Digital Trash 14 - AVERAGE TIMES - Same CD (Co-release with Hosehead Rec.)

Exclaim! is posting the premiere of a music video for "Wasted On Wine", which is Canada's largest music website/magazine. Very exciting! Here's the video for that:

AVERAGE TIMES’ self titled debut LP perfectly blends the band’s self stated influences like The OBLIVIANS, JAY REATARD and the MEAN JEANS with a more disguised dosage of MANIKINS and MARKED MEN, all the while proving (along with fellow coconspirators NEW SWEARS) that Ottawa’s already prolific garage punk explosion is anything but a flash in the pan.
Recorded with local studio owner and DIY showspace runner Paul “Yogi” Grainger (WHITE WIRES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, MOTHER´S CHILDREN, ZEBRASSIERS, etc), and mixed with Ian Showalter (DAGGER EYES, WHITE WIRES, PREGNANCY SCARES). AVERAGE TIMES comes in with a bang and leaves well before overstaying its welcome.
With hooks as poignant as these, the band is smart to bury them beneath layers of fuzz and distortion, lest they become too quickly disguised as the bona fide pop anthems they’re built upon. Above all else, AVERAGE TIMES is unabashedly fun. Weird Canada calls this record “the audio equivalent of a devious and mischievous 12-yr-old with a slingshot”, while Ottawa Showbox says “their high tempo makes you want to listen to them as you skateboard on a hot summer day”!
No matter how you take that, AVERAGE TIMES is sure to cut the deep frost long overdue from Ottawa to your turntable!!!

Recorded by Paul “Yogi” Grainger
Released by Hosehead Records (Canada) and P Trash Records (Germany)
Ontario Tour leading up to Ottawa Explosion in June 2014 with FIRST BASE
Western Canadian tour in planning for Fall 2014

1. Popsicle
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Wasted On Wine
4. Snakes
5. She Knows 6. Do The Dance
7. Glitch
8. Summer Nights
9. Look Loose
10. On My Own
11. I Hate Tomato Juice And I Hate You
12. Kraken
13. 10 Million Leagues

CD Limd 100


Digital Trash 13 - BLOODTYPES - Just Your Type CD

This amazing debut LP is mandatory for all the pale zombies of the now to get a live cell therapy. It doesn’t matter if you’re the older wave-punk geezer, the younger carnivore of trend-punk or anyone in between. Take these 12 catchy tunes to reanimate your miserable existence or rather stay the way you are, dude. For your regular heartbeat there are a bunch of fast songs, some faster songs to ensure tension and suspense and even one excellently sung ballad to blend in very well with all the highly addictive moments in punk history that’ll come to mind - from SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, X-RAY SPEX, AVENGERS, NEONBABIES, IDEAL in the late 70ies/early 80ies and WIPERS, SONNY VINCENT, THE FASTBACKS, MOST SECRET METHOD in the late 80ies/90ies to the contemporary punk of the 21st century like EPOXIES, BUSY SIGNALS, LOST SOUNDS, ZEBRASSIERES.
THE BLOODTYPES transfer the unbending punk-spirit of all time straight from their heart to yours without any loss of quality.

