Full Trash 40 - BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Total Rebellion (Europe Spring 09 Tour) 12"

The perspective to git some good food, some kinky friction and a clean spot to crash at night is propelling Canadian kaputtniks BRUTAL KNIGHTS over to Europe for a second time. You bet that we at P.Trash will not miss out on releasing an extra platter for this occasion.
From the balls-squeezing, JUDAS PRIEST-ish opening scream of ''Electronics'', over the BLACK FLAG hoisting ''Fight you in my mind'', the dust-raising ZEKE-like ''Shit happens - you deal'', the scratchy and catchy title-track ''Total rebellion'', right to the sick confession ''We're not young'' and the desperate ''Any of me'', this 8-song sonic onslaught will blow you to the padded walls of your room. Faster and meaner than ever the BRUTAL KNIGHTS salute the future with your head stuck in a blender.

Limd. 500 regular edition, inside out rough side cover, black wax

Limd. 150 have 2 color (black/silver) silk-screened covers, printed on thick grey paper & black wax!
Sold at the release party (5/16/09 Bielefeld AJZ Hardcore Cafe)

headache city-mix.mp3

Full Trash 39 - HEADACHE CITY - We Can't Have Anything Nice LP

Hey kiddo, if you missed the HEADACHE CITY hit-singles on fancy labels like HoZac you should definitely check out this platter! And if you already know their singles, you should get this piece of wax, TOO, because three of the single-hits are included in different versions!!!
As everybody might know HEADACHE CITY shares members with the brilliant COCOCOMA - and to be honest I don't know which band is more brilliant. As for HEADACHE CITY I can only tell you, that they've recorded a real high-standard Garagepunk-gem with this one. Just listen to great songs like "Channel 9", "Down The Drain", "Shivvers" or "1986" - they'll get in your ear and go down straight into your legs! Or check out "Gypsy" with it's gloomy atmosphere, hypnotizing vocals and a really extraordinary guitar-line. Breathtaking! Have to say more?
HEADACHE CITY is definitely an outstanding band in nowadays Garagepunk-circus and they prove it with this record! So get it or get lost!

Limd. 500 regular edition, inside out rough side cover, black wax

Limd. 100 have silver / red / orange color silk-screened covers, printed on thick white paper, black wax


Full Trash 38 - SEDATIVES - Same LP

After having given us the first 7'' fix a couple of month ago, us leeches out there craved for more of that exceptional sound.
To finally put an end to our itching turkey, Canada's four-piece SEDATIVES throw these 11 ounces of Punkrock smack into the filthy gutters and back alleys of the record junkie underworld. Each of the anthemic songs is like a candy-like pill that suddenly develops its dark and dangerous effects and takes you for a mid-tempo three-chord-ride on pumping drums, downstroke guitars and church organ tunes that float in the air while a hell of a melodic voice sings of human failure and personal devastation. This is one good bag of an archaic Punkrock record with a sombre undertone and the dose of danger and catchyness that you seek for. The fierce ''Cannot calm down'' and ''Superstitious minds'' are already known from the first 7'' and were now rerecorded with Skottie of THE CREEPS providing guest vocals, as well as Rob of the STATUES singing on the Überhit ''Slip away'', while new songs like the looming ''Backlash'', ''Catastrophe'', ''No Time'' or ''Hollow in the heart'' show that the band is up for more. So keep on scratching till the next time.
Don't miss them on their 2009 Europe Tour with our pals IDLE HANDS!

