitled ''Dead by dawn'', ''The best thing that ever happened to me is nothing'', ''The dark ages are coming back (and I f**king like it)'' and the even more shocking ''Pissing on a drowning man'' and ''Surfin' on a big brown wave of shit'', together with a whole lotta more titles where those poor boys speak in tongues, clearly lost forever. Relentless and unforgiving. Keep away in a safe place, we know how hard it is to resist such tasty temptation.

Limd. 500 regular edition

Limd. 100 "Nerds and Posers" Edit. have deluxe silk-screened covers, red / black artwork printed on thick white paper



The two cats from the Oz do it to us again, this time on their own with two long grooves on each side of this new longplaying gemstone that are cut into ten awesome chunks of genuine DIGGER Garage Rock'n'Roll to chew your mouths off on. While the former record dealt a lot with rocked-down backs and hospital beds, this one is about still going on with a chosen lifestyle and all its highs and lows.
Starting off with the fast broken love overture ''Never looked the same'' and telling us how some things never change, they turn to the honest guilty plea in ''Dirtbag'' before taking it off in the shaking IGGY&THE STOOGES ''Raw Power''-era styled ''Chinatown'', rocking and rolling in the simple and brilliant ''A-holic'', a Rock'n'Roll attack of sex, booze and drugs, before closing this groove with the catchy poverty serenade ''Breadline''.
New groove, same story! ''What's it to you'' is the answer to selling out to a more mellow life, in the snappy stomper ''Red hair'' they're telling us about how they got on the lost Punkrock-Highway in high school they turn to their melodic mid-tempo sound in ''Bobby Fisher Blues'' and the Überhit ''My famous friends'' before ending with the conclusion of what it is all about: ''All my friends are having babies'' they're buying houses and Mercedes!
This punky Distortion-Fest about keeping keeping-on only leaves one answer: There's no quitting! No surrender! It's not over yet for DIGGER & THE PUSSY CATS!

Make sure to see them again on European stages now!

Limd. 500 regular edition

Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers, blue / white artwork printed on thick black paper


Full Trash 46 - GHETTO WAYS - I Always Wanted You LP

You wanna be the Party Don? Uh, ah, alright! You'll be it with this record!
Damn, in a better world, "I Always Wanted You", the title-track of the new GHETTO WAYS record, would be played on the radio all day (and night) long! Or check out the great uptempo track "Can you feel it"! Can you feel it? I hope so! And "The Feel And The Love" perfectly fits the sexy photo of Jenna--finally on the cover! With "Big Bad Wolf" they even have a nursery rhyme on this piece of wax, GHETTO WAYS style uff course. Could there be a little innocence creeping into the sexiest band in rock n roll? Ten songs, high score! The GHETTO WAYS are moving away a little bit from their early trash-attitude, concentrating more on real catchy and soulful tunes, packed with a high level of Punkrock-energy.
This record has it all: that same stomping beat, rumbling bass, distorted rock guitar, and lots of cheering and howling. Yeehah!

Limd. 500 "Normal sleeve version"

Limd. 150 "On transparent clear, sprinkled vinyl, with silkscreened plexiglass in a see-through bag!

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Picture- Disc version"

russian roulette-mix.mp3


Legends of DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, MOTORSPORT, The SPECIMENS, KAMIKAZE TRIO, The ACTIONEERS and SWEARJAR. What do these bands all have in common? Members from the infamous sub-par supergroup RUSSIAN ROULETTES.
Agostino Soldati bangs his vintage drum kit with a fury rarely seen in this town. Sam Agostino screams and scratches his guitar like a possessed demon and Tim Wold pounds his bass guitar into submission!!!

Limd. 500 regular edition

Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers, frontside artwork printed on red paper, backside artwork printed on black paper and stuck together


Full Trash 44 - LAST COMMUNION - Same Oneside 12" with silkscreened B-side

As if their main band SEDATIVES didn't keep them busy enough, drummer Dave and guitar player Emmanuel started off this new group, with their friends Hayden and Chuck from THE GREY, METZ and MOUNTANAKA, where they can live out another facet of their inexhaustible creativity.
Dave changes to the guitar here and Emmanuel shouts his heart out on this mix of melodic PEGBOY Chicago-Punk, slightly dissonant RITES OF SPRING style Washington D.C. Hardcore, early SST-era HÜSKER DÜ and what they call the ''Gainesville Sound'' that was kicked off by bands like HOT WATER MUSIC. The latter is surely due to the fact that Emmanuel sounds like a hungover Chuck Ragan on these 7 songs that are filled with dark melodies shining through a wall of broken chords and choruses that carry the heartfelt and passionate lyrics in songs like ''Forget lt All'', ''So Much Pressure'', ''End It'' or ''These Days''.
And to leave no doubt who stood as godfather to this chosen sound, they close this one-sided 12inch with HÜSKER DÜ's ''Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill''. Let these songs dissolve on your tongue before you take the last ride into the void!