Review at german Moloko Plus Zine:
"Yessssss!!" mit Endlos-S! Habe lange auf ein solches Debüt von einer neuen Band warten müssen. Wobei "neu" es nur relativ trifft, es gibt eine personelle und musikalische EPOXIES-Connection. Remember? Dieser unglaublicher Wave/Punk-Blitz outta Portland mit Roxy Epoxy an den Vocals. Stromstoß-Style, der erste Longplayer fegte wie ein gewaltiger Kurzschluß in die Retro-Nostalgie-Couch-Garnitur. Knister, Knister, Bzzzzzz! The Return of cool (!) New Wave! Auf den Spuren von REZILLOS/SPIZZ OIL'n'ENERGY/TUBEWAY ARMY/SCREAMERS etc., frisch kreiert, eisgekühlt serviert. "Are friends electric?" Danach kam nichts, Licht aus.
Als 2008 der EPOXIES-Vorhang fiel, blieb eine Lücke. Die wird von den BLOODTYPES nun partiell besetzt, allerdings mit leicht abgeändertem Spielplan: Die EPOXIES New Wave/Post Punk-Cleverness wird nun durch fantastische WIPERS-Melodien ergänzt, diese schroffen Riffs mit dem frostigen Drive. Nie war Schwermut herzerfrischender und unterhaltsamer. Die EPOXIES setzten mehr auf Eingängigkeit und Keyboard-Dominanz, bei den BLOODTYPES regiert eine punky Wall of Guitar. Keyboards gibt es aber auch, no worry. Referenzen? Schublade? "The day the sun explodes" bläst mit VKTMS meets ENEMY ("Trendy violence")-Power, "Running out of time" eröffnet mit gurgelndem "Love Song"-Basslauf, gesanglich taucht immer mal wieder Exene (X) auf. Historische Bravour ohne Verfallsdatum, hier wieder prickelnd und quicklebendig ins Sortiment gerückt. Fräulein Schneck Tourniquet (...) am goldenen Mikrophon singt sich äußerst variabel in die Penelope/Roxy/Siouxsie-League der außergewöhnlichen Gentlewoman. Stop! Verweise und Referenzen sind eigentlich nur subjektiver Müll und Protzerei ("Ich kenne was, was Du nicht kennst..bäh!"), sollen hier nur die grobe Fahrtrichtung angeben. Simpel gesagt: Wer seine Tanzmarken einst zum Sound von EPOXIES/VKTMS/WIPERS erworben hat, ist mit den BLOODTYPES auf der richtigen Seite der Macht. Für den Text von "Anti-social media" hätte es noch einen elften Punkt geben müssen, der Song wäre der perfekte Smartphone-Klingelton. Natürlich mit integriertem Virus. Mäusekino isn't life!
Ein super-frisches Turbo-Puzzle aus Northwest-Klassiker Inspiration, einem "Best of Female Punk", eigenständig präsentiert als 2013er Update. 12 Tracks mit der belebenden Wirkung von 17 Gin Tonic. Zack, zack, Doppel-Zack! Ein Lippenstift aus Dynamit, Blutgruppe A Bombastisch positiv! Für mich neben den NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS momentan die Westcoast-Hoffnung in der Disziplin "Genialer Damengesang". Apropos: Wer jetzt die NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS abfeiert (Hype! Hype!) und damals ignorant die ORPHANS verschlafen hat, bekommt mit den BLOODTYPES eine neue Patrone in die Trommel. Letzte Chance im "Good Taste Punk Rock"-Roulette.

If you want to book a show, please contact:

CD Limd 300


Digital Trash 12 - MALADRO!TS - Same CD

What the hell is a „Maladroit“ you may ask yourself. Is it a green dinosaur used to walk across modern cities, or the title of your fave splatter movie...? Well I did and looked up my dictionary, okay I wanted that to sound old-school and to be true looked up on the internet which came up with the following explanation: “Somebody who is inept, or lacking in skill, or talent.” Well, none of this is true for THE MALADROITS - instead this band from Punk-Rock-City Schopfheim delivers 10 übermelodic hits, include an amazing Pop-Punk-version of Nancy Sinatras` "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)", of catchy and asskicking Punkrock with a dash of Powerpop and Garagerock on their killer debut album, makes it to a real TRASH-ZILLA release!!! Think 70% TOYOTAS, "She's a man", "I can't get alright" etc. meets 15% MODERN PETS, "Want something", "Injection" & 15% MANIKINS, "I want you to want me", "Neverland"!!! Pure satisfaction guaranteed and nothing can beat that smirky smile out of your face anymore.

If you´d like to book a show please get in touch with:

CD Limd 300


Digital Trash 11 - DOCTOR SCIENTIST - Prehistoric Times CD
(Co-release FDH Rec.)