Limd. 500 regular edition, black wax

Limd. 150 "P.Trash mail-order version" have silver color silk-screened covers, printed on thick black paper & black wax

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Picture- Disc version"

dammit IV.mp3

Full Trash 37 - MARGARET THRASHER - Moderate Rock LP

Moderate Rock is damn sure the last to expect from the first full-length album by this almost all-female quartet from Vancouver, BC. This is compressed teenage angst that has been brewing in an imposed social boiler for far too long and now gushes out in nine abrasive and unpolished hardcore punk blasts that deal with pill-popping ravers ("Fuck that"), being raised and stepping out of line ("Resuscitate"), the drag of waiting at airports ("Airport violence") and lots of honest and pissed-off personal matters, like worthless friendships, conformable behaviour or just staying young and dumb. All that is spewed out in a whirlwind of "fucks" by singer Juls throaty and over-the-top voice and backed with stomping, fast and simple beats and a scratching, overwinded guitar. Comparisons to a female version of BRUTAL KNIGHTS are definitely not too far-fetched, though these kids obviously lean more on the new wave of DIY hardcore punk.
They are on a European tour in September and October 2008, so go and get your fill. Fuck.

Limd. 500 regular edition, black wax

Limd. 100 have 2 color silk-screened covers, printed on light blue paper as BLACK FLAG - "My War" & black wax

cholesterol attack.mp3

Full Trash 36 - DEAN DIRG - Four Successive Blast LP

We sent out our hunch-backed assistant Ygor one night to dig out this record again which originally saw the light of day on SIX FEET UNDER REC. Our scientists enlarged the already sightly 10'' body, consisting of the out-of-print "Chimpanzee" 7" and the split 7''s with HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE and BOMBENALARM, by two good inches and attached the ''What's new?'' 7'' in a successful surgical intervention in our laboratories. The result is a 20-songs strong monster of a record that also got a facelift and a more colorful new jacket. Set out to destroy, this Punkrock killing machine will blow your roof!

Limd. 750 regular edition, black wax

Limd. 125 "P.Trash version" have 3 color (black/white/green) silk-screened covers, printed on thick orange paper & black wax

Limd. 125 "Prügel Prinz version" have 3 color (black/white/red) silk-screened covers, printed on thick orange paper & black wax

gimmie a pill.mp3

Full Trash 35 - RETAINERS - Same LP
co-release with Radio 81 Records

After appetizing us on various small platters, these four Minnesotites finally deliver the main course on their first big one. What you get is 12 crazy and overdriven chunks of finest Garage-Punk stuffed down your throat and flushed deep down your guts on a wave of surfy guitarlines, crashing cymbals and distorted vocals. From the fast and sharp openers ''Waste of time'' and ''Gimme a pill'' to the more relaxed, but not less threatening ''Next to you'' or ''Commit crime'' right down to the farewell instrumental ''Outerspace rainbow'', this is a raw and stripped-down mash of rattling KBD Punk, the melodic outbursts of JAY REATARD, some rolling Memphis Punk plus a little Surf here and there banned straight and analogically on a 4-track with the helping hand of beers and burgers. A feast for all you noisehungry hounds out there sincerely brought to by P.Trash and Radio 81. Enjoy!

Limd. 482 black wax

the city of the pig.mp3

Full Trash 34 - HATEPINKS - Sick Cake MLP

Hey! You've been invited to a little coffee party here by the French haters of pink. So bear those bloodshot eyes behind some dark shades, adjust your white necktie, slip into something classy and whip the cream to these dirty pieces of finest '77 Punk cake with some candied and raunchy cherries on top. This sure ain't no low-calories crap, this goes straight onto your shaking Rock'n'Roll hips which the BRIEFS, the SPITS, the MOORAT FINGERS and their pals of THE AGGRAVATION have already given a handy shape. Includes the X coverversion of ''Suck Suck'' and the Überhit ''Logo-heart (Piece of Shit)'' which is squirting sleaze with every bite and leaves permanent stains on your sunday shirt. Bon appetit!