Limd. 500 "purple / yellow silkscreen sleeve + dark yellow silkscreen b-side wax"

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Clubmember get a different color (dark green / yellow silkscreen sleeve + white silkscreen b-side wax) version"


Full Trash 43 - WE LIVE IN TRENCHES - Modern Hex LP

Their sound has been seething slowly in dark and mud-filled trenches way up north in those Swedish realms and finally the desperados of a vile church signal and embrace the end of all ends with this record that immediately pops up in everybody's top ten list these days like the epiphany of the holy mother of Noise. If tomorrow never comes this is the soundtrack to your final hours. When the walls close in and everything implodes, this is your fix of reality! ”Modern Hex” is an attention-seeking atom bomb ready to explode through the plasticity of your life. Through every syllable spits conviction, with every dissonant note thought pierces through, with every beat there's nail hammered down.
Filtering the pounding bassline and shattering drums of UNSANE and the stoic sonic brutality of FUCKED UP in dragging songs like ''White knuckles'', ''I owe my soul'' and ''Black Friday'', adding some galloping speed, FLIPPER's insane distortion and the craving urge of early Touch & Go bands like THE JESUS LIZARD in ''Vatican strap'', ''Male damage'' and ''After dark'' and flavouring this cocktail of ugly anthems with some furious female growls in ''Deported'' and the title track ''Modern hex''.
This ain't sheet music but the noise emanating from a palpitating sick heart that passionately smashes against a wall.

Limd. 452 regular edition

Limd. 100 "Burning Of Witches" Edit, have copper color silk-screened covers, printed on thick dark blue paper & black wax


Full Trash 42 - POPPETS - Same LP
co-release with FDH Records

On a cold Febuary morning the two POPPETS took out their caffeine addiction and their old drum computer pal to an empty warehouse where they met up with a cheap gang of guitars, a good-for-nothing bunch of synthesizers and a sock wearing, noise addicted microphone and together they wrung out these 8 minimalistic and animalistic lo-fi gems that were captuired immediately on a 4-track tape recorder.
Their first longer effort to date clocks in at 14 minutes and is filled to the brim with damaged and beat-up Pop that shakes and twitches in every corner. None of the involved had to suffer mental or physical damage and will soon be operational for other releases.
1st press has different silk-screened cover variations!

Limd. 700 regular edition, have 2 color (black/orange) silk-screened covers, printed on thick white paper & black wax

Limd. 150 "P.Trash version" have 2 color (silver/red) silk-screened covers, printed on thick orange paper & black wax

Limd. 150 "FDH version" have 2 color (silver/blue) silk-screened covers, printed on thick orange paper & black wax


Full Trash 41 - GRANDE COBRA - Echoes Of Rebellion LP
co-release with Top Five Records

Very very grande are the holes the fangs of this release are gonna leave on your rocking ass. The mixed trio from Down Under proves that true beauty lies only in simplicity, a safely kept recipe that ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT took with them six feet below when the left the building a couple of years ago.
Now, this band took the formula out of the vaults and put into a more garagey sound that was captured on tape inside the famous Toe Rag studios in London. Most of the 10 songs on this record, like ''Railway Xing'', ''Paper Cuts'', ''Broken'' or the brilliant ''Hearts in the basement'', really do sound like a more stripped-down version of their San Diego brothers in musical gusto (minus the wind section) and they are all based on one simple, catchy and repetitive guitar line or just one single chord with an impulsive beat under the saddle that open out into a hyper-melodic and explosive chorus that will leave all you shakers out there perfectly happy. Not to speak of the even more melodic and straighter opener ''In a minute'' or the driving ''Doing the bomb'' and ''No brakes'' that serve as the ideal andidote for your good taste that has been venomed by too many lame-ass records. C'mon, catch a bite of the Grande Cobra!

Limd. 500 regular edition, black wax

Limd. 150 "P.Trash mail-order version" have silver / red color silk-screened covers, printed on thick black paper & black wax

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Picture- Disc version"