Post-apocalyptic screams, blips, and guitars thrash their way into a burnt-out landscape of digital future-past. Where dance beats and laser guns are one and the same, and where both aid in battling the warlords, robocops, and dinosaurs roaming the refuse of our cities and towns.
Such is the weird world that the Philadelphia-based band, DOCTOR SCIENTIST, has offered its loyal listeners since 2007's this changes everything. Now, with 2010's "Prehistoric Times", that world is made both more prehistoric, more apocalyptic, and somehow both more brutal and more danceable. The band's fourth member, the robot, has taken a holiday to 808ville and has come back from vacation with the some of the most beastly beats and drum loops available to human ears. Adding bass guitar unto the barrage of these beats, guitar shreds, and curdled android howls gives "Prehistoric Times" a fuller, more enveloping sound. DOCTOR SCIENTIST’s odd electronic world now seems that much closer, as these songs throw listener's right into the thick of a digital battlefield. The two singers shriek over and along with each other, and allow for a dynamic call to arms made triumphantly complete with hardcore style breakdowns, marching barks of command, and even a few moments of metal edge. Think KRAFTWERK in the mosh pit, or West Coast synthpunk with a violent, unhealthy addiction to GORILLA BISCUITS from the year 3030. A must have for those who want to make ready for the maniacal end of the new world - or the fuming, dancing, brutal beginning of an old one!!!



Digital Trash 10 - STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Same
Digipack CD

Good ole Steve has gassed up this rocket of a record with the catchiest and hottest Power-Pop combustible available on the black market.
His faithful and brave crew members Dave and Emmanuel of mondo SEDATIVES have already taken their seats and with every one of these 10 songs here we count down to take-off to what is gonna be the vehicle to take you to Planet Punk this summer. If your universe was dark and empty, the launch of this record will bring the stars back into your bloodshed eyes. The propulsive force of the catchy melodies in songs like ‘’I’ll take you anywhere’’ and ‘’Unglued’’, or the highly-infectious ‘’Not for long’’ and ‘’Speed it up’’ will shoot you directly into a galaxy that has been forgotten since the extinction of the CARBONAS or the MANIKINS.
A quick stop for a beer in a cosmic bar that plays the DICKIES on the jukebox even brings some more melancholic tunes like ‘’Hollowed’’ , until Steve decides to start the return journey just in time with ‘’Better off’’ and ‘’Your only one’’ and ends your joyful flight drunk and happily on your bedroom floor.
All systems go for this unstoppable Punkrock Power-Pop ride!

Limd. 500 CD-Digipack. CD version comes with 10 bonus songs! 2 unreleased from the LP session, plus all 8 songs from their 3 x 7“es (Red Lounge, P.Trash & Taken By Surprise Rec.). CD label artwork comes with a cool 5" vinyl style!


Digital Trash 09 - Manikins - Crocodiles
Digipack CD

Though the MANIKINS may have grown-up, they didn't feed their catchy bite to the crocodiles. On their already fourth album, the four Swedes definitely go sweeter and wear their hearts on their sleeves in a perfect blend of Punkrock and Power-Pop that still carries the typical MANIKINS guitars but gained a mouthful of smoothness and feeling.
Don't worry, the boys didn't mellow-out and you still get faster tunes like the opener "That train", the title-track "Crocodiles" or "Taste for sweets" that are so unmistakably MANIKINS.
But especially the slower pieces are the real meat here. "If I see you cry" and "I want my baby dead" are full of sweet bitterness and seem to come straight from any 60's Teen-Punk compilation, the harmonic mid-tempo songs "Countless nights", "Without a word", "You're bad when you want to" and "It's not the wind you hear" remind of a more insurgent, yet in no way less sugary version of their countrymen THE LOST PATROL BAND and in the heartbreaking "Losin' streak", "Hangin' from a noose" and "She speaks perfect French" you even get BOBBY FULLER style vocal- and guitar harmonies and castanets in the fills. Brilliant!
The MANIKINS dared to go step further and once more set a landmark in the little mundo punko with this new record that will shake your heart and legs!!!

1st press comes with Digipack

Manikins - Crocodiles / Lie, Cheat and Steal 2xCD-Box (P.Trash Rec.)

Limd. 93 Japan version, numbered with silver ink, include both Digipack CDs and comes with a black & white silkscreen CD mailer

everybody is on drugs today.mp3

Digital Trash 08 - Drugstop - Riot In The Jailhouse CD
co-release with Drugcontrol Records