Limd. 500 regular edition, black wax

Limd. 145 have 3 color silk-screened covers, printed on grey paper & black wax


release party pictures

Full Trash 33 - MANIKINS - Crocodiles LP

Though the MANIKINS may have grown-up, they didn't feed their catchy bite to the crocodiles. On their already fourth album, the four Swedes definitely go sweeter and wear their hearts on their sleeves in a perfect blend of Punkrock and Power-Pop that still carries the typical MANIKINS guitars but gained a mouthful of smoothness and feeling.
Don't worry, the boys didn't mellow-out and you still get faster tunes like the opener "That train", the title-track "Crocodiles" or "Taste for sweets" that are so unmistakably MANIKINS.
But especially the slower pieces are the real meat here. "If I see you cry" and "I want my baby dead" are full of sweet bitterness and seem to come straight from any 60's Teen-Punk compilation, the harmonic mid-tempo songs "Countless nights", "Without a word", "You're bad when you want to" and "It's not the wind you hear" remind of a more insurgent, yet in no way less sugary version of their countrymen THE LOST PATROL BAND and in the heartbreaking "Losin' streak", "Hangin' from a noose" and "She speaks perfect French" you even get BOBBY FULLER style vocal- and guitar harmonies and castanets in the fills. Brilliant!
The MANIKINS dared to go step further and once more set a landmark in the little mundo punko with this new record that will shake your heart and legs!!!

Limd. 900 regular edition, black wax

Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club / Release Party" Edit. have silk-screened covers! Printed on 200g/m2 heavy transparent paper
A bunch of copies goes straight to the P.Trash Club members and the rest copies sold through P.Trash at the release party in Osnabrück at the Bastard Club!!!

Limd. 100 DoLP Europe-Tour Only version with THE TOYOTAS. With amazing silkscreen sleeve! Artwork done by Marius Kowitz!
The double LP include the bands' recent releases "Crocodiles" & "Make Headlines".

what you say, what you do.mp3

Full Trash 32 - DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS - Let's Go To Hospital LP

Good ole' Sam of the infamous Australian Garage Rock'nRoll duo DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS should have better watched his back while shakin' this guitar onstage like a rabid crocodile. Then again, this new album called ''Let's go to hospital'' probably wouldn't have turned out the way it has.
This is wild, soulfoul and dirty Rock'n'Roll with a fuckin' backbone! Ten more scratching tunes stuffed with anger, smut and lust.
You get your fill of shaking DIRTBOMBS-like Detroit sound in ''ASIO'', ''Liar Liar'' and the extremely danceable ''Cut you loose'' and ''Kept man'', you stagger through a drunk and horny night in ''Oh yeah'' and crawl like a dog in ''I want to be your slut'', infected with slower WIPERS-parts and a good dose of OBLIVIANS overdrive.
In between, the two Aussies blast out the unapologetic punk tune ''I'm so bored with you'' that reminds of old LEWD topped with a brutal and ear-battering MUDHONEY feedback orgy. In more than one occasion, Sam let's his guitar howl in a way that would have made JIMI HENDRIX turn to a lighter shade. To surprise the astonished listener, at the end of the album, they placed the two sweet and sugary pop-punk tunes ''What you say, what you do'' and ''Let's go to hospital'', that THE STATUES or THE TRANZMITORS definitely couldn't have done better.
DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS neither backed nor slowed down a bit on this catchy and tight new platter, which comes in a colourful comic-style sleeve done by LLUIS.

Limd. 900 regular edition, black wax

Limd. 100 have silk-screened covers! Black / fluorescent orange / blue screened covers & black wax

no reaction.mp3

Full Trash 31 - AGGRAVATION - Same LP

Stash away your wine and cheese, enculé, and get them rockin' shoes out, the Marseille-based band AGGRAVATION is going to shake your phono.
Originally released on Relax-o-Matic Vibrator Records in an edition of only 300 copies in early 2007, we at the P. Trash HQ went bananas when we heard it for the first time and immediately declared it for the best non P. Trash Record in 2007.
This is damn fine and drifty 77' Punk par excellance with a good wavy hint, somewhere between the BUZZCOCKS, the RAMONES and the WIPERS, all smeared with dirt and armed to the yellow teeth with driving melodies.
The slower ''Olivier'' reminds of a pepped-up hommage to GRAUZONE's ''Eisbär'' , while the faster ''Violence'' takes you on a destructo-spree on the outskirts of of a dirty town. And they even cover REAGAN YOUTH's Überhit ''Degenerated'' somewhere in between.
Man, this is some hot merde spinning at 45 and we're pleased pleased pleased to re-press this disque now for your listening plaisir! Comes with a slightly different artwork which make the edition way more classy than the original copy, hehehe.

Limd. 500 regular edition, black wax

Limd. 150 have 2 color silk-screened pop up poster-covers & black wax


Full Trash 30 - PRESS GANG - Same LP
co-release with Hardware Records & Radio 81 Records

Feeding on anger and cheese macaroni, getting drunk on cheap beer and touching themselves in total sexual desperation, these juvenile delinquents try to cope with their shit-city frustration and spit out these 12 songs of raw and depraved Hardcore-Punk with a primitive and proud "I don't care about your world"-attitude that simply can't be overheard.
These new songs are stripped down and fucked up but still keep a snotty catchiness. Think of end 70s England bands like THE USERS mixed with early 80s mid-tempo Hardcore from Boston and the young ADOLESCENTS, spiced up with killer Bass-lines, stirring chorus and lyrics that speak straight from the heart of any low-life out there.
They deal with being hungover ("Alka-Seltzer"), going nowhere ("Low Life", "Stranded in nowhere"), too many horny nights alone ("D.I.Y."), pissing on people who dominate their instruments ("Musicians"), having no dough and the lack of energy to deal with life ("$$$" and "24/7").
A short and all around slap in the face of modern society and determined bands that want to break through, presented by a singer that soon needs to be delivered into the nuthouse, where JAY REATARD and Doph of DEAN DIRG are already waiting to play a round of Mau-Mau.

1st press:
Limd. 500 regular edition, first pressing including a huge poster and an inlay with wanking material, lyrics and dirty pictures!

Limd. 150 have silk-screened covers!

2nd press:
Limd. 450 regular edition, including an inlay with wanking material, lyrics and dirty pictures!

Limd. 100 have inside out rough side cover!

3rd press:
Limd. 166 edition P.Trash, 3rd and last press with new green artwork!


Full Trash 29 - STATUES - AUX LP

After the release of their second full-length "New people make us nervous", these Canadians are becoming more and more popular. To keep your cold turkey for their sweet and gritty sound at bay, P.Trash did a little diggin' in the musical past of the trio and puts out "Aux", same title as their first full-length, originally released as a CD only on Californian Pelado Records.
In agreement with the band, we picked the best 8 songs from this record (a choice that definitely wasn't easy) and the boys chipped in 2 more unreleased songs with the snappy "View from here" and the WIPERS-influenced "Mortar & Mason", both recorded somewhere between the releases of the two records. It's hard to believe that pearls like these haven't found their way on a record before. If you liked the pop-appeal of ''New people…'' you'll get your fix of harmonies and catchy melodies here.
This ain't no lame-ass "early-years-stuff'', these recordings are even more poppy and smoother than their latest material!
The guitar work in "Fine tuned'' and "Division" heavily reminds of THE CLASH and THE JAM, while songs like "Caught" and "Picket" are more on the JAWBREAKER side, all mixed up with a typical Canadian sense for power-pop and topped lyricwise with a critical eye on society. Also contains the hymn "Signals" from the band's first 7inch.
Comes in a hand-printed silkscreen cover done by Antipesto-Graphics

Limd. 900 yellow / red / black screened covers / black wax

Limd. 100 release party edit. silver / red / black screened covers / black wax
(can only be purchased at the release party 5/2/08)