While their previous 7inches showed the band's commitment to the sonic discharge of the DWARVES and ACTION SWINGERS, the three gentlemen from the North of Germany tread on an even faster and all-out path with their first full-length record The majority of the 16 songs are peppered with the rage and mean power of early 80s US-Hardcore.
Songs like ''Riot in the jailhouse'', ''Everybody's on drugs today'', ''No company'' or ''War in my head'' are jerked out fast and with a cold hand, while keeping the rock hard. Taking POISON IDEA's speedy riffing and rocking attitude mixed with a fucked-up necessity to spill out some guts, the boys meet with CAREER SUICIDE and the BRUTAL KNIGHTS in a greasy public toilet. But of course you also get some of their roots music here with songs like ''Useless'', ''I wish I was pissed'' or the new version of ''I need a drink'' in the ACTION SWINGERS/DWARVES vein and there's even a stomping MONSTERS-like Psychobilly-Trasher on board.
Packed in a full-color cardboard sleeve with artwork by Fritte, this record is like a stab wound in a cop's chest. Let the riot begin!

1st press Limd. 1000 copies

Digital Trash 07 - V/A Killed By Trash
Light Scribe CD

ULCERS - Rome Is Burning (THE SINS)
FEELERS - Amerika First (THE GIZMOS)
CARBONAS - Don't Hide Your Hate (THE FILTH)
FLYING OVER - Do You Love The Nazis (THE KIDS)
FREAKS - 51 Percent (DEFNICS)
EA 80 - Züri Brennt! (TNT)
DEMON'S CLAWS - (I`m the) Hillside Strangler (CHILD MOLESTERS)
MANIKINS - Radiation Masturbation (THE AUTHORITIES)

Normaly we don`t wanna release this monster on CD. But there are some Digital Trasher around who likes to get the songs on CD. So we decide to make a limd. Light Scribe CD for your pleasure.

limd. 77!!! 1st press comes with a printed, handnumbered and looking through foil sleeve and Light Scribe label

action rock shrunk my cock.mp3

Digital Trash 05 - Playmobils - International Lifestsyle
Digipack CD

This international conglomeration of shakers consists of Martin Savage (BLACKS, DIXIE BUZZARDS, TOKYO KNIVES, LOCOMOTIONS) from Sweden, ERIC ULCERS from England and spanish Punkero Joe the Dog of the legendary LOS PERROS.
Though these 12 wild & crazy stompers combine the bluespunky crude- and the catchiness of all of these three countries, this time around the primitive spanish touch of loco is predominant!
Think of LOS CHINGALEROS, where Martin also swung his cheap guitar, together with THE FUN THINGS and the LOCOMOTIONS and you get the picture of raunchy and shakin' songs like ''Soy salvaje'', ''Don't need nobody'', ''Action Rock shrunk my cock'' or ''Quiero crack''.
And with the slower ''Leave me alone'' they even manage the DEVIL DOGS homage perfectly. Sure to appeal directly to the baser instincts of every leather ape!
Digipack-CD come with a full-color artwork by Mr. Bratto (LOS ASS-DRAGGERS) and are limited to 500 copies each. Oh yes, and the CD has the bonustrack ''You're wrong'' on it, too!

1st press Limd. 500 copies comes in a GREAT Digipack. Artwork by Mr. Bratto plus hidden CD bonus-track 13 Euro

limd. 100 silkscreen 3 color release party poster 27x20 inch

48 copies printed with blue lines and pink, yellow color
52 copies printed with black lines and pink, yellow color

All printed on very thick 500g paper!!! Never before hold something like this in my dirty hands!!!
Signed / numbered by artworker Fritte and printer Slowboy

Digital Trash 04 - The Manikins - Lie Cheat and Steal
Digipack CD

The 4 sympaticos from Sweden are back with a bang. Jokes aside: if you liked their first two platters,
this one will stick to you like chewing gum on a dancing shoe. Poppier and catchier than ever before,
the album starts off with the title track ''Lie, cheat and steal'', that shows in the best TEENAGE HEAD manner,
that now the boys know even damn better how it's done. You can really catch everything here:
Fast songs with bombastic choruses like ''I don't need anyone'', ''The world that once was ours'' or ''The bells of St. Nicolai'', Rock'n'Roll smokers like ''Lovesick'', ''In love with you'' or ''Can't stop thinking of you'' (complete with that cool ''La Bamba'' Riff).
There's perfect little tearjerkers like ''I wanna say I'm sorry'' or ''Spent the night alone''
and songs like ''Highschool good boy'' and ''The Setup'' that simply overhaul THE HIVES on the fast lane.
And the Gran Finale ''Wish for things to be'' perfectly sets you up for a Friday night on the loose.
Beautiful cover artwork by Fritte, too!
Layout by S.Trash !!!
Get ready to see THE MANIKINS on their ''Lie,Cheat and Steal-European Tour 2005'' in late September, together with their mates THE HEARTATTACKS.