beat of the traps.mp3

Full Trash 28 - LOS RAW GOSPELS - La Fiesta De La Muerte LP

Dios santo! Los masked and mysterious hombres from England broke out of their dark and gloomy dungeon, where they have been boiling up this hot stew of primitive and stomping cavesound, which will bring nothing but bleeding eardrums and broken turtlenecks to stages and lucha libre rings worldwide. Senoras y senores; Let's get ready to rumble:
The sound of the creepy "Black eyes", with its spooky guitar and frightening organ, accompanies the luchadores entry to this excitingly anticipated fight. A stomping, hard-riffing and fierce start after the bell with "There's no going back", which leaves the opponent stunned, followed by well-tried, MUMMIES-like acciones in "Hey guapa!" with a superb and melodic South '60s South American Teenage Punk finish in the chorus. The twisted and distorted moves in the fast and primitive stomper "Volcano woman" cause a big commotion among the audience which has to be calmed down by bikini women that shake their things to the organ-grinding instrumental "Hipshake". But here the fighters go again and finish this round by smashing up BO DIDDLEY's guitar in a big cloud of mucha distorcion in a secret aerial maneuver called "Tornadomorte".
Round two: the tag team trio proofs once more that we are dealing with "los rudos" here and NOT with "tecnicos" by starting with the furious "Beat of the traps", a sound made famous by the CRAMPS, showing the ladies their charming side with the saucy '60s garage-grinder "Nothing coming", before spitting out big pieces of raw human meat in the instrumental "Fleshless" and bringing out these MUMMIES-moves once more in "Before it dies". Yes, victory is already glowing in their eyes as they're chanting the "Batman"-style "Gangsta", but wait…..here comes BO DIDDLEY, risen from the grave, gets in the ring, grabs his broken guitar and thrashes up the place in a haze of rage with the final "She don't look so fine".
The fiesta is finally over and rumours start to spread that 77 copies of this record were splattered with the brave men's blood and mysteriously disappeared into the void forever.

Limd. 223 "Street" Edit. silk-screened covers, black wax

Limd. 77 "Brave Men's Blood - P.Trash Club only" Edit. silk-screened covers were splattered with the brave men's blood!, black wax

are you experienced.mp3

Full Trash 27 - BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Living By Yourself - Tour Picture-LP

Oh dear Baby Jesus, the Canadian wasteoids are coming over to Europe!!! And to give them a good go, P.Trash Records is more than pleased and proud to present you this wonderful piece of plastic.
Another non-stop 7-song ride into extreme lifestyles of poor sex, dirty apartments in boring cities and cheap prefab-food!!!
The colorful artwork was done by Seripop from Canada and the Picture-LP is fat and heavy and comes with I cardboard insert with a dirty live action picture. Don't miss them on their tour in September/October.

Tour-Picture Disc

Limd. 100 "Deluxe Release Party Edit." comes with an extra silkscreen jacket. Closed with chromed brass rivets!!! Printed by Rike from Antipesto Graphics & Kevin from AGGRAVATION!!!
Only sold at 9/15/07 here in Bielefeld at the oldest Punk-Rock club "AJZ" in town!!! Sold Out in 30 minutes!!!

Wild release party pictures click at our friend Bomber's website:
Punk As Fuck

Also GREAT release party pictures at:
Face The Show

then i hit the ground.mp3

Full Trash 26 - KAMIKAZE TRIO - Rain On Your Parade LP

Behind this pumping ménage a trois are no others than DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS Sam & Andy plus bass-monster Snoop Mitchell. The mates decided to give the duo a little rest and live out their fondness for independent music throwaways like THE WIPERS or Australian drunkrock acts like THE SCIENTISTS completely. From the bar room floors of inner city Melbourne they started to create an original sound fusing rock, punk, post-punk, pop and noise into an indescribable mash of genius.
Their second longplayer is a noisy and damn melodic narcotic that sedates you with some driving drumming, fuzzy bass, a sweet and sour guitar and painful words from the bottom of life's stairs that will make you weep and holler. The 10 songs range from faster ones like "Are you going to the protest?" to slower tunes like "Hear them coming" and stoned psychedelic fuzzers like "Send me a sign". But the real meat are those driving, gracefully distorted tracks, like the fantastic "7-to-1", "I came so far to lose" and "Then I hit the ground" whose melodic guitar lines and heartfelt vocals will drive you ape, or the 6-minute tranquilizer "Long night" that will leave you nothing but speechless and paralysed with its melody and soul.
Of course, the impact and influences of THE SCIENTISTS, DINOSAUR JR. and THE WIPERS are obvious... but that barely scratches the surface of what drives this trio. You can bet your sweet arse that these guys are one of the best live tickets going around at the moment. Don't miss them on their tours. Bring your ear plugs...this one is gonna explode.

Limd. 200 blood-red wax splattered with shitty brown splashes
Limd. 800 black wax

tonight! she's dead.mp3

Full Trash 25 - LOVER! - Same LP

Come into the versatile universe of Mr. Rich Crook, well known amongst Garage-Punk lovers for his contribution for the REATARDS at an early age, AMERICAN DEATH RAY, LOST SOUNDS and lately busy in the KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS, together with his pal Jack Yarber. On this fine platter he takes us to a journey into his very own musical landscape with 10 straight and somehow particular songs. A rough and unpolished production sure reminds of the beloved Memphis Sound, but there's something different to it.
Listen to the great and raspy opener ''Everyone I want'' with that high pitched and melodic vocals, the crunchy guitars and that sunny ''ba ba ba'' part towards the end. Especially that untypical way of singing makes mid- to up-tempo garage songs like ''Bo Peep and Frank'', ''Possession'' or ''Red headed Monster'' sound like a combination of later OBLIVIANS, MARKED MEN and CHEAP TRICK. Then again, there's cool and genuine garage tunes like ''Tonight! She's dead", ''Gun in your face'' or ''Thoughts of a man'' with screaming, yet melodic and laid-back guitars and a steady beat, provided by Greg Roberson of REIGNING SOUNDS/AMERICAN DEATH RAY, as well as a subtle whiff of new wave punk. In the smoother ''Dewaynne'' and ''Pipe is too tight'' you get the full load of power-pop and some weepin' WIPERS guitars in the slower and surprisingly catchy ''Waiting on you''. No doubt about it, this record turns everyone into a LOVER!
This vinyl version of the Empty Records CD is limited to 1000 copies of which a super limited amount of 200 will come in green wax splattered with blood-red splashes. Thick cover-sleeve turned inside out with a 4-color print. Sounds great! Looks great!

Limd. 200 green wax splattered with blood-red splashes
Limd. 800 black wax

(you can't wash) dirty thoughts.mp3

Full Trash 24 - STATUES - New People Make Us Nervous LP
licensed from Radio 81 Records

2010 Edit.

Those who are late may be punished by life itself but not by P.Trash.
As we have a heart for all the lost and little sheep in our flock, here comes another load of this classy STATUES album in tasty bubblegum pink vinyl. So go chew it!

This is the European pressing of STATUES' classic album "New people Make Us Nervous", which will immediately turn into one of your favourite records, a definite candidate for your ''all-time-classic'' selection.
Let this Canadian trio take you on a non-stop power-chord ride through 8 brilliant songs that lean on English Mod-Punk as well as taking straight Canadian Power-Pop and stirring it up with slightly dissonant and sweeping guitar lines.
Listen to the beautiful, CLASH inspired verses in ''All good things'' and ''(You can't wash) Dirty thoughts'' that turn into melodic BUZZCOCKS-like bombs in the choruses, the energetic '77 smashers ''Living in lines'', ''Nerve damage'' and ''Last stand'' that sound a bit like THE BRIEFS and never fail to surprise with perfectly inserted, astonishing parts, as in the opener ''Electric fences'', where THE JAM teams up with early JAWBREAKER, the WIPERS guitar in the super cool ''Rubber gloves'' or the Pop-Punk elements in ''Quality assurance''.
You also get a fantastic and gritty singer with a wide vocal range and lyrics that deal with social problems in a very clever and non-preaching way. Don't get us wrong: This ain't no wishy-washy Power-Pop, this record's full of melody, hooks and energy. It smokes!
Perfect fodder for fans of CLOROX GIRLS, OBSERVERS or THE TRANZMITORS.