1st press comes in a GREAT Digipack. Layout by S.Trash

just me n you.mp3

Digital Trash 03 - The Plastiques - 101
Digipack CD

Good rockin' tonight with this new swedish Garage-Capella. They deliver a pounding mixture of Beat-ridden
and shakey Punkrock and modern 60s-Garage-Sound with a lot of stirring melodies, loud guitars, catchy hooklines and a jock full of coolness.
From the moment you hear that classic riff of ''All day all night'' until the last note of that famous tune
you are lucky to enjoy as a hidden CD-only bonus-track,
the PLASTIQUES capture you with powerful and ass-shakin' songs like ''Let's cheat'', ''Keep asking'',
''I can't stop'', ''You big dummy'' or the fast ''Just me and you'', as well as with more soulful and
groovy stompers like ''It starts with a kiss'', ''Fool for you'' or ''I better stop''.
Hell, the latter could even hit it big....what a hit! Think of a more Garagerock-orientated version of
the MANIKINS along with your favourite bands from the 60s all stirred and cranked up!
Produced and recorded by Mr. Paul Grace of DUMBELL/DAMAGERS.
Comes as a Digipack with a RAMONES-memorial leatherjacket artwork 'cause of the band's spiritual
connection towards all three dead members. The day of the band's first rehearsal Joey died,
they had their first gig when Dee Dee called it quits and during the recording of this album Johnny said goodbye.
What else to say......Buy or Die!!!

Only the 1st press comes with this RAMONES-memorial leatherjacket artwork plus hidden CD bonus-track

can`t stand it.mp3

Digital Trash 02 - The Heartattacks - Here Comes...
Digipack CD comes with unreleased bonus stuff

Here is the story from this new swedish band sensation!!! Tokyo 2002: Chased by the yakuza Tomo (TOKYO KNIVES, MACARONI) grabs her bass and take her escape to sweden.
At a party she is introduced to Klack and they make planes to form a punk rawk band.
Tomo phone up Magnus (BLACKS, KAMEN RIDERS, HANDSOME STRANGLERS), who she met during an earlier visit to sweden and tells him about her plans. Magnus joins Tomo on her quest and calls his old friend Zeta (DONTCARES), and he takes on the role as the drummer.
So THE HEARTATTACKS are born in mars 2003. After a couple of weeks of rehearsing they have 11 songs ready and soon get their 1st gig at Stockholms CBGB`s, with The MICRAGIRLS and DIXIE BUZZARDS.
It`s a succes!!! The crowd goes crazy!!! Thomas Savage joins the band backstage and emediatly offer them a record deal.
Stockholm summer 2004 they released their 1st 7" on SAVAGE REC. I`ve got that 11 songs demo cdr from Magnus late summer. Oh my god!!! I really love this 1st demo with that raw versions!!!
After 2-3 e-mails Magnus gave me his `OK` for releasing the songs on wax, and now on CD!!!
After MARTIN SAVAGE mixed all songs new, I`m glad to release THE HEARTATTACKS 1st full lenght

1st press comes with CD bonus-track

A special limited edition of 80 copies of the CD comes with one of 8 different, screenprinted patches

special edition comes with CD bonus-track plus screenprinted patch

livin my bed.mp3
Digital Trash 01 - The Fatals ... CD

The Fatals on CD.....Don`t be afraid, these are the orig. Vinyl-Masters!!!
Their complete story will clean your brain... 13 songs from their long out of print 1st 7" on Nasty Produkt Rec.
plus UNRELEASED BONUS SONG from their 1st 7" session, 2nd 7" on P.Trash & 3rd 7" on Yakisakana Rec.
Don`t forget to go into the next air-raid shelter to hear this Blues-Punk Killer!!!

The CD comes with folded SILKSCREEN SLEEVES,

There are 3 different limited silkscreen color versions
limd. 210 neon red/black silkscreen artwork
limd. 302 red/black silkscreen artwork
limd. 4 black/white silkscreen artwork