Limited to 463 copies with two different 3-color screened covers:

Limd. 364 neon yellow screened covers & pink tv / black wax
Limd. 99 pink screened covers & neon yellow tv / black wax

Limd. 487 "2010 Edit." comes with new artwork and in bubblegum pink/red vinyl!

everybody is on drugs today.mp3

Full Trash 23 - DRUGSTOP - Riot In The Jailhouse LP
co-release with Drugcontrol Records

While their previous 7inches showed the band's commitment to the sonic discharge of the DWARVES and ACTION SWINGERS, the three gentlemen from the North of Germany tread on an even faster and all-out path with their first full-length record The majority of the 16 songs are peppered with the rage and mean power of early 80s US-Hardcore.
Songs like ''Riot in the jailhouse'', ''Everybody's on drugs today'', ''No company'' or ''War in my head'' are jerked out fast and with a cold hand, while keeping the rock hard. Taking POISON IDEA's speedy riffing and rocking attitude mixed with a fucked-up necessity to spill out some guts, the boys meet with CAREER SUICIDE and the BRUTAL KNIGHTS in a greasy public toilet. But of course you also get some of their roots music here with songs like ''Useless'', ''I wish I was pissed'' or the new version of ''I need a drink'' in the ACTION SWINGERS/DWARVES vein and there's even a stomping MONSTERS-like Psychobilly-Trasher on board.
Packed in a full-color cardboard sleeve with artwork by Fritte, this record is like a stab wound in a cop's chest. Let the riot begin!

1st press 413 black 180g wax comes with an extra insert!!

don't come close.mp3

Full Trash 22 - THE MISSING SHADOWS - Western Waste LP

Playing in the league of new german bands with teams like THE TOYOTAS, TATORT TOILET or THE GRIZZLY ADAMS BAND, these 5 foxes climb up position after position with their very authentic and outstanding sound. Their fine debut is comprised of 12 stirring mid-tempo and more hectic up-beat tracks, mixing the melodic, yet raspy ''Land Speed''-era HÜSKER DÜ guitarwork with ANGRY SAMOANS' catchiness, GUN CLUB's playful feeling for melodies and an explicit coloring of early 80s German-Punk a la TOXOPLASMA (especially the singer's offensive vocal skills), crowned with melodic singalong choruses. Could easily be associated with Swedens` VICIOUS approach to provide us with catchy, snotty tunes. Comes in a carboard sleeve with "inside out" print.

1st press comes with a black/pink poster and an extra insert!!!

Limd. 550 black 150g wax LP

we have a website.mp3

Full Trash 21 - BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Feast of Shame LP
licensed from Deranged Records

The second album by Toronto's enfants terrible is like an opulent feast after endless times of abstinence, like a swig of lukewarm booze after being on the wagon for too long. Finest distorted mayhem captured in 14 exploding songs that are even faster and sharper than the ones on the band's first record. While everything was recorded by Jon Drew at Signal To Noise studios (where FUCKED UP's ''Hidden world'' and CAREER SUICIDE's ''Attempted suicide'' were captured) Jay Reatard took care of the mixing business in Memphis. The raw guitars cut like rusty razors, the drums beat you like a jailbird whose mother you just insulted and the voice is so damned fucked up mixed in the foreground it will make you let loose of all body fluids and good manners. It's dirty, it's funny, it's a hell of a record that examines the deeper intellectual meaning of drinking, copulating, eating, hating the government, coping with a low-life existence and losing weight in the most inmature of all possible ways. A spastic masterpiece that supports your REATARDS/ACTION SWINGERS diet perfectly.

Compared to the canadian version on DERANGED, the P.Trash release comes with completely different artwork on a silkscreened cover and a printed inner-sleeve. P.Trash version comes with 3 differend silkscreen sleeve version!!!

There are 3 dif. versions
Limd. 338 grey edition. Grey / Red / Black silkscreen artwork / black wax
Limd. 72 gold metalic edition. Gold / Red / Black silkscreen artwork / black wax
Limd. 98 silver metalic edition. Silver / Red / Black silkscreen artwork / black wax